Nosepass’s pointing to north is a reference to it basically having the same properties as a compass.

I’ve already known a lot of these facts but the one about Meloetta was neat. I really hope they bring back the night theme cover, that was beautiful to listen to every night playing the game

I didn’t know you could move tags 😲 I have wasted soooo much time re-tagging I’m so thankful I know this now.
Nosepass moving back north is a neat detail I never noticed.
I didn’t know a pokemon encounter naturally started at great throw… does explain why majority of my quick catches are great throws though 👍

The Nosepass fact actually blew my mind, that’s actually such a hilarious feature 😂 Imagine how annoying it’d be tho during a Nosepass Community day (if that ever happens) 😂

Detailed explanation | 12 THINGS YOU DIDN’T KNOW in POKÉMON GO!

The only one that I don’t know is number 8.
Also, if you see a gym is much shorter than normal, there’s space inside the gym so you can put Ppokemon inside directly or battle the gym easier. When a Pokemon is shown on top of the gym, that Pokemon is the latest Pokemon that was put in by a trainer.

Only one I didn’t know – that we could rearrange the tags!

Tip I’ve noticed today – no idea if it’s been around for ages or not – but clicking on a pokestop, you can see top right if you’ve completed the research task from that stop or not today. SO handy when i’m in a cluster and trying to find new tasks as i’m constantly spinning the wrong stops and having to panic empty stuff from my bag to spin more stops aha!

not sure if this is a tip or a work around, but with recent updates to the game, some trainers may experience the keyboard crashing when you go to your friend list and search for “giftable”, “friendlevel” or “interactable” (Not sure if there’s other search terms). From what I understand, it is due to the resolution of your phone and Pokemon GO. The work around for it is putting a space before your search term to make it so you can type out what you are searching for in your friend list and won’t crash your keyboard. Other people have used replace or autofill to bypass this bug, so this is another method without having to setup the replace on keyboard.

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Yes you got me the first half . I knew about the Nosepass one, that like to point 👉 north. That’s the right ways if you ever get lost ex) if you were stuck in the desert Nosepass will save you 😆 And from #6 and the rest a knew thoses.
Wow I’m surprised alot of people are unaware of these features that should be known to everyone in general. The only tip they highlight is in the loadup screen suggesting me to golden razz a dying mon from other trainers 😂
They were five (kinda six) I didn’t know didn’t know the first one about the pokémon dropping berries when hit, I didn’t know you could reorganize your tags, I didn’t know the thing about meloetta is your buddy, I didn’t know that the pokémon circle was set to greet there when you started an encounter, And I didn’t know about the functional 98% four stars. And the kind of six is that I thought the Pikachu starter was a rumor.
I knew the greedent, go fest music, nosepass, search favorite, pikachu starter, functional hundo’s, friend interaction, dubble tap zoom in, player compass, the last legendary ball and the max deleting button tricks. I would say that I’m doing good
i knew most of these, and the tag rearranging and saving search strings were *almost life changing (was using the android clipboard to save search strings previously). HOWEVER, YOU MISSED A BIG ONE!! maybe just a timing issue but, as of the last update, you can now search for UNTAGGED pokemon, AND exclude specific tags from search strings!!!! talk about life changing, everyone needs to know this!!
Saved searched thread I knew
Knew the Pikachu starter
Knew the compass trick
Knew the Last ball Shake
Knew the delete teick

But those others were dope thanks

But did you guys know:
1. It is possible to complete 2 separate raids at the same time. You join raid 1, force quit app, open and join raid 2, force quit, open, and deal minimum 1 hp to raid 1, force quit, open, deal 1 hp to raid 2, force quit, open and catch both Pokemon. Of course it requirers the team to deal all the damage.

2. There is actually 255 different colors of the catch circle.

3. The further away from equator you are, the longer away from the gym you can still participate in raids without being thrown out.

4. When your buddy finds a gift, instead of open it, switch to another buddy (minimum 2 star friendship for gifts and 3 star friendship for souvenirs), then another gift/souvenir will appear. Switch buddy again and you can get more gifts/souvenirs per day.

5. During events like Community day, it will be slightly more of the event Pokemon spawning from lures, if the lure is activated after the event has started.

6. A Pokemon caught who changes to Ditto, will only count as a Ditto seen if you use an autocatcher. If you catch them manually, you will always have 100% capture rate (except Ditto seen in gym or caught without transformation.

7. If you buy a ticket for an event specific for one country, you will in some cases still get the medal, even if you can´t participate in the event for some reason. You will not get all the other bonuses, but in some cases the medal.

8. You save around 2-4 seconds per catch if you use ar-mode (not Niantic AR / AR+)

9. If you give one berry to a Pokemon in gym, you start the countdown for the 30 minutes until you can feed again. Which means you can give one berry, and with right timing feed up to 19 golden razz berries in a row to the same Pokemon.

10. If you go to app- settings, and gives the app restrictions so it cant save photos on your phone, you will not get all those photos when you take a picture of your buddy.

11. If you buy the team medallion, it will appear in the shop again 365 days later, even if you have not uses the previous one. If you then buy another, it will still appear as you only have one.

12. A Pokemon will spawn on the exact same spot, exact 60 minutes after previous spawn. If you know your area, you will know exactly when a Pokemon will appear where. For example at one spot a Pokemon appears 12:17, exact same spot will spawn a new Pokemon

Considering that there is an entire range of great throws, is that default right in the middle of the “great range,” is it at the very beginning of the great range, or at the very end?

If some other option, then that seems bizarre.

Yeah, so that last ball needing one shake thing was a myth. Had one Latios and Latias each run away after the ball shook once in the last throw.
Not sure if that’s just for mega legendaries, or if it was just never there 🤷🏽‍♂️
Hey Poke Daxi I don’t know if you or others know this or not but you can reduce your device lag while playing pvp just by turning off your device location. I learned that by accident while I was playing pvp and my gps signal was in not found mood 🤣🤣. Just turn on Airplane mood, then log in to game normally and play pvp but turn off your device location. It reduce at least 40-50% lag.
It should be no secret to level up quicker, is to throw Excellent throws! I have a bad habit to catch as many as possible in a short period of time (impatient) which results in no bonus, nice or a great bonus. The XP from an Excellent throw will mean you are not sitting at a level for longer periods of time!!!

I suggest Niantic give bonus points for excellent throws on a Zubat or a Yanama! 🤣

I knew all of them and the thing about melloada I get know about it just 3 days ago from my friend it was just a coincidence that his melloada that he got was 100 % iv and he wanted to make it best buddy
caught a shiny feebas with 15 15 14 ivs today didt knew what to call it till yet, now its in functional hundo tag, also didt knew about first two tricks and pikachu starter trick, glad to know these new tricks specially the music one cause I was so bored with music at some point that I just turned it all down to never listen to it again.
i recently notcied that the shadow filter is broken. shadow pokemon are called “crypto” in german. and some crypto pokemon appear when i filter !crypto, but most of them disappear. is this a known bug this patch?
The minus button is really useful to throw all the garbage potions and nanabberries away that stop you from spinning a goddamn stop. Seriously, why do you still get the normal potions level 30 and above
How about “You can only have one mega evolved pokemon at a time”. I didn’t know that! I mega evolved seven pokemon in a row before I figured out they were not all active at the same time. Such a huge waste! When have you ever said you can only have one mega evolved pokemon at a time in your videos….. ugh. Is there a set of rules that comes with the game when you download it and start playing?

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