I hope you haven’t made these POKÉMON GO MISTAKES!

Biggest mistake I made was not collecting enough pidgey candies when we could still catch them in the wild 😂😂

One of the first shadow Pokémon I caught was a hundo shadow dratini and following the lore of the game I just automatically purified it because the story made it sound un-usable in shadow form. It’s my biggest Pokémon GO regret.

For my personal choice powering up something that’s good now is okay. yeah there is going to be something that’ll come in future which will be better but we don’t know how long it will take and having a attacker that is within top 10 is pretty good.

Detailed explanation | I hope you haven’t made these POKÉMON GO MISTAKES!

When I first started playing, I got shadow mewtwo. And I purified it. Now that I’ve been playing for a few years, I fully understand what I’ve done and have regrets.

The biggest mistake I made was quitting Pokémon go back in 2016 when it first came out after like 3 weeks despite living in Japan because after I ended up moving away and playing Pokémon go again like a couple months ago, i realized that if I had kept on playing then I would’ve been able to actually get rare Pokémon like mewtwo from when it first came out

The only regrets I have are fully evolving a Pokémon with a prior Community Day and missing out on the CD exclusive move when I should just wait until December and evolve it on the December CD.

The amount of purified hundos i have is heartbreaking. But i take slight solace in that all of them were purified before the shadow bonus existed. Who couldve known you know

When shadow mewtwo first came out I thought that it would end up at a lower cp than when purified at lvl 50. I purified it just for that extra bit of cp and I regret it until this day.

1. Save your elite tm’s for community day and legacy moves. If you don’t have the regulars, it might be tempting to just get the damn move, but don’t waste it. Stuff like typhlosion, venusaur, walrein, etc, are not good without their special moves.
2. If you can’t throw 5-10 bucks into remote raid passes for pokegenie, be diligent on your 50 gold daily from gyms. Doing a week will give you 3 raid passes.
3. my highest preference, whatever the current league is in gbl, power up pokemon for the next one (unless early). Like if you are in during great league, power up the ultra league pokemon. get your team ready to go, not try to catch it up.

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I transferred my second Shadow Mewtwo because its IVs are sucks, it was 2/8/2. To this day I still regret it because of knowing how powerful he is even with the terrible IVs stats. I also purified my shadow Zapdos to get a Hundo Zapdos without realized that its shadow form was the best electric type attacker
One of the things I always do is favorite every single Pokemon with good IVs in general. Takes a while but it’s worth it. Then search by recent and check the IVs of what you got occasionally to stay up to date.

Then when transfer hour bonus is in effect, I safely transfer a ton without having to check.

I thought my biggest regret was purifying my shiny sableye, but this video made me feel so much better when you said it is better purified! But yeah also purified my mewtwo 😂😢
Ever since I started playing the game again with my friends a few months ago, we all sought after a shiny wailmer. It ofc isn’t anything special but it has a lot of sentimental value amongst my friends because we made good memories and had lots of fun playing the game together. We haven’t seen eachother in a while now because of life getting in the way…
The other week I caught a shiny wailmer, later on in the day when I did my mass transfer of what I caught for the day, I accidentally transferred the wailmer without realising because I was distracted. I was so vexed and it was the worst mistake since starting to play the game. Worse than me purifying a 98 shadow larvitar before I knew how strong shadows were 😔
I’ve done literally all of these multiple multiple times! 🤣
luckily I’ve learned my lesson from everything wrong I’ve done & have realized everything that you’ve mentioned (the hard way lol).
Could it be that the recommended party got changed or doesn’t always work the same? The picks I get aren’t perfect but never just about defense. Also there seems to be some interesting management (for example megas being in different places for people in the same raid which makes the boost last longer) but maybe that’s just coincidence.
The don’t power up stuff that isn’t useful now thing kinda depends on the mindset of the players. For me I kinda rely on sunken cost fallacy as a motivator to finish building pokemon. If I don’t start building something while it is new and exciting then I will never get around to it (like my poor 98% togekiss)
My biggest mistake was transferring my starter, I know alot of people know this pain because so many other people have done this to
My biggest regret in Pokémon Go was purifying my shadow hundo Electabuzz because I didn’t know about shadow pokémon back in 2020. Fortunately, I caught a 13 13 13 IV Electabuzz recently so I guess I’ve been kinda compensated. I know that I’ll never make that blunder ever again especially with my shadow hundo Snorlax!
Powering up the wrong Pokemon is something EVERYBODY has made, especially in the beginning of the game. I remember trying to get all of my Pokemon above 1000 and then 1500 CP back in 2016 when I didn’t know anything about the game and about stardust… Ever since, I’ve been a little more cautious about using stardust!
Last summer, I jumped back into the game after not playing since, like, 2016. I had NO idea what I was doing since so much had changed in the game. I somehow ended up fighting a Rocket leader (it was Arlo) and go a shiny shadow Venonat after the first battle. Not really knowing that shadows are better and shadow shinies are more rare, I purified it. A few months later, I realized my mistake… Now the Venonant is nicknamed “WHY PURIFY.” It’s still rare but not nearly as cool 🙁
Battle Recommend team is good now most of the time it recommends the same team as something like Poke Genie and takes into consideration the raid boss moves so it can even be better only “bug” I find is that if you have a mega available for that boss it will always shoehorn it onto your team and want you to mega evolve.
Purifying for mega is aight imo. Especially my Scizor. I’m not about to power up a bunch. And I happened to have a 98 shadow I still have, so my lower IV one became a purified hundo. When the mega comes out, that’s the one I’m evolving
Another one is that if your friends or anyone in your raid boss party suddenly leave the raid invite at the last few seconds of countdown, leave immediately if it only down to a few people or 1 person left for the raid boss fight so you won’t waste your remote raid pass. And of course, that depends on the star tier of the raid boss.
I check IVs every time I catch a pokemon (unless I’m in a huge rush and need to catch alot in a short time) so it prevents me from accidentally transferring a strong mon and gives me the opportunity to star them and/or tag them if necessary for nice organization 😊 that is one thing I can confidently say I’ve done for many years 😅
Some mistakes I make always come from transferring I’m not the best at the game so getting a really good iv Pokémon fully evolved helps me out allot and this was shadow Magmar. I had a 3 star and I started to transfer them all that I wasn’t going to need and accidentally transferred the 3 star and I was so upset about it
I probably transferred a 100% iv before u could see the stars but worst mistakes are purifing shadow pokemon when they first came out also when mewtwo was still rare I accidentally removed psystrike for an ice move and most recently I miss clicked and evolved a meltan which isn’t too bad
The reason I power up certain things, yet don’t use them for a while, is so I can make teams out of them for the GBL, for example, I powered up my Yveltal, then stopped using it, just so I can see if it will become meta soon
The problem with games like this is that even if you invest 100% in the meta it takes only one update to send all your efforts to waste, I heard rumors about in future updates they might nerf shadow pokemon or buff purified pokemon in order to encourage purifying.
Yeah, shadow tyranitar will be outclassed as soon as shadow rhyperior will become available, but tyranitar has 10 more attack points than rhyperior and may receive another community day: something like rock slide would help it, or a new dark type attack, like lash out, which, depending on the move stats, would make it way stronger in the dark typing, like hydreigon’s brutal swing
I didn’t know what IVs were at first. 🙂 I’m sure I transferred great pokemon, and I 100% blew tons of stardust on ~0 IV pokemon. Fun. Once I found out about IVs, I would make the mistake of pumping up slightly better pokemon rapidly, so maybe I found a 2* Chari instead of 1* (or 1.5*). Great. Time to spend a ton of candy and stardust again. Uh oh! I found a 3* Chari. Spend more? Uh oh! What about shadow Chari? Uh oh! What about a Chari with Blast Burn? My god…it never ends. So many traps. So little time. I try to be more careful now, and like you said, boost pokemon useful in the current cup or a cup approaching quickly.


I, too, hate recommended parties for raids. It’ll be like “Man, use that 1494 Drifblim”, because Drif can tank fighting. Yeah…and do no damage to the raid boss. Ugh. With a timer involved, you gotta go out blasting.

I’m SOOOO guilty of just using the suggested pokemons for raids! Between choosing which pokemons to keep from my daily catches, sending 80 gifts+ to people, opening gifts, exchanging them with my husband, etc. I seriously didn’t have time yet to look at which pokemons are best for this or that situation. What if you have a 100 IV pokemon but it’s crappy like a plant one? Do you discard them?
I don’t consider using the recommended party to be bad, depending on your group. When I first started raiding I used the recommended, and to be fair, it’s because I just started raiding and hadn’t the proper counters yet. I was also joining a large enough group that could have done the raid with or without me, and I let them know up front. That said, as you get stronger, usually better to build proper teams. I went from raid groups no less than 5 people to being able to almost duo raids, with the damage we were short on able to be picked up by a third person using recommended pokemon (and then taking those same bosses down even faster as said third person started getting better and proper counters).

I’ve also gone from a crafted team to a recommended relobby because the boss was low enough on health no problem, and also gone from crafted team to recommended relobby to refight because I was wrong and second time around reviving my crafted team.

Back in 2020, I got a shadow shiny pinsir from Jesse and James, and I purified it. I also purified a shadow lugia, tho I did get 2, but still kinda sucks. I’ve also transferred some good shadow pokemon like beldum, salmence, larvitar, ect. So yeah I’ve made a few mistakes.
Only one of these mistakes I make is using the recommended raid teams bc I’m too lazy to make a new team around every time raids swap, and usually I’m doing my legendary ones in NYC anyways since I live near there and there are always full lobbies.

On the topic of purifying shadows, I learned my lesson early on. I have a 96% shadow Lugia and a 94% shadow Dragonite that I will actually cry if I ever accidentally purify

Also Slaking is good for holding gyms, I’ve got about 5 of em at 4k cp for that purpose alone (Given I caught all of them nowhere lower than 3700 cp so it wasn’t a huge dust investment)

I transferred a perfect Porygon in my first week of play. It will bother me until the day I catch a new one. Thankfully, that was the only one.

As far as purifying goes, those cheap 1 candy 1,000 Stardust ones are great for building that medal to earn those extra balls. I’d maybe suggest doing it if they have a Mega Evolution, since that provides a group damage bonus and gets you more candy; probably more valuable in raids than a solo bonus. It can be pretty useful early on; I constantly use my purified Tyranitar that I upgraded really cheaply in my first months of play, and probably would have had a harder time without it. I’m just glad I’m in a position now where I can afford to sit on shadows until Rocket takeovers, because I actually have depth at most types.

I have been focusing on only powering up meta-relevant pokemon for the great and ultra league, as they are WAAYY cheaper to keep up. I got hung up on IV’s and just not using strong pokemon with good movesets because their IV’s were not ideal. i,e, I have an alolan muk that is 98% IV, but the best for great/ultra league. I tried him out and it was gaining me wins. I started to use other pokemon that didn’t have the ideal IVs and started to win more. I invested a little bit in the pokemon for great league that had a higher cp so it wasnt as much dust. the amount of dust i doubled my investment.
I think another common mistake is using premium passes for 1 star raids. You get free passes, and the one stars are not generally worth spending those sweet passes. Saving them for mega or 3 star raids is a better choice.
I also evolved some shinies i wish i hadnt….
I just did only 4 mistakes you mentioned. One is hundo check. I do it regularly now. Purify pokemon. I purified and transferred many beldums. Maximum pain I didn’t know it was good at the time and I just started playing at the time. 3 using recommended party. I usually use it whenever I don’t have enough time to preset my team and 4.transferred good shinies cause it was eating my storage. Also maximum pain was when I transferred my second shadow moltres because it had same cp and ivs as first one
My first legendary was a 98% Latias, and I dumped a bunch of rare candy into purifying it. I regret it so much, I can’t use it or transfer it, and it just sits there haunting me. Since then I’ve learned about the IV system and how good shadows are and I have kept my Latios as a shadow, but I’m saving super rocket radars for when Giovanni changes his legendary again so I can redeem myself and keep collecting shadow legendaries.
Two more worth mentioning:
Powering up low CP Pokemon for power up quests – pushing Pokemon you are going to use anyway is definitely the better choice here even if it gets more expensive. Just use a tag for Pokemon you want to power up and power them up every time you get a quest instead of powering them up as soon as you can. You are going to do it anyway and you will save the stardust you are not using on low CP Mons that would otherwise go down the drain.
Not purifying 5.000 stardust purifications – to be fair, this is a niche usage and not everyone considers this a good tradeoff but purifying rare pokemon you need XL candy for can be a useful strategy to gain more XL candy. Purifying a Pokemon pushes them to a higher level and higher level Pokemon do have a higher chance of getting you XL candy when transferring. For rarer Pokemon that do not spawn very often this could be a nice way of getting some XL candies.

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