Hopefully, the “rare spawns” are actually somewhat existent. I didn’t see a single Gyarados during the entire last event. I don’t expect it to spawn like crazy but not seeing any in 8 days is kinda dumb.

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Still looking for my first shiny registeel…caught 43 of them so far. Yes use the pineapps! Especially on Chansey. I would also recommend using regular raspberry for the audinos just to make sure you get them for that stardust.

Something I recommend. If you play Pokémon Home you need this, get a Furfor and change it to the Heart Trim, than transfer if to Pokémon Home. Heart Trimmed Furfor can get you a lot of shiny Legendarys in Pokémon Home.

Edit: I think it might be the Pharaoh Trim but continue searching, I believe there is one out there

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It is good time to grind candies. 1st catch the Pokemon with silver pinap berry and mega evolved Pokemon. You will get 14 candies. Then mirror trade it, you will get 2 candies minimum and then tranfer them when the 3× transfer candy bonus is unlocked and you would get 19 candies just by 1 Pokemon.
as for the pokemon home the only reason people ask for heart form furfrou is cuz it was always unobtainable unless you used hacks as far as im informed. the trades are most of the time for hacked pokemon or will probably get removed because people don’t actually wanna trade the rare pokemon but just put it up to flex
after i watched your event details video of the valentines day event you said that the orange and white flabebe is available all over the world. However I lived in Hong Kong which is part of the Asian Pacific. I’m able to access the blue flabebe, however i never seen other colours of flabebe for the whole day not even in nearby. So is the rate of catching a orange and white flabebe is very lower compared to the regional colours which is blue red and yellow ??
Man , I was looking for a spinda for my pokedex but I had in my mind that the little heartbreak detail on spinda is cool 😎 and boom in my first 5 curveball throws ( after getting the research ) I got a shiny 😀
But does that mean that this valentine’s I will get a heartbreak 💔💔🙂😭😭
Unfortunately, none of my Furfrous are changing into heart trim during this ongoing Valentine Event. Please let me know what I am missing or any troubleshooting. In addition there are only two trims are showing up while changing the from : Matron and Dandy, apart from that all regional exclusive forms are not showing in my game. I restarted, rebooted and reinstalled but no luck. Please help!
Speaking of Mega pokemon can someone please help clear up the confusion. During raids to help your team get a power boost does the mega pokemon have to be on the battlefield or in your party. Also does the bonus still remain in affect if it faints. Thank you.
niantic has chansey marked as a common spawn for this event although i have yet to see one anywhere!
so far ive seen all spawns excepting flabebe orange/white(rare) and chansey (common?)
Is there a way currently to get a mega altaria if I never raided it or received candy for it? Or did I miss the mark and I need to wait til it comes back to raids?
I /love/ how that ralts is only obtainable on research tasks, and the gardevoir and gallades in raid are still shiny locked, so in turn, so is the shiny.
Does Flabebe need to be in evolution 2 first before collecting Hearts to evolve?
Or will all Hearts since the beginning count?
Gts in Pokemon home is the worst thing. 99% of trainers want to show off their pokemon so they ask for such pokemons which are not released. As heart trim is released, most have changed their pokemon to different unreleased pokemon. So transferring to home is of no use.
I have a question. Why do people put the hardest pokemon to take down in the gyms? If someone is going to take it down, it is not going to make a difference. I have been going to a church and I will wait for them to get their 8 hours. I then take the gym and add mine. An hour later the same people will trash my pokemon. It sucks! I have recently refused to battle in this gym and their pokemon are in there for days if not weeks! Screw em let their critters rot! Sorry but this practice SUCKS!!!!
Sorry, I’m just upset and venting!
is it just me or am i the only one who when i transfer a pokemon to the pokemon home app it changes the pokemon i transfered all electabuzz’s because of the mega spawn i live by and they all transform into electrodes
Hello there I am from Tokyo and for some reason my froufrou can’t change to fubuki trim it’s very weird myabe because it’s been the 1st day
Haha I thought you were just saying synchronize with a Canadian accent this whole time didn’t realize it’s literally spelled syncronoise
Who cares about gym defenders? If someone passes by, they’ll take the gym anyway. You’re only being annoying if you makenit take longer for them. They’ll start putting a bulky one in there from now on too, and now you’re both wasting time. Just letting each person having roughly 8 hours is common curtesy. Honestly the gym system is just boring and just a chore you do for some coins. They should have a daily gym challenge every day instead, where you can earn 25 coins per difficulty (easy, hard and impossible)

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