Just want to clarify this list is based on best MEGA’S to max out for candy/xl gains. There are alot of strong raid attacking megas low on the list because maxing out a mega doesn’t do much for it raid attacking wise. The whole point of maxing mégas is so you get more candy/xl


After this update, I’m actually SO excited to go through and max Pokémon for Mega evolutions! Thanks for the list Daxi, it’ll help me a lot when it comes to hunting high IVs of each Pokémon and prioritising stardust.

A note on mega steelux. You can use it with the meltan box, which candy wise isnt that exciting, but its well worth it for the extra bit of XP.

Loving this mega evolution update. I’m actually excited to mega evolve my Pokémon now. So much better than hoarding my energy and never wanting to evolve because of how hard the energy was to get before.

I have to disagree about slowbro. Imo mega Gyarados covers the dark type which is more relevant than psychic type for raids. Also, walking with gyrados gives 5 mega energy for each km. This is still a great feature to be able to remove cooldown hurting less the resources

You do have a point for the 5km. But also gyarados is now a 300 energy base which in general makes it more expensive. also not talking about raids more about candy collection. But thanks for sharing

got it. That makes sense since there are more psychic pokemon types in the wild than dark types generally speaking (not considering nests and events). But this leads me to an interesting question: which pokemon would you mega evolve in a raid hour? A counter type pokemon to knock out faster or a pokemon of the same type for the candys (xl also)? The new mega evolve system kinda switch my mindset when it comes to raids now.

Let’s hear the opinions of even more gamers around the world!

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Good list for candy boosts, I agree with it generally! I’m going with what I will need for May. So maxing out dragon and water types (plus Blastoise and Altaria will hit mega raids so that’ll help) first for Lati@s raids, GoFest, and the Water Festival. Beedrill for the badge and then next I’ll work on Steelix and Aerodactyl.
I’ve actually been wondering what Megas to evolve because I never thought about evolving them until the new update. Very helpful tips as always.
I think there are (at least) three separate ways to look at this.

Useful for bonuses
Useful for raids
To cheapen cost

I don’t think that these lists would be all that similar.

Mega Altaria is great for Dragon raids as boosts both Dragon and Fairy and it’s Mega Bonus for all other attackers could see it help defeat a dragon raid boss faster than even a Mega Rayquaza and would get better the more trainers in the raid.

I would suggest to work on them all, mega evolve appropriately for events and when you raid as possible.

It makes sense to hear a different perspective. This is still not the full list so you must make updates in the future.
I say you should consider each Mega pkmn’s attack, defense, stamina, CP, HP stats, and moves when ranking. For example, Mega Blastoise has higher attack than Mega Slowbro. So even if Mega Blastoise does not have the multiple typings it can be ranked 1 tier higher (optional tier) because it has better usage as a raider, gym attacker, etc…
In terms of moves both share water gun as a fast move but Mega Blastoise has Water Pump and Hydro Cannon two very powerful charge moves which are very useful for raids, gym battles, etc. So even though Mega Slowbro has the advantage in terms of catching pkmn, due to its dual type, it lacks the attack stats and move set that Mega Blastoise has in terms of raiding, rocket battles and gym battles.
Also perhaps a letter grade system would be more appropriate since each pkmn has strengths and weaknesses. I don’t take offense to anyone calling a pkmn “trash” it’s just more reasonable to give a letter grade and then state why this pkmn deserves this grade, etc.
In conclusion, your videos are informative and it helps to hear a veteran player’s perspective. I look forward to hearing more about mega pkmn in the near future as I know more will be released in the very near future. I also am very interested in mega pkmn and do use them often so hearing about it from a free to play players’ perspectives is always welcomed.
Thank you so much for this ive been checking all day every day since the update for this. I had worked on best buddying all my megas so i have several w enough energy to do daily, but needed some help deciding who to start walking with!

I am excited w the update but do feel set back with my personal collection

I think ampharos/aerodactyl should be the priority since alolan geodude is coming up for community day and having that xp boost is going to be critical. 3-4x xp from lures/incense + lucky egg + Mega bonus? Yeah, sign me up.
So excited about this update! Thank you for helping me narrow down what pokemon I should focus on mega evolving! Do IVs matter when mega evolving? Should we be looking for a low attack, high defense, and high stamina like in PVP or evolving something with higher attack stats?
I have pretty much ignored the entire mega system until now. I still am not big into raiding, but I will work to get a Pokémon of each type to its max level to get the extra candy/XL candy/experience
Most important for me is Charizard… Specially until Go Fest… Will use Charizard X on the two days to get Axew candies. Also useful for future Deino and Litwick CD, I hope we get this year.
Would of been nice to get Stardust over Experience but still better. Mega energy could of acted like stardust universe for all mons. So grinding lesser Mega raids would also be worth it.
Any word on if having a mega charizard x at stage 2 would affect the amount of xl candies you’d get from catching latios/latias xl candies? Ik your guaranteed to get 3-5 xl candies but would if you have a mega charizard x at stage 2 could that mean you could get 4-6 instead of the standard 3-5?
My view was looking at the May events. Water covers 3 spotlight hours (so slowbro), daxi is right about charizard being top tier since covers 3 types and the other 2 may spotlight hours. And since I have a lot of Manectric energy I plan to use that for community day. And since I am excited for Axew, want to get charizard to final level before go tour (which means every day pretty much, so buddying charizard for extra energy too). Beedrill since have over 1000 energy.
I’m planning to mega evolve at least two Pokemon a day and a beedrill every day, even if it’s just before bed. I should have a couple maxed out in the first couple months. I’m surprised you put Gengar in the first tier, only because it is months until Halloween when we’ll see a ton of ghost types.
I went for blastoise after beedrill and for me was SO worth cause I didn’t have any good water types and I was dominating raids after I feel like the next easiest was slowpoke for me and then I went for charizard and now mega latios so that’s were I’m at
i completely ignored mega raids cause i didnt want to keep grinding for the megas, but now thats its on a cooldown ill grind to get the initial energy needed. There was really no need for megas at all but now, also with these way more difficult mega legendary raids, the pay off is way more there. Already got charizard, latias and latios done
During the Mega Evolution Event, I picked Blastoise to do because it was the First Gen Pokemon with the best Stats. Although the one I chose was a Sunglasses Blastoise too.😂
Guys or maybe Daxi if you read this I need some help regarding the ranking of IVs for PVP, why does the ranking change if I include LVL50 or not in the calculation? Like I can understand if I need to include lvl50 to reach the top CP possible but I have a bunnelby for example that doesn’t need to surpass lvl40 to reach the top CP in great league so why suddenly it’s either r2353 or r11 whether I include lvl50? It still is the same pokemon
Oh for once i totally disagree with this ranking and it’s probably because we don’t have the same goals. You seem to focus exclusively on the extra candy bonus but for me the important thing is to have a good pokemon to use in the meta. Also I have been prioritizing my hundos. Some of them are already level 50.
So for my first tiers, i’d put Charizard Y, Blastoise, Venusaur, Manetric, maybe houndoom and gengar
In the useful, I’d put Aerodactyl, Abamasnow, Lapunny, maybe Steelix, Altaria or Ampharos for that dragon bonus
The rest would be trash for me.
Also i am not working one at a time. With the tasks and to make best buddies, I have cumulated a lot of venusaur, blastoise, charizard, beedrill and pidgeot mega energy so i will be using it everyday to get to the max level in 30 days at least for those ones.
After watching this, here’s my list, and the theory behind it:
Max First: Gengar, Abomasnow, Beedrill, Lopunny, Aerodactyl, Steelix, Altaria, Manectric, Slowbro, Houndoom.
The first thing to look at here is being th only pokemon of their respective Type released so far (Gengar for Ghost, Abomasnow for Ice, Beedrill for Bug, Lopunny for Fighting, Aerodactyl for Rock, Steelix for Steel and Ground, Altaria for Fairy).
After these, due to dual typing of the mentioned, only 5 types remain uncovered (Electric, Water, Psychic, Fire, Dark), all of which can be covered by 100 Energy evolutions (Manectric for Electric, Slowbro for Water/Psychic, Houndoom for Dark/Fire).
These are, in theory, the least amount of pokemon for full type coverage, and the only expensive one is Altaria.

Grabbing a lvl 3 Charizard is the next step towards optimizing this group. It’s another dragon, costs less than Altaria, and you get a lot of free Mega Charizard energy all the time.

Every other Mega is a luxury in my opinion. They are the same cost or more expensive to evolve than anything listed above. The only reason to have them is for better raiding.

I think gyarados should be in top or in 2nd position because there are many psychic type legendries that’s why gyarados is good in raids and i don’t think slowbro is better than gyarados that’s another thing that you need 300 mega energy for gyarados but i evoled it before mega event and i am pretty sure many people already had evolved it because gyarados is fan favorite according to me gyarados is way better than slowbro and also slowbro is not a very good attacker
I just defeated Giovanni on my first attempt with a Tyranitar, Gyarados and Electivire, and caught shadow Latias in the Silent Schemes event. Now just have three more days of hearts with my buddy and I can move on to part three of Apex. After I finish Apex, I’ll concentrate on Megas.

Stuck on part 8 of Let’s Go Meltan. Omanyte, Kabuto, Lileep, Anorith and Aerodactyl spawned quite a lot back when I was in parts 2, 3 and in February, but I haven’t seen any since then.

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