This is such a great event because everything connects so well. Mega legendaries coming out right after megas become more accessible, 3* raid Pokemon that work well in countering the current 5* raid and the 3* are good for PvP, good access to swablu for megas, noibat for the dex, and emolga for the flying cup. More stuff too that just makes sense.


Mega Latias & Latias raids are much harder then predicted (tier 6 level). Please use proper counters and go in with 7+ trainers to be safe.

However you can gain up to 225 mega energy from one of these raids, huge W!

Got a 100% IV Noibat from a lucky trade a while ago. Never took it as a buddy because other Pokemon were more appealing to me as buddy. Hopefully I can finally get the 400 Candies together by hatching Noibats with my free incubator. 102 Candies are remaining.

Additional Tip:
Better complete the Timed Research rn before the event ends. Because 50 Lati@s Batteries is important. Since, on average, you need 5 raids to Mega Evolve a 300-batt Pokemon. (Depends on the no. of players and counters. You better join a raid with 6+ players to minimize the no. of raids you should do. Plus, the counters to save time.) BTW, When I say batt, I mean, Mega Energy. I just said that to save syllables. Like I said, better finish it now to save raid passes

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Mega Latias and Latios will be outclassed by Mega Raquaza and Mega Mewtwo, i would save my pokecoins for when those come out 🤩
Lets go some of my favorites mega legendary Pokèmon are finally added in the game i am so hyped
Can you make a video about whether the new legacy moves for latios and latias are any good thank you and keep up the great work on the content
I’m only doing the latias and latios megs long enough to catch one of each I’m not worried about mega evolving them cause I wanna save my coins for the last Tapu raid afterwards
Shadow omanyte and venonat have been reported to be shiny from rocket balloons, they also are soawning every hour
They also are harder to beat. And the recent update says otherwise. Also, are Candy XL exclusive to a device?
I’m a little disappointed to see that Mega Latios only rank #3 because other youtubers have said it was rank #1. Since I already have a shiny 3 star Latios, I’ll stick to that one and farm the raids for the XL candies and mega energy.
I have a max iv magikarp that I got recently so with the extra magikarp spawns I should be able to get it to a gyarados with this event.
Need to finally get my shiny charizard, I have two blastoise and 3 Venusaur, one of which was from a wild spawn, need those noibats as well
I think luster purge is better than psychic. The only reason it is not in raid attacker move pule because game press does not add this move to latios move till now. You can see mega latios move list in game press where luster purge is absent there are only solar beam, psychic and dragon claw .
(I apologize for my bad english)
I evolve one of my togepi for my master league team and I realiza just after evolving it into togekiss that the second move star dust cost went from 10k to 50k and that wasn’t the best I have 😀
Don’t use your remote and premium raid passes on Mega Latios & Latias yet maybe there will be a raidhour where shiny chances are boosted
Just like kangaskhan
Wait In June aren’t the tapus coming back and getting shinies cuz I read the blog and it said if you’re lucky u might encounter a shiny, I’m probably wrong but yea I’m curious
guys i want to tell all of you that from now on doing any tier raid there is a chance of getting rare xl candies , i got like 4 in 4 raids.
Did anyone tried if Latias from Giovanni get a legacy move too? If anyone tries please let me know. I was saving my black radars for something better but shadow Latias with mist ball would be nice.
The Legacy moves are pretty good, make them both better, the shadow doesn’t;t get better that much but still, I think it’s worth it now.
Been spinning all the stops in my neighbourhood to get mega energy since no one is doing raids around here… I need 20 for mega absol rip
My only 100% IV Legend/Mythical is my purified Latias from the latest Giovani event…. She’s so useless but I love her anyways LOL
I got so confused on the latios latias names their colors and their mega evolved colors and shinies… TOO MUCh!
I didn’t do noibat because it was a flex I did noibat because I love bats they’re one of my favourite creatures 🦇🦇🦇🥰🥰
Sadly I don’t have any friends to play pogo with and I host raids with poke genie, will the lobbies be bigger so it is easier or is it just gonna be pain?
Funny thing is i’ve never even seen a pidgey in Pokemon Go and i cant beat Mega Pigeot because i have no one to raid with lol
😢I literally have 2 left to defeat 150 species of Pokemon in raids and niantic didn’t bring any new 1* raids for the event
Im in New Zealand and the first grunt i found was a rock grunt, once defeated I received a shiny shadow Omanyte. Thought this was weird
Who ever said these mega’s are duo-able. LIED! They are not even 6 player able with all level 40+ trainers. Need more like 8 45+ level trainers!
I won’t really be raiding Mega Latias and Latios because their way to expensive to mega evolve and overall Mega Mewtwo and Mega Raquaza are gonna be better Dragon and Pychic raid attackers overall
What a great timing since my cursed Dec 2020 CD Special Research requires catching Charmander and Magikarp. Magikarp, easy to deal with, Pretty common. Charizard counts for the Charmander.

0/15 Porygon
9/15 Charmander
6/15 Magikarp

Oh come on. No more stickers. Please. I’m so sick of these God damn stickers. I can’t get rid of them.
Also I’m just going to catch all Pokémon, for xp and stardust. I’m not gonna do pvp that much.

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