Stylus is key in winter, lets you play with proper gloves. For the sun or rain, just use an umbrella with a wrist phone mount

A good balance of being out for the spawns and inside to keep chilled is a decent idea. (Unless you’re like me, and your indoor shopping centre is literally a quarter mile of 2 rows of pokestops and gyms.)

Detailed explanation | How to SURVIVE Pokémon GO THIS SUMMER!

The winter has the opposite problem: your gloves prevent you from throwing poke balls or tapping icons well, your phone gets way too cold and shuts off or loses battery insanely quickly, and you can’t stay out for more then 2 hours. Please make a tips and tricks video on the winter

I played Deino comm day today in 105 degree temp. I wear a neck fan and it makes a huge difference to me. It’s similar to having a light breeze. For slightly more you can find fans that actually have internal cooling plates that get ice cold.

Having a couple granola bars or some trail mix maybe like a fruit or something is super helpful to keep yourself energized

For Go Fest this year I used a fanny pack for the first time and I kept my battery pack in it but also some snacks just to have before and after lunch.

Electrolytes can be important too, depending on how sweaty you are. I have POTS so its something I always keep in mind, but even for people without electrolyte sensitivities it is something to keep in mind. I keep electrolyte tabs that just go into normal water and take a tube of them with me every go fest to share incase any of my friends who didn’t think of electrolytes start feeling dizzy or whatnot.

Thanks for the ice pack tip! I actually have use small icepacks on long runs for snack reasons (again, POTS lol) but I never considered using them to cool down my phone!

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Great ideas and info! I totally have a cool pack that just goes around my neck (Amazon). It works nicely by keeping those arteries cool, thus slightly cooling the blood throughout your body. Probably not as effective as that vest, but I like it so much I ended up getting a second one since they don’t last very long in Florida heat. Of course the downside is that everybody can see it, but whatever. Again, thanks for the ideas!
For people who don’t have a phone fan: take 2 small ziplock bags, fill them up half way with ice. Then take a much bigger ziplock bag and put your phone inside along with the two smaller bags. It should keep your phone very cool. Side note: make sure the bags of ice are sealed well so that the water doesn’t leak onto your phone.
Yeah the heat really messes stuff up for playing for sure. Shade really helps. I was out doing community day and had to go back home after the 3 hours since my phone could not take it anymore. I definitely am gonna look into atleast trying those phone coolers.
Hats don’t sit on my head right. They pop right off. The hydration pack looks cool though. Also wonder how well the umbrella hat thing would work. I just usually sit in the shade at the fairgrounds if I have to play during the summer.
Yep needed to take a break to avoid overheating. Definitely getting a phone cooler for future events. I hope there are fans that are rechargeable so I don’t always have to be plugged in.
Today was more like zweilous community day as I went to the meetup. Though because I am barely getting XL candy, it went very well
Two things about sunscreen: 1) it only covers you for two hours so you might need to reapply sunscreen after 2 hours of play and 2) if you have short hair, make sure to get the back of your neck. I cut my hair shorter and I actually got burnt when I went for a walk.
Removing the case really helps a lot. I usually played on my iPad with a leather case. Today I tried it without it and it wasn‘t even hot, just warm atna normal temperatur. Altough I feel kinda unsafe walking around with it, you drop it and you probably get a screen crack wich is not that amusing when running an expensive device.
this is gonna be a good time but I hope they don’t come out with raid locked pokemon that can’t be remotely raided cause in my state there’s just not enough active players to do them this was very showcased today when deino raids were there we had maybe top of 2 or 3 players and none high enough to take it down so practically no one got the raids done
For the cooling down of your phone, I’d suggest using isopropyl on some napkins. Get you some of them Brawny style napkins and fold them down into squares. Then place them in a sandwich bag and pour isopropyl all over them. You can take the bag with the isopropyl soaked napkins with you and periodically swipe your phone with them. Not only does it cool the phone down instantly, it also disinfects it! 😉👍🏽
In summer I generally just play in the shopping centres/ malls. But imagine it being summer right now 😂. I live in the Southern Hemisphere and it’s winter right now lol. Still pretty warm though
100% yes to hot phones. It’s always a worry when raiding. I have to put the phone to sleep mode and then guess when the raid starts or let a tethered phone tell me when the raid starts. I sometimes carry gel packs because they aren’t messy. We’ve loads from when we go to cake shops (in Japan).

I’ve also played in my car using autocatch when it’s too hot or rainy season (now). I put the phone in my cup holder and let the A/C keep it cool.

I’ve been using a regular backpack for adventures since idk when. Recently though I’ve been sticking a refrigerated back for keeping food cool when coming from the grocery store inside to keep 4+ bottles of water in it.
Arizona got me running around during fossil week while it was 110 outside (43.3 c)
Finding a park is the way to go, always 10 degrees cooler when your over grass than pavement (also has more trees to hide under)
Also the real pro tip is eat an hour before going out since your body heats up while processing food.
My mom has that same neck fan you showed and I’ve borrowed it. It actually works real well. Has 3 settings and it blows up into your face. It’s like having a permanent breeze. It buzzes a bit, which could get annoying, but I tend to listen to music on my solo walks so I don’t hear it unless I’m playing with other people.
on the note for using an ice pack, ice pack will cool the phone and create condensation inside the phone, wrapping something around the ice pack will stop direct water going into the phone, but won’t stop the condensation between the heat coming from your phone and the cold from the ice pack
My summer just ended it started in March and ended a few days ago. So this video is useful for next year. I was profusely sweating for geodude com day that i didn’t play at all. Basically every event past 2 months I didn’t actually play except today’s com day cause it was cool today. Also if it’s my phone Or is it not but overheating does reduce battery life
Man I’m gonna need a survival guide for playing Pokémon go in Florida lol it is hotter than Satan’s toenails down here right now! Bro would you ever consider creating a video for accessibility options for Pokémon go players? I am visually play impaired closer to being blind and I think it would go a long way to making the game a lot easier for players with disabilities.
I played in time square for Deino community Day so if it gets too hot for my phone (not much for me as I have prepared an assortment of chilled waters for a community day.) but I can always hit up a restaurant since it’s also lunch time and take a bite to eat or even better head to a Starbucks. not all the Starbucks are seated but now that I’m used to going to Manhattan and I’m very versed now with time square Ik the best spots to play and bring my fast charger along because I will be indoors for about half an hour or less, sometimes more if I need a longer charge but for the most part my phone lasts for most of a 3-hour community day period.
My phone started overheating while I was playing comm day and it made by game insanely laggy and even made my brightness look super low even though it was on the max brightness setting 😭
You are telling it’s hard to play in summer..
But in our country, except during winter….everyday is like summer..
It’ll be so hot.. and we’re used to it..
I live in Mexicali (which is one of the hottest cities in the world, and the hottest in México) and I always come with just a cold water bottle to cool my phone 😂😂.
Effective and cheap.
sadly i missed deino spotlight hours. I also tried the zweilous raid and it took away my raid pass and replaced it with a new one. Now i couldnt also do the mewtwo raid that was near. I knew 100% sure I had a pass before the zweilous raid already cause i checked before walking. Glitch cost me a mewtwo, also i couldnt do the zweilous raid. I got 6x 3kcp charmers and even if i had a friend we wouldnt have gotten it, its over the top hard.
Houston native here. Just finished Dreigon com day and holy sh*t was it hot! I managed to keep my phone cool by placing it between my bicep and forearm(weird, I know), but it did the trick. July Com day is going to be worse. Can’t wait lol
Here where I live the temperature is stays minimum 40°-47°+ also today temperature was 45° was hot and I was in park enjoying community day in high sunlight and I did 6 mewtwo raids got 2 shiny and luckily one hando fact I got skin burn but it was worth it xd
I usually have 2 portable chargers there really cheap but work really well and I have a small backpack that has the tube so I can drink water and when that runs out I have a yeti bottle on the side which is pretty pricey but it’s a good investment and they are very durable and I have a tilly hat and a rag that really cools down your neck I got it at Walmart and since I get nosebleeds a lot in the heat it keeps my neck cool so it doesn’t happen and finally dress lightly I usually have a dri fit shirt and some shorts it’s light weight and keeps you cool and I live in the southern part of Texas so it gets really hot down here and these help me get through events
102 degrees is not safe for most people to stay outdoors for three hours. I was hot even in my car with the a/c blasting! The only indoor mall 45 minutes away has one gym and no stops. Deino Community day was non existent for SW Oklahoma. Sigh…
Just get two phones. When one heats and gets low battery then charge it and put it on ice pack. Meanwhile use the second one and switch. You can easily use a phone for a hour and then cool&charge it for an hour. If you are a regular player two phones are a good investment.

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