Pokémon Go | 15 Pokémon Tags EVERY TRAINER should be Using!

For the 2x evolve xp tag, you can also include traded Pokemon with zero candy evolution like haunter, graveler, karrablast, shellmet, machoke etc. I also have a Double Charge attack tag, special moves tag, CD moves tag and distance tag (pokemon caught or hatched from distant location), and 3* shadows tag.

I’ve been using tags since they first came out and they’ve been a time saver. One tag I started using is CD Moves to identify those with Community Day Moves. Another I used but no longer need is Eevolutions to keep track of the Eevees I had to evolve for level 43. Love your videos — they’re short but packed with valuable, helpful hints.

Detailed explanation | Pokémon Go | 15 Pokémon Tags EVERY TRAINER should be Using!

I don’t use tags so often, but one which I find very useful, is that I use the tag ” ‘ ” (the apostrophe) for pokemons I want to put in gyms. As I mostly move with my bike, I usually don’t have much time to choose a Pokemon, and I cannot write much when on my bike. The apostrophe is just one letter so pretty easy to type in when I come across a gym in which I wanna put a Pokemon

Pro tip. Avoid spaces as much as possible in the names. So they are searchable. Any name with spaces can’t be searched in the whole inventory

I have most of these tags, and they are very efficient. Especially the “Trade”, “2X Candy” and “Evolve XP” tags. The rest are for organizing your collection, but those 3 are the most useful ones imo. In the Evolve XP I don’t just leave weedles and such, but also any new pokemon I don’t have in the dex for the spotlight hours. I don’t use “Shundo” since I only have 2 :/ but I do use “Hundo”. I also have a “Shadows” tag (separate from the Frustration tag) and a “2016” tag cuz I still have a few left, and thanks to those I got my second ever shundo recently… Mewtwo 😀

Another tag i recommend is “evolve task” personally I save trade evolution Pokémon in a tag and evolve them when I need so I can finish the task very quick.

I use most of the tags you mentioned but I also have a 98iv & 96iv tag that I use. It’s helpful for deciding which Pokémon I want to power up. I also have 2 separate power up tags: 1 for lvl 40 & the other for lvl50. I don’t max out Pokémon unless they’re, hundos, high iv shadow Pokémon & all my Pokémon that can mega evolve or have future mega evolutions.

Two tags I use are “long distance trade” and “endangered”. Long distance trade are Pokémon that I’ve hatched from gifts from people out of state or country so I have them to trade to earn towards the pilot medal. Endangered are Pokémon that I have 500 or fewer candies for, regardless of whether or not there are any good in the game. These are Pokémon that are generally rare finds like archens, and I always use pineapp berries on and save to transfer during double transfer events. 500 candies are usually enough to evolve any Pokémon and level it up to level 40. Some Pokémon, like eevee, are always endangered because regardless how many I catch, I always need more candies for them.

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This is a fun one! So I have:
– “Buddy” : for the pokemons I want to be best buddy with.
– “Power 40” : for the pokemons I want to power up to level 40 (mostly I need stardust for them).
– “Power 50” : for the pokemons I want to power up to level 50 (mostly I need XL candies for them).
– “Power PVP” : for the pokemons I want to power up to CP 1500 or 2500 (i don’t do much PVP, so I mixed ultra and great league within the same tag, but they have “U” or “G” in the name).
– “Max Mega Level” : well basically it’s a mega3 search. I should remove it ^^
– “Level 50” : all my level 50 pokemons (I have 18 btw ^^)
– “Trade1” : all pokemons available for trade to get an XL candy from. They are from where I live.
– “Trade2” : all pokemons available for trade to get an XL candy from. They are from more than 100 km away from where I live. I chose to have 2 tags for trade to handle better the distance trades and maximize the number of candies.
– “Magicarp 13.13” : big magicarps to trade away. I put the number in the tag to remember it because I always forget.
– “Rattata 2.41” : same for little rattatas.
– “Evolve1” : all garbage pokemons to evolve during 2* evolve xp.
– “Evolve2” : all pokemons that need to evolve but I can’t do it just yet (I don’t have the candies, or they need their community day move, or they need to be “adventured together”, etc.)
– “MegaEvolve” : all pokemons that need to be mega evolved once a day to reach the max level.
– “Purify” : all shadow pokemons with a cost of 1,000 stardust to purify.
– “Unfrustrate” : all shadow pokemons to remove frustration from.
– “PVP?” : all pokemon that have a PVP iv spread that I need to evaluate on Pokegenie to know their actual rank and decide if they are going to be “POWER PVP” or just transfered.
– “Transfert” : all pokemons to transfert next time there is a 2* transfert candy
– “Second attack” : all pokemons that I need to unlock the second attack from (need stardust or candy).
I would really appreciate a video on advanced search strings for Pokémon. Like, how to quickly search for every dragon type Pokémon under 1500cp for example. Or how to search for Pokémon with fighting moves…
I use variations of most all those. I also have “3rd” which means they have their second charged move, “set” which means don’t change anything on them (moves, CP, evolve), and “90+” which is 91-100%. If I have a lot to sort through, I’ll tag them “sort” to make it easier, and “temp” means check their IV’s before they go off to the Professor. 🙂
I have a powerup tag, and a thing i do is list the amount of candy needed to powerup with the nicknames. Sure you will have a bunch of mons named “59” or “124” lying around but it certainly helps
Besides the 3 tags for PvP i tend to use more the search bar and rename the mons in the specific way e.g “Qq” for those mons that i’ll transfer during spotlight 2x transfer candy and “Ww” for those mons to be transfered during XL candies higher chances transfer candies (I use the qwerty keyboard so it’s the feastest way).
I mostly have the same tags but also have a tags to remind not to do something.
No Evo – don’t evolve
No Pow – don’t power up
No Pur – don’t purify

Also a couple fun ones. “Benchwarmer” for 0 iv and “Shady” for shadow shiny.

I also have an “Heirloom” tag for all my 2016/2017 mons, so I’m less likely to transfer them by accident, esp since most of them have trash IVs. Lol.
also use the 2xEvolve XP Tag, after I did all my friendship Lvl Ups at the beginning of a CDay. If there isn’t any Pokemon in my area to attempt excellent throws on and my ressearch stack is empty. I’ll just evolve Pokemon, to max out the remaining duration of the lucky egg.
I have similar tags but very much consolidated. 1 tag for “Mega” and just a “PVP” tag, I can scroll through the CPs to see what’s used for what cups and just name thing as to what CP they’re supposed to be leveled to.
Other tags that I use are “legacy” for all the legagy pokemon, “unfrustrastred” lol for the mons without frustration, “transfer” for double candy transfer, and “old” for pokemons from 2016, 2017, 2018, etc for increased lucky odds.
I am adding the Mega Level Up tag to mine. Thanks! I have a tag for “Rare Candy Need” (mostly regionals or legendary)! I also have an “Assess” tag, in case it looks like good PvP IV’s, so I can check later, and compare to what I already have, so that I don’t end up with 83 pvp weedles, etc.
I love the trade tag. I meet up with so many people and they never know what they are willing to trade. This makes it sooooo much easier.
I also have a tag for pokemon from 2016 to increase those lucky chances if a good pokemon I want shows up.
I have 2 extra suggestions. I have a tag “DNR” which means “do not revive”. I put a few useless Pokémon in there meant to put in a gym. In some events, I got short on revives (mega latia/os, team rocket events…) So I save a few revives for gym defenders. A second one is my tag “Germans”. I once went to Germany for a holiday and caught Pokémon over there. I saved them for distance trading. Now I use it for every Pokémon caught over 100km. It makes trading easier.
On the topic of tags, I also got a tag for gym defenders, which I named it “Bulky Bois”, as well as some random tags like one rare wild finds, like for example orange and white flower flabébé
I do tags for special events so like “go fest” for example I tag all, & I mean all regardless, I caught during such event. Good events for this: go fest (obviously); safari zone; regional tours, like kanto & johto we had; anniversary. These could also be tags you have for events in your life that go outside of the game that tag your mons to that special event in your life
The main way I use tags is trade. I have a trade 100 and trade 100- tag. In these tags I have local Pokémon (trade 100) and distance Pokémon (trade 100-). Allows me to tag the pokemon I want to trade but also easily separate by distance. Me and the wife travel often so we do a lot of trades with each other. These tags have made it easy for me to get over 45mil in distance trades. I also have a mega, transfer, frustration, trade old, best buddies, evolve no transfer, evolve transfer, 100%, and each of the leagues.
The main tags I use are 0%, 100%, Shundos, 2022 shiny pokémon I caught as well as all my level 50 pokémon. I do have a mega tag for all pokémon I want to Mega evolve slowly.
At the start of the month, I create a 2× transfer month and an 2× evolution tag for pokémon for Spotlight Hours even if we don’t get one for a specific month so I can save them up.
I have a tag for current megas that I can use now as “Mega Arsenal” and for Pokemon that have mega evolution but it’s not yet available in Pogo, those mons get tagged under my other tag called “Future Megas”, my Hundo Groundon and Hundo Mewtwo are among them
I use tags for Pokémon coming from far away from my usual location, useful for trades. I actually have 2: (i) Pokémon in the 100-1,000km range (1,000 is just a personal choice, no in-game reason) that I use for 4-candy trades, and Pokémon from 1,000+ km (hatched from 7km eggs or travels I’ve made) more specific to working on my “Pilot” medal (and 4-candy trades as well).
On a side note: for the pilot medal, check any distance calculation tool or GPS location tool to find the place farthest from your own location on the planet, and then look for friend codes from that place! For me, New-Zealand / France is guaranteed 19,000+ km per trade!!!
I usually put a period for my tags to make it easier to search, but my tags are:
“.OBO Trade” for when people want to do lucky trades I can hand them my phone and say these are what I’m offering. I further add to this and name Pokémon in this tag “MIRROR” if it is something I want specifically mirrored.
“.Defenders” for my best gym defenders.
“.Special Evolve” for all the Pokémon that have requirements for evolution that isn’t only candy such as a lure, catching specific Pokémon, buddying, or walking them.

I wish that had a specific search string for Pokémon that did not have a tag.

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