I feel like number one implies that you can actually get adventure sync rewards to come through at the correct time on Mondays. It usually doesn’t pop through for me until 3-4 times after I’ve opened the game so like around noon or mid afternoon I finally get my rewards despite being in game, catching pokemon and doing other stuff.

I decided to use AR mode during Munna’s spotlight hour to try it. Works wonderfully. You can kinda control where the Pokémon it. You’re gonna wanna to make sure that Niantic’s advance AR feature is turned off tho.

Detailed explanation | 8 TIPS only TOP LEVEL TRAINERS USE (Pokémon GO)

Very important with the research stack is that it caps at 100 and if you add another one it simply deletes the top pokemon from the stack without any warning or notification so always try and keeps things balanced with what you use and what you save. Also, sadly, the guaranteed XL from trading ends today and so as of tomorrow trading pokemon caught 100km apart will be the only way to have a guaranteed XL from the trade. I hope that comes back soon.

Really sad that the guaranteed xl candy for trading won’t be active for at least 3 months. I really hope they bring it back after season of light.

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Great tips. I always try to do most of these tips. AR catching is tricky. I try to maximize XP for excellent throws, and that just way too hard to do in AR mode.
I’d also recommend playing the battle league if that’s something you like doing. You can get a lot of stardust, rare candies, TMs, and even golden razz berries for it. You also get 1 Elite charged TM and 1 Elite fast TM depending on your rank (as long as you get to rank 19, you’re good) and you get a crap ton of star dust if you use a star piece at the very end of the season. Also at rank 20, you can get the rotating legendary which can save irl money from not doing raids.
I usually do my 7 day streaks and research box on saturdays/sundays as most major events like go fest, community days and raid days hover around those days with their bonuses multiplying my own streak bonus if that makes sense…….
been trying to sync the catch streaks and pokestop streaks for ages but i always end up whipping out the game and totally forgetting I have to leave a whole day for it lmao
so I just skipped spinning and catching last Monday to start lining up thoses bonuses. It was the hardest day of my life lol, but totally going to be worth it.
I also save 4* and nundo searches in my saved searches. That way I can glance and see if the # has increased to know if I’ve caught a nundo or 4*, thus never actually having to perform a search for nundos or 4* unless I’ve caught one. (and for the person who says I can’t search for nundos – 0attack&0defense&0hp)
I missed a few but knew all, Ty Daxi for teaching me for a year** I won’t actually watch this video yet, I’m going to try to guess the tips since I’ve been playing for a year now, stack the research tasks for when there is extra Stardust give berries to gyms instead of discarding them, evolve Pokémon on community days or days where you can get the exclusive moves, use AR catch technique and fast catch technique, use a catchmon when raiding, use starpieces and eggs on days where there’s already a bonus on XP or Stardust. Spin every stop open every gift and micromanage the crap out of your inventory. Also don’t become ultra friends and best friends with someone until the community day or a bonus on XP and maybe give them a heads up if you can and drop an egg.
I used to not like using the AR fast catch method until I discovered the trick to turn off sensors for android phones. Once I did that, I can basically fast catch like normal, without having to hold my phone up awkwardly. Works the best for CDs!
If only we could know how many catches we had stacked. Since you can only stack one hundred catch tasks you could unintentionally run over the limit.
correct me if I’m wrong.
Does the adventure sync give award on a Monday at anytime you first login or does it has to be 9am? And do you have enough time to put egg and star piece before the sync award come through? I am worry as soon as I open the game the award would come through and leaving players no time to add egg etc.
Off topic, but mega aggron and mega alakazam ARE coming, check out your aggron and alakazam. They now have tell you how much mega energy you have for those pokemon.
I’ve been claiming my Monday rewards for the past almost year in a row without a skip, I always get the max km walked 50km, and get mad stardust, great balls, some Ultraballs, and 10km eggs. My job requires alot of walking, for I’m a package delivery person so everyday before work, I give whatever Pokemon is my buddy a poffin, with adventure sync always being on, then after I give a poffin, close out the game and start work and after the work day is over and go back into the game, and I usually get a good amount of xl candies each day of work. I work 4 days aweek and always get the max distance for each week walked
Reach lv 50 you need a ton of platinum medals,

Keep track of those you have and don’t have , look at cd and events and use them to complete the type collection.

If you are trying to purified pokemon , you need 1000 . Look at zubats ,flyers, ratatas, and anything around 1000. You get half from the rocket fight.

If you need to gym , Try to fight and back out . If a gym has 6 fully healed pokemon and you knock the first one out it is 300 xp and followed usually by 150 after but if you back out and redo the fight it will be another 300 xp

So by going straight through is 1050 and total 4150, but if you do the fight one by one it is 300×3= 900 900×6 is 5400.

Use the raid pass and try to do a legendary with pokegenie or something else that gets you access to other trainers . That will get 10,000 plus 3,000× the number of trainers and total it can ne as much as 25,000 Per day . If done everyday for a month as much as 750,000 if done everyday it totals over 9 million.

Gifts, send 100 gifts a day, you can even carryover 20 from previous day and buddy can find 5, so max of 125 gifts in one day. Plus open 30 gifts, without the blue ring around. If you manage your friends list right, stack your level ups with eggs you get the most xp over that 30 min egg. Try to communicate when you open the level up with friends so they can use eggs for extra xp also. I have averaged almost 2 million in xp every other week once you get best friends rolling off the conveyor belt, then always add new friends to keep the belt moving, drop players that stop opening or giving gifts to save room.
Trade Trade Trade top tip. Trade almost daily with my partner and got double digit hundos a few of which are random lucky. Bucketful of pvp ranked mons. Extra xl as we catch in our work locations and distance is high. Tedious but worth it.
I really need some assistance. No matter what I do I can’t get my adventure sync to actually add my distance to my 25km in one week 8x. It just doesn’t work for me. Do you have any tips on how I can get it to work? I have the xp to hit level 50 but I’ve been stuck on this task for a while
IMO there is way too much focus put on levelling up as a trainer.

Don’t get me wrong a lot of value in doing so free items etc, but typically you can power up well beyond level, but it’s hard to have the dust to have strong teams cause ultimately trainer level is insignificant compared to Pokémon level.

As a somewhat “hardcore” player, some extra tips:

1 feels just stupid, no need to line up as you are getting the same rewards no matter what, only worth if you spend a ton of money and feel like “wasting” an item on that, otherwise just line that up with an event (CD) with extra XP/dust and really get some payoff from your starpiece/lucky egg….. or just do like me and forget about it

2 yeah, giroscope is sh*t but you can disable it by
– disable sensors option (on developer settings, since Android 10 but some manufacturers remove the option)
– if your phone can do the small-app thing, it usually turns the giro off, so you can 1) get the pokemon centered 2) put game on small mode 3) put it back full screen — DONT put the game on background nor open other apps, giro will get back on

3 you didnt say anything about the 100-pokemon limit, also giving a berry to the 1st one allows you to know when you went over the limit (the 1st pokemon is lost and theres no berry on the new 1st pokemon)

4 getting to that previous searchs takes quite some time, i just prepare a search string before the event and keep it on my clipboard so i can simply paste it later

Can you make a video for tips and trick for players in rural areas. Gas is high and i have to drive 5 to 7 minutes gust to get to 2 pokestops. If i want to get to one gym thats close its 15 minutes. And i can be in it for over 50 days till i get somone to get me out to get coins. I would do more raids if i was able to be near gyms. I literally have soybeans growing behind my house and across the road from my house. growing
I hate trading. My friend and I get together 2-4 times a week, it takes over an hour, and it it SO BORING! I don’t want to mass trade, I just want to skip the stupid animation. I don’t understand why Niantic doesn’t let us do this. They’re all about getting people together, well, no one wants to waste that much time trading when they could be actually playing the game. But, we still trade. Candy, XL’s and those random Luckies keep us at it. But it’s certainly not fun, or entertaining.
50 Pokecoins are so clutch as i have been free2play my only way to buy space and item has been this only and i always have like 500 + pokecoins average without any event happening and saves money if you buy pokecoins too
I don’t get it how is trading good it caus Stardust I’m always running law on Stardust and 10000 is not a jock i think i wanna use those Stardust for something else thanks dose anyone play COC
I skip gym ing, not worth the time and effort. It takes 8hrs 20 mins to get 50 coins which is the cost of a cheap coffee in my country. Some players just love to hit gym before midnight and you have to start all over.

8 hrs can be spent on better stuff.

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