You must do THIS to Stay Motivated in Pokémon GO!

My current goals are:
1. Reach Level 50 💪
2. First Shundo ✨💯
3. 250k-300k total catches
4. 250 Million total XP
5. 10 Million Stardust
6. 35 Platinum Medals 🏅🎖🥇

Detailed explanation | You must do THIS to Stay Motivated in Pokémon GO!

I’m nowhere near level 50 yet, but I used to have the goal of soloing every 4 star raid (especially pokemon like Metagross and Tyranintar). I would always try to do every Machamp raid I could find and slowly build up my team of capable Pokémon.

Of course now those raids don’t exist but it was a fun seeing how much more damage I could deal time after time.

As a Shiny Hunter, I’m constantly motivated to play whenever a new Shiny that I like drops, and I think this could help a lot of people stay motivated! With the Bug Out Event, I really wanted to snag a Shiny Venipede…I ended up grinding out the event so much that I snagged not just one, but three Shiny Venipedes to complete the set, as well as a 2nd Shiny Krikcetot and a 2nd Shiny Nincada that I needed. So yeah, my forever goal in this game is to bump up my Shiny Living Dex numbers, which is currently at 430 out of 792 available Shinies.

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I’ve been losing motivation for pokemon go recently. Hitting lvl 50 and getting as many shiny pokemon as I can is my current goal for pogo.
Really like the idea of celebrating your goal once completed. Sometimes it’s feels really short the time the excitement feels so celebrating it’s kind of upgrading the importance of that goal.

It’s like a graduation party, you just not say “nice, I just graduated…” You at least do something if you are happy with it.

I’ve been setting myself goals for this season (mainly xl candy and shiny related) and it is really satisfying way of play, highly recommend.
When I first hit level 40, I realized that I needed to make myself some new goals to keep motivated. One I decided on was having a “ lucky dex”. Anytime a new Pokémon comes out I’m trading till I get at least one lucky and then all the evolutions. I’m also about 3.5 million left to get to level 50. I’m sure I’ll be making some new goals when I hit it.
I’m a level 50 player (obviously that was one of my goal earlier this year) and I’ve been playing since the beginning without interruption. Here are some of my personal goals to stay motivated:
– All medals in platinium (except the one that are not up to me)
– Fill the pokedex (it is already the case, i am only missing comfey and the UB) + in male and female
– Then bring the 3 stars dex and the lucky dex up to the classic dex.
– All the gyms I can see from my home in gold badge
– Having the hundo for each eeveelution (because it’s my favorite pokemon) and max them all to level 50.
– Finally, I also want to do the shiny dex, but to make it accessible, I decided to just go for the first gen shiny dex. Only then I’d go for the second gen shiny dex and so on.
As you can see, I am more of a collector. I find that the XP goals, or number of catch goal is a bit of arbitrary and I find the stardust goal completely stupid. It’s like having a goal of money in real life. This is a ressource to spend in the game, not really a counter like the xp or the number of catches. If you really want a “stardust” challenge, I think it’s best to set a number of level 50 pokemons to reach for example.
When dialga came out just now I set a goal to hunt it. Since I was a f2p player it was going to be hard to get it however after almost a month of grinding my daily coins I got about 13 remote passes and eventually got the shiny
having the best possible level 50 team of pokemon for raids has been mine for a bit now. so rewarding when you do so and it results in a solo raid on a tier 5 or tier 4 on community days. working towards getting ready for pheromosa solo this weekend, without weather it is shown to be barely doable with proper dodging when it comes to focus blast
My current goal in pokemon go is to collect as many pokemon that are useful for pvp. I wanted to do it from the beginning, but I thought it was pointless, so I looked for a justification and it turned out that it makes sense! I’m really happy now!
I just reached my goal of completing my Legendary Raid Platinum medal. I was happy, but there was a bit of that empty feeling too since I had spent much of the summer working on it. Part of that might have also been relief to potentially not spend as much money as often on remote raid passes though. I’m still glad that I did it since I got a ton of experience and plenty of Shiny Legendary Pokemon, including some that I didn’t have before, but I’ll have to keep in mind having a celebration or some kind of treat for completing a goal next time.

As for my current goals, I’m really close to level 48. I’ll probably be done with the requirements in about a week and maybe be able to level up around the same time, depending on how Go Fest turns out and how many Best Friend ranks I can reach. I’m still hoping to get to level 50 in the not too distant future. Even though I already have more than enough Platinum medals for the level 48 requirements, I still like collecting medals, so there are a few that I can try working on during and after I level up. I’m also always checking for any Shiny Pokemon. Shiny Pokemon are one of the main drawing points of Pokemon Go for me, so that in itself is a big motivation for me. I prefer trying to find new ones, but I’m not going to say no if I come across a Shiny Pokemon that I already have either.

I do 3 to 5 mile morning runs and use my pokeball plus as an auto spinner and catcher. My goal with these runs is to gain dust up to 30 million, take over gyms, increase mega energy, get shinies, and lose weight
Trying to build lvl 50/XL pokemon for pvp is a good one too, something like lickitung is really hard to do, but by walking it as your buddy you can get it!
My biggest celebration goal in PoGo was my Hundo MewTwo. 85 seen , 70 caught. I tried getting hundo legends since then and I definitely tired myself out with mewtwo. Long as I get a decent pvp, I’ll stop raiding these other legends after a couple sessions. Gotta get XL candy I know, but it is what it is🤷🏽‍♂️. New goal, make it to the championships for pvp💪🏾
Just recently hit level 40. Working on the medals. One I’m “close” to hitting Platinum now is the Gym Leader (13,600~/15k hrs). Kind of an advantage of playing in a rural area: defenders last quite a while, so I knew this was attainable.
Going after complete pokedex is one thing. Full lucky dex is main one, but most shundows and purified as well. Aiming for 500M XP (possibly being ready if ever the game opens to level 60), Currently at 233M XP. Hunting for shinies also. i’ve been trying to get a lucky hundo Kyogre, not done it in 19 attemps so far. Also complete my platinum medals (missing 20; PVP will be hard, I hate it! lol). Maybe 21, I think there’s a medal for the referencing codes, I haven’t touched that. I’m just still having fun so far …
Love your goals part, fatastic idea with Shundows. I’d love to work on lucky friends with you too. but would never get to you to do the trade once we hit it. 🙁 Only been back in Pokemon Go for 2 months now.
My goal is catching Shinys and get a 3* one. Of course I want to reach level 50 and have a full Pokédex. But it’s so annoying to get the XP and make the raids of legendarys, because I have no arena near my home. Checking all Pokémon I see and get a Shiny makes me always happy. It’s like hitting the goal again and again and that keeps me motivated.
This past week I had a real goal! I read about the evolve during the world champ event for legacy moves. I looked at the list and saw I had none close or worth grinding for. Day one of the event I do a research task and got my first shiny magikarp. Had 190 candies already out of 400. I got this mon on the 18th, grinded and walked for 4 days and evolved it just after midnight on the 23rd!
Now I’m contemplating buying a Duomon so I can more easily sneak catch during community day at work.

My longer term goal right now… best buddy my main shinies. I want one shiny of every line best buddied. I got 1 of 8 done so far.

Quite honestly, if you need motivation to play a game, it’s better to just not play it, or take a break. You’ll come back refreshed and with a new mind set. At the end, it’s just a game (unless it’s your job or something). You play games to have fun or to relax and not to feel dull or bored.
A few of my goals I’m currently working through are
1. Getting 1000 mega candy for each Pokémon from just walking with said Pokémon
2. Getting my mega’s to become my best buddies
3. Farm exp from friends and line up as many as possible for best friends
4. My first Slundo
Xp goals are good but i like to go beyond that. I set my goal on EXACTLY 100k xp and 150k xp and 300k xp. It was really fun to time it around events, trying to get from odds to even xp and not to overshoot. I also live in a relative smaller city but we have like a 100 gyms (big community for wayfinder); several of those i got gold just by doing raids (at least 4), meaning i have to focus on not battling, holding or berrying those. It’s fun to have 0/0/0 gyms at gold medal.
I’m stll level 45, so plenty to work on. 🙂 I usually set goals of getting certain Pokemon as a “ninety-shiny”. I have 3 shundos, but I’m happy with any shiny 91% and above. I’m also trying to get the Rising Star medal as high as I can. Currently at 323. After lv 50, I’ll definitely be setting more specific goals. 🙂
I’m motivated playing this game because nyc has a huge community for pokemon go which we are close and get along well as a huge group.And I always attend the com days cuz of it to get hundos or shundos. The citylife is the best on the weekends for me because there soo much to catch in the city and so much to do as well. I’ll never get tired of this game unless there events or raids are lackluster.
Right now I’m clawing at team rocket… The current shadows are incredible for me and a bit too good in raids to pass up.

Here’s where I’m at vs where I planned to be:
1) Shadow larvitar: I wanted 4-6 with 60%+ ivs and generally more attack focused. I currently have 7 shadow larvitars above 60% with one 15 attack, two 13 attack, one 9 attack, one 8 attack and two 4 attack.
Overall, I am happy with this but I don’t mind rushing a couple more in the next 2 days especially when I don’t have any 80%+ ivs

2) Shadow swinub: I wanted basically the same thing as I did with larvitar and I got much better results. I have 5 shadow swinubs above 60% with one 14 attack, one 13 attack (and it’s 80%), one 10 attack, one 9 attack (But it is 84%), one 8 attack. Besides those, I had one from 2021 but I’ve been using it for little league with 4/11/15 and 499 cp. Plus I had it during an event where u can remove frustration so I’m running it with body slam and rock slide. It’s probably my most favorite little league pokemon. There’s also a 2/10/15 which is 60% but I don’t think it’s worth it to have this one as much as the rest.
Overall, this was far more rewarding in my eyes and while I would probably like more (cuz I’m greedy😆, I am sick of shadow alolan sandshrew. It’s cute but damn there’s too much of them.)
3) Shadow bulbasaur: This one is incredible. I managed to get a 66% and a 77% (the fact that the numbers are so satisfying makes it more fun). This was out of 8 bulbasaurs that I encountered which is quite ridiculous if u check the odds. I hope that there’s a rocket frustration event before december so that I can get frenzy plant.
Overall, one of my biggest highlights of this past month.

4) Shadow charmander: I wasn’t trying as hard for this as I was for bulbasaur for several reason so I only tried for 2… AND I KID U NOT, ON MY SECOND ENCOUNTER, I GOT A 12/14/12… DAMN. I may not be able to get blast burn any time soon but when we do, this is gona be incredible for me.

5) Shadow machop: Not a priority since it’s relatively common for a shadow pokemon but I did get a 73% 15 attack and a 62% 12 attack. On top of those, I got 2 pvp iv ones with 0/13/11 and 1/15/9. Doubt I’m going to focus on them much because I’ve been more focused on raids recently but they’ll be great (or maybe even ultra 😜) when I want to work on them in the future.

6) This was not a goal but I randomly decided to do an electric type rocket fight and I got an 84% mareep with 15/11/12 and I love the angry fluffy boi… Funnily around the same time, in fact it was within the same hour, I got a shiny mareep off of daily incense (ivs weren’t great but we love to see the cotton candy)
Also, I managed to get an army of metagrosses and rhyperiors with meteor mash and rock wrecker during the worlds event… Gotta love that.

Besides those, I have also been working on my potential megas. I hadn’t even thought about mega before recently because I never used to do raids much less for mega raids but now that I’m getting into it, I have a surprising amount of hundos that can mega:
Swablu (Still needs to evolve. I have 132/400 candy)
Gengar (I caught it in 2019 and forgot about it accidentally. It was a gastly up till a couple days ago so I evolved it to have shadow punch… useless for raids but fun regardless)
Pidgeot (From 2018)
Beedrill (Also from 2018)
And Charizard (Also from 2018)

Besides those, I have a 95% Scizor, a 97% Charmeleon (I don’t know how the Mega X vs Mega Y function works, if u can only choose 1 per pokemon, so I have this just in case.), a 95% mareep, and a 88% Absol.
The non ticket finale of Go Fest also gave me a 62% shiny scyther which I evolved immediately.

Basically, this month of pokemon go has probably been my most successful and fun. And it was much needed to destress from exams that I wrote in June. But Pokemon Go is getting a run for it’s money with Pokemon Masters Ex’s 3 year anniversary so I have a lot of Pokemon content to keep me occupied next month and maybe it’ll be better than this one.

Edit: HOLY CRAP I GOT A SHINY SHADOW BULBASAUR!!! I was hunting for ivs and ended up with this… Isn’t it like a 1.6%? I only got about 25-30… DAMN!!! Also, I got a couple more good iv in the larvitar and swinub along with some machops and ralts and even a few snubbles… Overall, I got quite a good bit of encounters for 2 days of grinding. Anyways, season of light looks amazing especially since I love Lunala and litwik and deino are regular season spawns which I am super excited for. I ended up enjoying fighting team rocket a lot more than I expected but I think I need a break from it… let’s focus on other things for a while.

In my case I just reached level 40 this year but I am not motivated to reach 50. I already know its going to tale forever so setting that as a goal will only stress me.

I am just a shiny hunter so I can take photos of the Pokemon I want anytime I want. The amount of time resources that this games demands so you can power up a single Pokemon makes anything that is not a hundo, shundo or perfect IVs for competitive, worthless if you ask me.

Anyways, I hope Niantic eventually ease the grind permanently for stardust at least.

Occasional player here but I recently got suuuper interested in PvP and already have a handful of great PvP IVs Pokemons. My objective if 1) expand my PvP Pokemon collection to have all relevant pokemon ready at hand, thankfully these last few days, I was able to FINALLY finish my Purified XL Sableye and XL Medicham ! and 2) reach 2500 Elo and then Legend one day
No. 1 goal- hundo hunting. I have a checklist (don’t count the hundo dex since it doesn’t count the pre evolutio from before) and plan on best buddying them and leveling them to level 50.
No. 2 goal- 1 million xp every week. I’m level 48 atm, but quickly going up since setting this goal. I’ve only missed 3 or 4 times out of about 20 weeks of doing it, and not by much xp. Plan on continuing this goal after reaching level 50 so I’m ready for when level 60 comes out.
I have a rockruff I name after my girlfriend and I am about to best buddy it in two days. My goal for that is to just collect as many of those souvenir thingies as I can. I also have the ability to access more gyms around my school so I’m working on collecting cosmetics too. It’s keeping me real motivated when I see the souvenirs pop up or when I see the PokeCoins counter go up :). Oh I’m also just collecting rockruff candy with the walking buddy thing too
I need my pikachu metal. Thats a hard one, but im working on my grass, water and bug one at the same time. Its very fun. Bestie and i played last week. Take your time and keep it simple and sweet. I also want that boss metal but im not going to go crazy on it.
I’m level 38 and I only have time to play 1 hour a day. For the past few years I feel like I’ve gone nowhere. Even when I have a day to play I don’t want to because there’s to much to remember. I’ll try some goals like you said dax but ultimately I don’t have the time that the game requires 😢
I’ve been playing almost 3 years and am at level 48 in a mostly rural area, but doubt I will ever reach 49 due to the 50 lucky Pokemon trades requirement. I have 19 lucky trades with only 1 coming since I reached level 48. That’s a motivation killer.
I had a goal to reach level 40 before johto tour and I did, now im lv 41 almost 42, and I’m relaxing but goaling to get to level 50, my big goal rn is every mega to level 3, eventually ill goal to get 3 of each mega to level 3 so I always have one to evolve for free
my 1st goal was max 2 for each type to level40, 2nd goal was power up all megas to level 50, gave up when mega system changed to earn xl candies mode, 3rd goal setting up GL, UL, MLC, ML arsenal top 20 ranked for each league,
I have got myself a few goals as well:
– Get either a hundo or a shundo Skitty (my favorite pokemon)
– Get both a shiny Skorupi and Genesect (and if possible as a shundo) (both being my favorite shiny pokemon)
– Get an 100% of every eeveelution in the game
– Get a shiny of every eeveelution in the game)
– Get one 100% for EVERY MEGA that exists (still working on that)
– Get a shundo for each of the weather trio (mostly going for Groudon and maybe Kyogre, since I have a shiny and I can mirror trade it)
I have multiple long term goals in pogo such as
-I want to get a pokestop and a gym in-game
-Reach lvl 50
-Catch a legendary in the wild
-Catch a shiny from its debut not including com days
My goal in pokemon go is to unlock as many platinum medals as possible I currently have 40 and I do have a set of current goals I’m working towards and close to finishing below is my progress for goals I want to complete by next summer

berry master 12.5k-15k
Wayfarer 11/1,500 X_X
Successor 824/1,000
Rising Star 138/150
Cameraman 164/400
Battle Legend 932/2,000
Triathlete 57/100
Jogger 8,700/10,000

My motivation for the game is fading, I am a shiny hunter and I have done some serious grinding during the Bug Out and Worlds events and got 0! 0 shinies for atleast 2-3 weeks now, starting to wonder if I’ve received some kind of shadow ban? 🤷🏾‍♂️
Current goals in Go:
Platinum every type medal,
Platinum Picknicker and Hero medals,
Level up my raid staples from 30 to 40,
Max mega level for each type.

Overall main Pokemon goals:
Catch shiny Arceus (two months into soft resetting for the llama god)
Complete the living dex and earn the OG Magearna (47 out 905 species missing),
Shiny living dex for generation 1 (childhood nostalgia! 72 of 151),
Shiny living dex for PLA (my favorite Pokemon game).

GO for me is mostly a tool to reach the main goals. Besides having fun with friends and meeting new people.

Shinys are my goal. 298million XP and counting working on 300million right now. I just want as many shinys as possible 🤣 I’m on 2,844 and hope to hit 3000 by the end of the month. I’m also working on stardust 9.3million right now, trying to get to 10million and plan on never going below 10mill
I am short of 8 platinum medals from lvl49 and it’s demotivating. I’ve almost competed the xp requirement and friend gift requirement but medals are hard and almost impossible without using macros for those pvp battles. Even with that it’s boring. I know I’m gonna hit it but it’s not a great goal. Pokemon Go is too much of a grind and it’s killing the game from day one.
I have goals to get 1000 candy of every species. Was able to get 1000 when Grubbin and Pansage were available. Sewaddle is tough and I’m at 816. Need an event for Tirtouga and Archen.

I have other goals by end of year:
500 best friends (472 now)
100 best buddies (63 now)

my current goal is to catch a hundo or shundo of my 3 favorite pokemon(gardevoir lucario and lopunny,i have a shundo gardevoir and a hundo lucario,i just need lopunny now!)after that ill probably hunt 90 iv or higher shadow tyarinatar and mamoswine,and ill just generally get 90 or higher iv of pokemon that i really like,like mewtwo or thundurus tornadus and landorus and articuno and rayquaza when they come out in raids and all that
My current goals in Pokémon Go are:
1. Hit level 50
2. Get a Shundo
3. Hundo Legendary
4. More Platinum Medals
5. Hopefully 15 Million stardust
6.A Hundo/Shundo Mega
7. 1 Million Catches
Im Lvl. 44 and reached 7Million XP today.
My Daily Goal is 100k XP per Day, its a pretty easy task, but i cant do this from Home, so i have to go out. Once I hit these 100k im motivated to make more XP bc i didnt „expect“ hitting these 100k so in my mind im making more XP than i thought like 150k and that makes me really happy c:
I disagree. Its normal to get tired of playing a game when the things i had fun doing over and over again starts being boring, especially when they dont add anything new that makes me excited to keep playing. Setting goals is the same, if those dont mean anything to me and repeating the same things is not fun id rather play something else.
I lost motivation because I got bored with the events. I wanna go out and be able to catch any of the pokemon that have been released. Instead it’s a set amount of pokemon that spawn during an event week after week. I’d love to go do raids etc on a daily basis but cba to spend loads of money on the game anymore. It’s a shame but the game is feeling stale.
I don’t really have a lot of endgame goals tbh,. I started playing in September 2019 as I felt in a rut and wanted to try something new, I just changed from a Microsoft smartphone which I couldn’t access pogo easiky to an android. I just decided to download and play to try and get myself out an about more, which it has, some goals are long term of which is to have a hundo for every mega, starter and all my personal favourite Pokémon. I don’t have any XP goals as imo, xp is empty atm. I’m pretty tightfisted for stardust and only using when I need to and also spending it wisely. I would love to have a full shiny Dex however the monetising is somewhat preventing that. However for. Day to day playing , I’ll go outside rain or shine after working at home or from the office just get some fresh air, exercise and wind down/decompress at the end of the work day
I’ll give one per each category
Catch goals honestly just more hindos even a single shundo been playing 3 years straight never gotten one
Catch amount goal I kist hit 80k so next would be 100k catches
XP goal I mean I still need to hit level 50
Stardust I’ll get back to
Friend goals this is interesting cause the last couple months I have made more irl pokemon go people than I have in a long time a ton of coworkers have been playing
So my current goal is to get every hundo I have as powerful as it can be
Which and I did some rough math with the XL I have it will take close to 3 million stardust
They really need to rework the PVP I know it’s nothing like the mainstream game but just imagine if it was I’m so tired of how battles are fought like ground moves hitting flying type and still doing so much damage it should literally do no damage I’m talking like one HP or how the azumarill doesn’t have a weakness for steel types when it’s a fairy type or how Genesects technoblast was super effective against my Argon which is a still rock type like it literally said super effective when was the last time they actually went in we looked at all of the moves and how much damage they do damage negation it really makes no sense and that’s why I don’t play as much as I used to charm is just broken I literally can go on I just finished my set of battles the amount disadvantages I had with good teams but it really doesn’t make any sense because it doesn’t follow mainstream Pokemon game and I get that and perfect IV Pokemon are literally useless this game is a joke
My lvl 50 + goals would me
– max out those legendaries and have enough dust to spare each time
-And of course the medals just in case for level 60
-Shiny hunts each event
-Most loved shinies
-Trading for non available anymore Pokémon and their shinies
– perfect and max out your pvp teams for each cup and league and raid teams for each typing
– travel 1x a year for an in person regional event
Any suggestions ?
First evertime i watch Pokemon season 4 diamond and pearl, i wish that what if I can also catch Pokemon and battle ,and when I hear that Pokemon go release in USA than i wait that when it releases in INDIA and when it releases i uninstalled all the games i have ,then i realised that there is no pokestop in my village,then i get a goal for lvl 38 and now not in my village but in some meter on mine i have 10 pokestop 2 gym and then i go to my hostel for my futher study and there I too nominate many pokestop from which 6 are there and some are in voting and my current goal is that where ever i will work ,i will nominate much pokestop as I can ,so that which difficulty i face new trainer can’t get that and don’t leave the game in early journey

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