This SETTING will save you 45+ HOURS in Pokémon GO!

Fyi this doesn’t effect your autocatcher pokeball choice – it will still always use pokeballs

I updated my app, and knew this feature was coming, but didn’t realize it was here already. I appreciate it a ton making this video Daxi. Much love brother! Enjoy your few weeks with family!

It’s cool, but it doesn’t feel like it solves the root problem in my opinion. If it automatically selected the ball based on the circle color, that would be useful. I still switch between what ball I use a lot even with this feature enabled

Detailed explanation | This SETTING will save you 45+ HOURS in Pokémon GO!

This will really help with the daily incense. Previously, I dumped all my normal balls before activating because time is limited and I need to catch everything with the first ball. Now, I can just set it on great ball and save my normal balls for when incense is over.

YES! I have wanted this for a long time. Woo Hoo! Saving regular balls for the auto catcher. Thank you for letting me know about this. I don’t pay much attention to the settings except for no sound, AR and adventure sync.

Luckily stumbled on this this morning when changing go plus settings and was able to take advantage for the community day today. Huge time saved, don’t underestimate this!

Let’s hear the opinions of even more gamers around the world!

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Also the advanced setting where you can set the game to your device refresh rate, it makes the game go from 30fps to like 60,90 or 120fps etc and it makes the game much more smoother and every menu and transition is faster
I’m sure I recall the ball staying the same for the next encounter early in the game but with no way of toggling it on or off, later on regular balls became the default ball.
Am I right or slowly descending into madness!! 🙂
Another game changer/time saver would be allowing Stickers to be sorted! This feature is so needed. I like to collect stickers and filtering them would be a game changer for me.
This comes close to what I want, but not quite. We need to be able to select the starting ball we want, not remember the last one. I most commonly use great balls, but i don’t want that to change every time i use a pokeball.
Damn, I wish I knew about this before comday. I just checked and I have this new setting. I still did amazing today, though. 22 shiny zigzagoon, which is an absolute record. And I literally think about this being a setting whenever I play on com days.
Not sure if you mentioned this, but some auto-catchers will make your last ball reset to pokeball. So if you have it on ultra then catch using auto catch, your next clicked on Pokémon will start with poke not ultra.
Randomly… Which IV ranker/checker do you use? I’ve ran into a few and I’m not sure which one seems most accurate. If anyone else knows, I’d immensely appreciate it!
The ready up has to be added but I know they won’t because otherwise people won’t have time to join on location. Which doesn’t make sense because everytime I see there are people waiting in a raid lobby there’s no countdown indicator for me. Literally happened a couple of days ago where I had to walk to the gym and I was there like 2 seconds too late.

So yes just make a ready up button since this doesn’t work either

It should be the ball you last used on that specific Pokémon because 9/10 Pokémon are fine with a poke ball and then that 10th I will click on a Sableye which always need an ultra ball. I wish it had ultra ball saved for Pokémon like Sableye
I dont think the new feature is all that helpful except for the few people that have an abundance of ultra balls, I catch ar with the red ball and it works fine in most cases except maybe com day when u want to catch more quickly. But if you have the ultra balls on automatic , most of us would run out in less than 30 minutes anyways.
Still waiting for: ready up for raids, overworld shinies, send/open all gifts, better nearby radar, and a way to do autocatching without expensive peripherals.

Recently they’ve been really good with adding QoL, reducing the appeal of these 3rd party game mods that offered a lot of the quality of life that is now baseline. Good going by Niantic for a change.

They need to do something about lucky friends asap! People move sometimes and what are we supposed to do? We need to reach out to niantic somehow and ask them to make lucky trades world wide with a message feature that tells our lucky friend which pokemon we would want to trade. 😃
There was a technique, to change the ball in the short white screen when an encounter in AR mode begins. BrandonTan showed it in one of his videos, but I wasm’t able to replicate it. One time I had it randomly, but I don’t know how.
Hey I have a quick question, when im in AR mode everytime I click on something theres grass appearing on the screen before the actual pokemon, does anyone know how to fix this? thanks in advance 🙂
Its ok but not an always on feature for me. I use normal pokeballs until I’m out before resorting to great and ultra balls for every catch. I only switch because I encountered a pokemon I want the higher catch rate for.

There have been events in the past that had spawns that were low catch rate though and this would have been nice. Not even cuz of the time but just cuz switching is every time is infuriating. I can see myself turning it on in certain situations.

Your math is correct as long as you did switch out your Pokeball at the beginning of each catch. Does this mean you only quick catch with non-regular pokeballs?
Love this update but it was weird they gave me the update to be able to open gifts with a full item bag and only receive startdust then updated it again and took it away..
Wow this is pretty cool. Unfortunately, this would not work with auto catchers. I wish this could make my auto catcher throw those great and ultra balls too
Well, I can’t catch in AR mode, but I do quick catch. This feature is really only useful for ComDays when you’re catching the same ones. Otherwise, you end up wasting Greats/Ultras if you don’t change back to Reds anyways. This just proves we all spend TO much time playing this game. Lol. Most needed feature = skip trade animation!
Community Day was yesterday for me, and while I did discover this option before the start of the day, I didn’t turn AR+ Mode back on when quick catching. Now I know.
Glad they added one wanted feature at least, i wish they would have the settings save too so i dont have to turn on adventure sync and the notifications off / on after logging out tho
Don’t think ill ever bother to use this option. Unless you have more ultra balls than you know what to do with it won’t save you any time. You still have to check the color of the circle and make sure its worth using an ultra. I often have only 100 regular pokeballs and about 50 great and ultra balls, so wasting the more expensive balls when not needed won’t actually help me
The funny thing is – Niantics other game – Harry Potters Wizarding World – had the equivalent of ‘start the raid’ button almost immediately upon release. They can’t do it, they just choose not to
I think Pokémon go should have a home spot like when ur sitting in ur actual house ur character will also have a home he can walk into like the games and we’ll be able to customize our homes and have trainer battles at our “homes” in game
This was the original way it was set up, but people were tired of wasting ultra balls with low cp mon so they changed it. NOW they just added a toggle which is a great happy medium
Speaking of features I think are a waste of time. As someone who does a lot of trading and looking for perfect PVP IVS, I absolutely HATE having to spend extra time checking IVs. I would love to be able to instantly see the IVs the moment a pokemon is caught or traded. I would love if a little IV icon was listed on the main pokemon detail page. There is room for it.
I just had a thought that maybe Niantic could make it a perk you get after a certain level or even maybe when you get a platinum medal for types of pokemon you catch. After the unlock, you could be able to check IVs without the help of the 3 team leaders. If you think about it, after catching over 2500 pokemon of a type, a pokemon trainer should be able to identify IVs on their own.
You keep forgetting to mention that if someone uses the AR option to catch pokemon faster, it will have a major impact on the battery life of a users device. So it will kill the battery way faster, which is a big inconvenience for players that don’t carry battery packs.
My AR mode made me look around until bushes popped up and then I had to click on the bush to get the Pokémon to spawn. It’s was annoying as hell so I stopped using AR mode because it took forever to get the bush to spawn
I remembrer this was already in the game few years ago. but one day it dissapear. I didn’t like this feature, you think it’s good, but I’m using ball in function of the cp (or rarity) of pokemon. I don’t want to use ultraball for a 10cp pkm. it would be more interesting to adapt in function of the color of the circle for catching.
Dya know what drives me crazy? Having to scroll single file through the stickers when you’re choosing one for a gift. Why can’t it be a grid like they are in the items bag?!! It wastes so much time. It also drives me crazy that when new stickers arrive they’re scattered all over the single file list instead of either at either end. I wish the oldest were at the end, the newest were at the beginning and the ones that automatically refill all the time were bunched together in order too somehow.
No way. It’s there. This is the first ipogo/pgsharp frature, that I see being taken over. Please Niantic, keep on checking those community versions of your game — they are the good version of your game.
Is no one else gonna point out that not every single one of those catches were ones that you had to switch. This 46.6 hour estimate is waaaaaay over the real number unless you used a different ball every catch.
It wouldn’t so much of saves you time as it would’ve just made you more efficient and being able to catch more Pokémon since most people play for a set period of time not to catch a certain amount of pokemon
Who else pouts like a freakin baby when their quick catch fails? Like you thought you nailed the motion but you gotta sit through the ball animations now. This is First World Problems af, but it really do be feelin like the most irritating feeling in the world lmao
Nobody catches pokemon with ar mode on. Ive used the remember ball option for a few days and the amount of wasted great balls is immeasurable when trying to quick catch a 10 cp weedle because I forgot I used a great ball previously.
If you’ve switched a ball for every pokemon you’ve ever caught, i don’t think you’re playing the game that well

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