I loved the festival of colors event. I got 18 shinies that week. Still my best record yet. Normally its around 2-10 a week. Not including com days. I usually always catch & tag or transfer each pokemon as I catch them. But I’m sure this helps others out.

great set of tips and good to understand the syntax for these search strings. I typically just bulk delete anything that’s not 3 or 4 star – the delete automatically skips legendary and shiny. Once that’s done I look at what’s left individually. Your video makes me want to see if I can get syntax to exclude 91% and above so I can get rid of those lower level 3 stars. Keep up the great work and especially those short form Tic Toks you do.

Detailed explanation | THIS WILL *SAVE YOU TIME* in POKEMON GO!

Would be nice If it would be possible to filter our tags. Sometimes I want to clean out my bag and filter out my tag, I made for all the Pokemon in my bag I want to trade.Long press to save custom search threads…. oh man I totally missed that and have wasted SO MUCH TIME retyping them. A fantastic tip for me

But we always need to look out for the 0-0-0, PVP great/ultra league IVs, and special ones with good breakpoints. If only niantic took that into consideration

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Quick tip if searching a big haul for PVP IVs – search just through your recently caught 1*s. Most of the time, your very high def + very high HP + very low attack mons will end up as 1*. (It’s not perfect; sometimes the best combo ends up being 2*). But if you are in a rush and aren’t looking for anything in particular, I’ve found it is much faster for me to scan for 4*, 1* pvp candidates, and shinies after a big haul.
I think putting Pokémon in # order is one of the best ways to do it.

Can check for shiny, renamed good ivs (raid or PvP), lucky Pokémon, higher level etc. costumes too.

If you only have a smaller amount of time you can doing in chunks search 0-50 or whatever fits the time you have.

What i do is, at night, check every mon I’ve caught during the day and tag them with “change” or “transfer” or “check later”. So later when I get the time i can check those who might have good IV or exchange some with my friends.
I’m still struggling to manage mons but PoGo Mate really helps. It generates search string for criteria you specify like attackers, PVP and useless mons. I can see it taking off really soon.
That is useful if you do the glitch where you pull the pokeball icon, throw the ball, release the pokeball icon and leave from the encounter. Sometimes it is just too cold to do it, sadly, but at least on summer when it isn’t -20 degrees celsius. You can ptobably find a better tutorial of it yourself.
If I have more than one of the same Pokémon, I would transfer them. Unless one of those Pokémon evolved into multiple Pokémon like Gloom into Vileplume/Bellossom. I want doubles for the full evolution line.
Lifesaver! I usually catch Pokemon until my bag is full then I transfer them. Makes life so much easier when you use search terms. I’ll no longer spend an hour going through Pokemon.
What I do, is every day after playing, take 10 minutes to go through and delete everything that isn’t a 3 or 4 star. Then I compare the high IVs after so I’m only holding on to good pokemon
Bro I have 2 problems
1- Plz tell me how are shiny pokemon usefull
2-My GBL rank is not increasing, so what should I do about it.
Plz somebody help me
Not too many Pokemons Spawn in my area so I simple Check as soon as I catch them..if they are worth it then I’ll Store them or else I perish them(Transfer).
It’s the Best way as it saves me from the Future Headache.
Now that I use autotrade (see recent Dax vid) I have to fill my autotrade tag every 4-5 days. Traded ones are cleaned daily to keep the bag free. That’s when I clean up and got through erything with distandce100&!4*, cause those are ‘hidden’ properties,that I wana filter for. Then I go through all appraises using pokegenie for anything low attack,high def,high Stam and keep everything 99 in one of the leagues. Then I mark and transfer garbage. Then I mark everything to autotrade, special trade (bad shadows, legendaries,shinies) and maybe evolve, if there is a double evolution XP coming up and I wana do six kings.
For traded ones I delete garbage and “double candy” tag everything legendary or otherwise rare, and evolution tag the “trade queens”, Gastly,abra…
Guys, I have a major concern.

Team GO Rocket never showed up for days. Idk what happened. I ask someone for this and their response is TGR showed up in Balloons. Mine, don’t. It’s been like 3 days, and monitored every 6-hr interval, yet none of them showed up. Even on Pokestops, no signs of TGR there. It bothers me a lot. I tried clearing the app data, manipulating time zones, etc., yet none of them showed up. Is this a bug or something is wrong on my phone. This is not normal for me

As soon as i catch a pokemon if its a low iv i just transfer it i keep any iv i find above 70 the rest i drop but i only use this method because i play like 8 to 12 hours n day and hunting only one pokemon perday so yah
I’m using search string like age0&!shadow&!4*&!legendary&!mythical&!+snorl&!rat&!magik&!hatched&!heat&!trade&!+mudk&!+darum&!+beldu&!+litw&!+pump&!+phantu&!ditto&!+onix&!corph&!+bagon&!+gible&!+yamask

and delete all unnecesary staff at the end of the day. List of pokemons may change as I get enough XL candies for them and don’t want to trade anymore or new rare pokemon appear, like jangmo-o.

rat and magikarp I later check for tiny/XL, hatched pokemon might be over 100 km for trades. Anything I name Trade I exclude. No need to include !shiny because shiny can’t be mass transfered.

After that I order all pokemon by number # so I can see big clusters and it’s easier to notice if there is something valuable.

Your method is still pretty time consuming. Here is my solution (it is general and not event specific):

everything that is listed after this will be transfered. (explanation below)

1. !+bon&!bon.. : Of every interesting family I name at least one pokemon “bon..” this will list up every pokemon of that family exept the indicator pokemon I named “bon..”
2. !+spot : Essencially traded “+bon” pokemon but I keep them to transfer them during spotlight hours with double transfer candy
3. !legendary&!mythical&!shiny&!4*&!3* : pretty self explanotory. I keep 3* because a 15/14/15 is essencially the same as a hundo.
4. !.LC&!.GL&!.UL : those are the GBL leagues. Little cup, great league, ultra league
5. !shadow : I just like to check shadows individually
6. !distance100-: I keep every pokemon with a distance over 100km for trades. Essencially the opposite of “bon”.

the heart of this is the “bon..” (This is just a placeholder. You could also name it “xyz..”). This makes me able to opt in or out of keeping or transfering certain families. E.g. I kept Snovers to trade for XL candy last season until i could make myself a lvl 50 abomasnow for the mega evolution. Therefore I named a shiny snover “bon..” It wont show up because I excluded “bon..”. After I reached my goal, I just renamed my indication snover back to “snover” and started transfering them as usual again because they were not relevant to me anymore.

Hard to use…… i have a TON of “possible”……. pvp mons…….wish o could meet up with you or a pvp genius to help me sort throught….. the local “gurus, pvp sharks” in my area refuse to help….. i have over 2500 in the account, i also hate that i cant remove pogos premade pogo catagories…… this video is great, but what about bottle caps that means keeping 98’s……… keep up the great work

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