Shrek’s Notes – The split screen dilemma

On smaller devices – phones – instead of opening apps in “split screen view” open them in “pop-up view”.
This opens apps as little resizable windows.

Detailed explanation | How to AUTO-TRADE in POKÉMON GO!

Wish I’d have known this during Season of Heritage. That guaranteed XL Candy bonus was just way too good, but sadly I didn’t work in the 100 trades in my daily routine. It’s such a chore. I wish we could do something like a 10 Trade bundle similar to Pokémon HOME’s Wonder Box trade.

My Auto-trade routine:
– Add tag “autotrade” to all “normal trade”pkmn on both accounts
– Trade any pkmn to check for Lucky friend status
– Trade special trade
– Trade one pkmn with search filter “autotrade” to lock it in for the follwing trades
– Start auto trader for 98 trades: 49 runs, each with two trades, one initiated by player 1, one initiated by player 2 to keep trade notification fresh.

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Finally! After searching for something like this for weeks I found this video. As someone at level 48 trading requirement to level up to level 49, this is very helpful. I am lacking behind in the trade department for level up quest (while I am still hunting the XP) and I don’t want to sit down for hours just to trade pokemon. I love the concept of trading but I find it too boring and tedious for my taste. It is way worse than batting in raid and tapping mindlessly. I’d love to try this but that does not solve the biggest problem, Dialga, I mean time. Trading itself is so time consuming and I can’t expect any of my friends will be free to do 100 trades on any given day let alone every day. I don’t think I will be able to level up until Niantic introduces bulk trades or my initial plan of hitting level 50 this year is not possible.
The work arounds that need to happen instead of just integrating these features into GO always baffles me.

This is a solid find for android users.

Totally random but does anyone notice a possible stealth nerf to getting lucky Pokémon in trades? Since the season of alola started trading odds don’t seem correct. Even mirror trading seems to have no extra boost idk
You want to do your special trade first! While you’re at it, you do a random first trade to check for lucky Friends. Then do special trade (or the lucky trade) and then go with the 99 other trades automated.
The touch macro has potential com days. Manually click on a mon, then record feeding the berry, selecting the ball, and dragging and holding the icon. Get rid of the awkward thing of having your thumb on the screen while trying to throw, plus the repetitive motion. If you do awkward movements over and over, you do risk repetitive use injuries. Got injuries in 2 different finger joints from a job I did way back when, one of which makes fast catching painful. Side thought, actually recording the throw might be drifting into some TOS grey area, but to each there own.
Important if you have “split screen no-scrolling bug”: On your split screen the trainer page of your friend might not show the trade button and you might not be able to scroll. Then you need to trigger the “trade request” notification. When a friend enters trade with you and you open your friend list your friend will be highlighted with a trade button, which is accessible by the auto-clicker. The manual trades in below routine usually already trigger that notification, but you have make sure, that your auto trade routine alternates in who is initiating the trade Whoever is pushing the trade button first, refreshes the trade-notification of the friend. If you click routine always clicks player 1 first, player 1 will lose the notification (after about 5 trades)
Can this be used to record macros to get excellent throws every time? Obviously you’d need different macros to deal with different distances to throw the ball, but this would be pretty neat for catching raid bosses and legendaries
I did a similar thing on a different game and the press points got messed up and I started it as normal and left, when i got back it had deleted around 5 years worth of my inventory 😂
I never knew the Google play and galaxy versions counted as two different apps. Wow, learn something new everyday. I’ve yet to test this myself(though I plan to), but it looks like it can save a ton of time and energy, especially when Niantic drops those annoying trade challenges.
I used to use a macro on my iphone to auto transfer (back before bulk transfers) but it’s much more annoying to setup because there is no way to map it within an app, you have to pre-plan the locations of your presses.
I have a Samsung and never knew the Samsung pokemon go app counted as a different app on my phone. This is awesome because now I can have two accounts on one phone. I never did split screen but it seems positive overall for a strategy like this. However it just seems too convoluted to me PERSONALLY at the moment but will keep this in my watch later tab or something.
Does anyone know why my bixby routine would stop after 1 trade? Even if the routine is set to occur multiple amounts of times and the first is successful, it will just stop after 1 round. Haven’t been able to get it to do any more
Well, we all ready hang out and chat while trading, so I don’t really see this as saving any time. Also, we mirror trade, so one of us doesn’t get a great Lucky and the other one gets, well, not a great one. 🙂 My friend has IPhone anyways. What we need is skip-animation. Trades just take way to long. Thanks for the info though.
I would imagine programming Bixby Routines / Good Lock to automate a whole host of other monotonous tasks is possible: feeding berries at gyms, training against Team Leaders for the platinum badges, battling 30 battles in Great/Ultra/Master league for level 44 tasks, tapping for you during raids/Team Rocket battles, opening/sending gifts… 🤤🤤
I had no idea you could run 2 instances of PoGo on a Samsung. This totally changes everything!

You can use this for gifting as well. You just need to make multiple macros depending on the gift status of the group of friends you are doing. Sendable only (no gift to open) / open gift only / send but don’t open / open & send. Each requires a different tap combo.

This is nice, but the 2 Windows next to each other just works on tablets.
But I can use this thing for auto sending gifts. This is so annoying to me, but brings me a good amount of pokeballs in my area. And XP come with it too.
You can set up something very close to automatic trading on two iPhones without anything that isn’t native to the phone. The feature is called “Switch Control” and you can set up a series of gestures on a timer. I’m still trying to figure out if there is a way to loop this sequence. I’m sure there is, but I haven’t figured it out yet.
Coming back to explain my setup. I use w phones with Auto clicker app. It doesnt have screen recording but you can setup touch points with different interval between click. Yesterday i set up just the auto clicker on 2 phones and managed to get 100 trades this way. Just take your time to figure out the exact time between clicks. For example 1 of the phones is slow, so i set up 6 seconds after rhe first click (on the trade button), after that most clicks are 3 secs and 20 secs after the confirm in order for the trade to work. It requires 5 click to complete and you can save your config and load it next time. I still havent tried on a single phone because I cant login with Parallel Space app, says “Unable to authenticate”
they just should make a update that u click on pokemon u want to trade to each other then pogo does it for u simple. So Basically trading 100 pokemon at the same time
I was considering doing this for an autoclicker in the play store in my android non samsung device. So would require two devices in sync as you said.

I set it up to spam the “training” stuff to get the badges, but haven’t gone through with it yet, just did it 20 times as a proof of concept.

It still works for me, although I am using it on two phones separately and for battling against the team leaders.
The layouts of the apps has changed and the Samsung Sore is now Galaxy Store, so it took me a few minutes to find out where to look.

I still wonder how likely it is for Niantic to ban one for using a script like this

Anyone else missing the “Button Actions” option from Routines+? I’m using an S10+. Works great otherwise, I have one full screen and one window in popup rather than split screen (need to make sure not to move the window obviously).
I see one flaw, what if filter disappear somehow. This could cause trading of mons that we didn’t want to. I’m not sure this real problem but I think that it happened to me once or two times. Anyway would be good to have sort filter by recent if this would happen.
If you are doing this on a tablet, you need a galaxy tab s8 or higher for this work without issue. The tabs with lower ram have a hard time running two Pokémon go apps at same time and will keep closing over and over again.

The app has different name now, Fine Lock

iPhones have something called Gestures where you design tap patterns save them and then use specific buttons or Siri to trigger them. It’s about the same concept as an android except iPhones do no support split screen
So it looks like Niantic found out about this and doesn’t allow the apps to be used in multi window view. Might still work on the Samsung fold but it doesn’t work on S22+ anymore. Not cool Niantic!

Edit: there’s an option with developer settings enabled where you can force multi view for all apps. So not all hope is lost

It can be done in any phone by using the app Island for creating work place account and then installing another version of Pokémon Go and then it can be used for the same. Also from chrome, Samsung galaxy version of Pokémon can be installed and used along with the original one, so hence it can be used for any phone 😉
I just installed all the needed applications and was able to perform a lot of trades, but after the last Android 12 patch , Routines+ doesn’t seem to work properly anymore.
Now, when I start the routine, I can see that the touch points are being “pressed” but there is no action on screen (such as, choosing “trade” in the playerscreen).

Does anyone else have the same issue or maybe even a hotfix to get rid of the problem?
I played around with hiding the navigation bar, permissionmanagement of the apps pokemon and bixby routines and now I’m kinda running out of ideas what might fix the problem. Tested the touch macro in different apps and it seems to run fine. Just not in pogo anymore..

Looking forward to your answers!

I believe this is patched in pogo..not sure how. But about a month ago this stopped working for me and it was a life saver.

But if I activate the routine outside of pogo it will still run and input the touches. I use to use a s21 ultra for this and just recently got the Galaxy Fold 4(Which is AMAZING) but it still isn’t working…

I’m hopeing someone finds a fix for this because I miss being able to do otber things while letting my accounts trade for me…

Trading is a feature that I have never and will never make use of. I’m an adult, so I don’t go around asking people if they play pokemon go. I can’t meet up with people from a discord, because that’s just weird. What if some kid shows up, that’s just weird. I do have like 50 various shiny legendaries saved up that I could trade, if someone lives in the lower part of the Netherlands….

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