As a rural player, the new item is very useful for me as there is only 1 pokestop in my map.

I tested with bike and rollerblades… It’s so much easier than walking. This is the way to get more Pokemons out of daily lure. Almost perfect time to get to my outside (real) gym. I just hope there was more random Pokemons that aren’t normally spawning.

In addition to the golden razz and ultra ball excellent throw, I think medals also play a factor in. its important to have platinum medals for flying, dark, fighting, and psychic to catch these birds.

Detailed explanation | Pokémon Go | DAILY ADVENTURE INCENSE – TIPS & TRICKS

I have yet to see 1 bird 🐦 spawn but I enjoy walking for 15 minutes each day. I feel like it’s motivating me to at least get some extra exercise each day

The details on how spawns are calculated have helped to improve my average number of “adventure spawns” by about 30% (and led to my first encounter with one of the Galarian birds).

I live in a small community on the outskirts of town (and crazy drivers on the nearby road make that feel unsafe), and can encounter 3-4 incense spawns walking the length of the parking lot’s sidewalk. Previously, I just continued walking the entire length (under the false assumption I just had to be moving) before reversing direction, but now knowing it’s looking at “net distance” from the last spawn, I now reverse direction after an incense spawn if there’s not enough sidewalk left for another spawn.

To quick catch efficiently on an incense or mystery box, open the berry tray like you would during any quick catch but wait until the ball shakes three times before fleeing. Three shakes in Pokémon GO means the Pokémon is caught. This ensures you can still skip the catch fanfare and you don’t miss out on de-spawned incense Pokémon by fleeing too often.

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Ngl the Daily Insence is one of the most underrated updates of Pogo. I have a trail right next to my house and this daily incense has really motivated me to take that 15 minute jog every day. Lets hope Niantic countines to make great updates like this
It’s a pretty good feature, NGL. But they should reduce the flee rate. I mean I understand that they should be harder to catch (especially compared to kanto forms), but 1 throw and it runs is just too much.
Got a Galarian Articuno the second night out walking after this feature was on my phone. Golden Razz Berry, great curveball throw, ultraball, fled after one attempt. Really really bummed me out. Yeah, they should be “hard” to get. But fleeing after ONE throw is just absolutely ridiculous given how rare it is to get them to even spawn in.
I use my daily incense on the part of my grind loop that’s just a straight shot putting a little pep in the step too and I get 15-20 each time average. Cool mechanic that encourages even a quick walk around the neighborhood to get some actually decent spawns
Another good tip is to run a lucky egg if you are a new player as many of these will be new Pokemon you have not caught. I do that and then do a few prepared evolutions between spawns. Helps with the xp gain. I do know that I don’t walk fast enough for 28 spawns so there is enough time in between to do some evolutions and I feel like I am maxing out the 15 minutes.
I found if you turn right after pokemon spawns you won’t lose any GPS and keep the sightings high. Max so far for me is 27 at mild walking pace and turns at about every 3 blocks
I personally recommend the quick catch if you are going faster than walking.
I have finished catching a porkiman only to see the next spawn vanishing because I ran past them, don’t know if it was a glitch or maybe I’m doing something wrong 🤷
Just finished the 6 day research and no birds yet, but it was satisfying to finish. I’m going to keep at it, skip all the ones I don’t want, and try that refresh trick! Thanks for the tips! Really want the Zapdos!
My prediction with daily incence is that it will have what the next new 5* raid boss is as the legend spawn(s). Imagine if that were what was happening lol
I encounter a Zapdos and an Articuno so far. Zapdos was weather boosted, Articuno wasn’t but it was 1198 so both ran. What I realize is that since we still don’t really well the attack animation, instead of using the circle lock technique, rotating the ball and releasing when the circle is at excellent is best. We only got one shot, and even if the birds attack we probably have a good amount of ultra balls to try the excellent again. Zapdos I only manage to get great because I tried to circle lock but with Articuno, I rotate the ball, lost one because he attacked, tried again, and got excellent. Even though he ran, I give the best shot I could. However, Articuno and Moltres go up and down, so Zapdos is the safest to get excellent like this.
I love this incense, not only does it spawn legendaries,but spawn 1-2 Pokémon that are rare, like I got a spritzee even though I haven’t seen a single one in the season of go, someone got a luxray, and if you see the person get more than 20, they most likely have a rare spawn
Going to use that Incense walking down some streets or rivers with no stops nearby in the City, while keeping the eyes open for things to nominate as a pokestop. And if I have good timing I could try to send one gift to friends before the next incense spawn popps up.
I was able to hit 28 pokemon envounters which I can confirm is the highest. But I was able to catch 27 of em cause the one of em was galar zaptos. Which unfortunately fled despite my Ultra Ball + Golden beery + Curveball + Excellent ball combo. Which was really annoying.
This happened to me with articuno, I accidentally clicked on like 2 different pokemon (instead of a gym) and missed the bird. I clicked on articuno after but it despawned and I never got the encounter.
quick note: pokemon WILL spawn even if you are going over 40 km/h, BUT they will always flee by the time you catch them because you will be outside of the incense’s range by the time the throw “processes”.

source: i made the mistake of using mine this morning while on a highway, had a bunch of spawns, threw excellents, and every single pokemon fled after first throw, even the wurmples (and the shiny lapras

You know it’s interesting, my first encounter was at a dinner table in a restaurant. I got up to use the restroom, returned to the table and sat for about five minutes into my daily incense, and my first gallerian Zapdos appeared. Literally just sitting in one spot.
I’ve found so far from a week’s worth that it tends to give you 2-3 rare spawns in comparison to what is normally spawning and the rest is what’s commonly spawning. I got a shiny porygon on my second ever incense but since then it’s not been anything special, no legendries encountered yet!
Finally got the Incense today. I know walking around the house doesn’t work, but what is the actual distance you need to go? I like to walk in my parking garage (which is about a football field length) and am hoping they’ll spawn at each end. I’ll be trying it out, but curious as to exactly how far you need to move from spot to spot. Happy hunting all!
Thanks for the tips although it’s hard for me to avoid traffic stops and crosswalk as there is one every block for I live in a city. Did I tell you I caught a galar Zapdos last week on my very first encounter with it? Yes I got real nervous at first thinking about that 90% flee rate, then I took a deep breath, gave it a golden razzberry, threw a great curveball throw, with an Ultraball, and it stayed in the ball! I was so surprised and happy! It was the bird I had wanted most out of all of them too. The stats suck but I’m still happy. Have yet to even encounter the other two but the galar Zapdos is my favorite one anyway so I’m satisfied
Another tip for all you trainers out there: I’ve learned that if you’re trying to quick catch a pokemon off any incense and you want to know if you’ve caught it or not then throw any berry on it. If you tap on that same pokemon again and it has the berry still on it then that means you caught it, and if it doesn’t then it means it didn’t catch it. This will save you time since those really annoying incense mons you’re catching will require you to constantly be checking your storage to see if you caught it and it eliminates the need to do that. It also works with any snapshot encounters. Hope this helps 🙂
We were driving between towns at 100km per hr and we’re getting spawns. The only catch is if you don’t catch them on the first ball they run away. Pretty much spawning as soon as screen clears of last throw.
The first night I used this I walked in a straight line but I walked half way one way then when I got my last spawn halfway through I turned around and walked back the other way…the spawns seemed to repeat themselves in the same spots but in reverse order. I’ve yet to see a bird but if I do don’t think that I wouldn’t try this method again to see if it would work on it.
Last night I got back to back articuno but there must be a thing where if you accidentally run from it it actually disappears, I had my ar on to take a picture of the articuno and it fled, then another spawned and I hadn’t had the chance to turn ar off but I spawned it in and hit the run button instead of the ar button on accident, needless to say I have no birb now
every time i ran into the new version legendary birds, 1 gold razz, 1 curveball throw(doesnt matter how it landed good great excellent), 1 ultra ball, i always got ball breakout and run, never a second shot (so far ive run into moltres 6 times)
Today was my third time using the incense and I got an Articuno to spawn. However, it decided to spawn inside of a pokestop making it impossible for me to click it. The Articuno disappeared after five seconds, leaving me quite livid. So my additional tip would be, go somewhere where there are no pokestops. I wont make this mistake again.
I used daily incense today for the 7th day today, and during the spotlight hour and it spawnned my first galarian articuno, so I think spotlight hour doesn’t affect legendary spawn. Only the normal pokemon spawns
Are we certain that this Pokémon’s catch rate is even affected by its CP? I saw a 42 CP articuno in the wild, gave it a golden razz, switched to ultra ball, and its catch circle was still completely red. Fled immediately without the ball even shaking.

Something tells me there’s a static catch chance no matter what the CP is, therefore weather boosted or not wouldn’t matter.

Do we have any evidence that lower CP Birds are easier to catch?

Several times when the spawned pokemon is fairly far from my location and I click on it, it will actually change what pokemon it is, so doubling chance at the legendary. Yesterday had a mamoswine pop up but then when I clicked on it it changed to an aggron and I had to click again and order to get to cat screen.
Daily incense hadn’t really been the kindest to me since it came out. Not many rare spawns, 0 shinies and zero legendary birds. Though today I actually ran into a 1512 cp articuno, I used a gold razz and ultra ball but got a bad throw but somehow I still caught it, not great ivs but I don’t mind. I don’t know if it was weather boosted but the fact that I got such a bad throw and still caught has easily made one of my favorite pokemon in this game.
“Avoid events” is not possible since we have these super long events and then another super long event after. When was the last time we seen no active events in the game? Just a shame bc it makes normal spawns for weather and such just not show up. RIP to trying to get ice pokemon when it snowed in the winter and the event that was going on override the spawns. I don’t think it will ever be possible to avoid events now, it’s pretty clear events are going to happen every time in the game after one ends.

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