A Casual Pokémon GO Player’s DREAM!

Note: You would need to catch 168 Roggenrola with pinap berries to get that 1,008 candy, but with the double catch candy bonus, it’s 84 with a pinap berry for each.

Detailed explanation | A Casual Pokémon GO Player’s DREAM!

Excellent I needed more rock raid attackers especially since the non legendaries top raid attackers are not as readily available for candies so this event is gonna be one of the few times where it’s meta relevant for trainers of all types

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the timing of this event is perfect, as someone who usually works between the hours of 6am – 6pm every single weekend, i never get the chance to play almost all events. Especially community days. Cant tell you how excited i am to be able to do this event since this sunday, i get off at 2pm! 😁
Even as a hardcore player, I would love a lvl 50 shiny gigalith! I have 2 rock wrecker rhyperior and Rampardos out of my ears, so I usually do pretty good in raids. I also have a lvl 40 shadow Tyranitar with legacy smack down
Honestly not a bad idea. I’m on the casual side, but I have a few fairly decent rock raiders already, so I think I’ll use this strat to at least fill the gaps in my rock raiding team. This will be the first com day I won’t be in a rural area for since April, so I’m considering the community day pass, would that be useful?
I didn’t know that even if you traded the first stage, the second stage would be free to evolve. That is actually amazing. That is HYPE! I’ve been trading Pokémon on an alt and have a few first stage Pokémon I can evolve now on there. That should make setting up teams on that account way easier.
I thought about pulling up 1 or 2 Gigalith with the new attack to level 50 if it performs better than Rhyperior or Rampardos on level 40. I really doubt that I’m going to have maxed out 5 level 50 Rampardos or Rhyperior one day (unless we get a Rhyhorn CDay Classic maybe). But having a mix of the best doesn’t sound bad. I mean rock is a very useful Raid type
Random thought: During Halloween, they should have “trick-or-treat” trading where trainers get 1 trade every day in which ONE of them gets a guaranteed lucky (treat) and the other does not (trick).
This is so useful! I need this because i am half casual half hardcore, but mostly casual. But i cant trade because i have no friends near me. My siblings played PoGo but now they think its “cringe”. I am also prob at home Which has no pokestops that i can spin, or gyms nearby. My parents may not budge to bring me to a park or something because its just a game.
I have to admit, I was a bit disappointed. I really wanted gigalith to be meta breaking or at least at the level of rampa. I’ve been sure of and waiting for this cday the moment roggenrolla arrived. REALLY cool looking, 3 tier evolution, a lot of candy for evolve and we haven’t had a rock raid meta cday ever since rhyperior went out. Not to mention shiny is WAY more cooler than shiny Rhyperior. So I was looking forward to switching my team, Ive been using rhyperiors, from time to time shiny or hundo rampa and 1 hundo terrakion for a big while now and gigga would have fit good. But now I will probably just get 1 hundo to play around from time to time.
You are assuming literally the best case scenario (weather boost + 6 lucky lvl 35 pokemon). It would be much more realistic to assume your average lucky pokemon will be somewhere between lvl 20-30 (depending on whether you get a weather boost or not).
My best friend is working until 7:00PM on community day, but i’ll be there to help him get the spawns from raids for a couple hours afterwards, since they’ll be around until 10:00PM

Having these raids being available after 8PM is great for the late night gamer out there.

Thanks for the advice. I am looking to power up one Gigilith. I am constantly Stardust poor and I am looking to power up/evolve my three current Rock Type raid attackers as well as add the Gigilith. My three are Tyranitar (CP3151 10, 15, 12), Aggron who will soon be Mega Aggron (CP2779 13, 15, 12) and Rhydon (CP2027 8, 15, 15) or Rhydon (CP2652 10, 7, 7) or Rhydon (CP1783 12, 13, 15). Which Rhydon would you evolve?
For the past two Community Days, I’ve just been farming as many shinys as possible and then wonder-trade them away on Home, so I think I’ll stick to the ritual for now
Lately, I would characterize myself as a research task snob. I go to a local “spin zone” and I do spend a fair amount of time deleting tasks in lieu of hoping to get others (like energy for megas for example because I’m low on that). Is anyone else a gym/stop/pokemon etc snob? btw, kinda glad for psychic to be over but was very happy to get a break with Clefairy hour>

About “all 1 type” months -. if you get a catch 10 fire pokemon task, it will prevent other better research from getting in. Yes, I know I can just stack under the top task but those unfinishable ones take up space in the “working on” section. There should always be a decent ratio of each type imho although I can see why dragon, ghost might be a little harder (or depending on weather)

Sadly, by the time they decided to tell us it was Roggenrolla, it was too late for me to get off work. I have a near perfect Boldore at least. I might could just put her as my buddy since I get a lot of steps at work. Failing managing to catch any Roggenrolla while on break I have nearly 300 Rare Candy, but I wouldn’t want to blow my whole stack of RC on this.
Gigalith has access to rock slide which imo is a better move than Meteor Beam. Half the energy cost and does 80 damage. You can get 2 rock slides off to the 1 meteor beam. Therefore rock slide does more TDO.
Some (if not most) casual players are not level 40 because they don’t invest that much time into the game
– Given the lack of investment in the game, we should assume they have 0 stardust to spend because most casual players don’t go out to farm stardust and have very poor resource management
– Most players can hold their own in raids starting at level 30, so no need to waste stardust and candy (that they might not have) into something that won’t be used immediately.

As a level 50 player with a few friends coming back into the game, here’s how I do it:
Before the event starts, I’ll help them go through their items and storage to make some room for the event. I’ll teach how to fast catch, how to sort Pokémon quickly, etc. I play the event with them and after the 3 hours are up, I’ll trade my highest CP Roggenrola. Then I help them go through and find the highest IV ones and I tell them to evolve a few, depending on the amount of candy they have. In the end, they’ll have 2-3 high CP Gigalith and they are ready to battle. But most importantly, they are now armed with the tools necessary to play more efficiently and have enough candy and stardust to power-up said Gigalith to take down a raid boss if they so choose

And 1 more thing you’re missing. Casual Pokémon player/ new player don’t have mega aerodactyl.
I’m a casual player that come back maybe few month, then disappear until the following year. And I don’t even mega an aerodactyl b4. So yeah RIP candy 🥲
The fundamental flaw: A casual player finding another casual player willing to sit there and trade back and forth A HUNDRED times to grind. That takes this whole thing out of the casual realm.
Hey guys I was looking for some help with this one please. Sometimes I seem to be able to walk a buddy for mega energy, like latios for example. But when I swap to something to try and gain some mega energy I haven’t completed like Aerodactyl for example I think I had 25 energy from a challenge same with steelix. I don’t see or get the option to walk for candy and mega energy like I did on my latios. Is this because of buddy level I wonder or because I haven’t mega evolved that mon before. Any answers on this would be great. As it’s a great way I thought to be able to gain some mega’s I missed. Like having rock for this community. Thanks all
What if casual players will not get Boosted weather LoL 🙃 even we get boosted weather not guaranteed you will get 100 level 35 mons for trades . Definetely We should only prepare for level 30 calculations
It’s a comm day, so I’ll be doing it… because it is a comm day.
With that said, I already have xl rhyperior, terrakion, cranidos, ttar… so I’ll probably only power one on my main acct.
My alt acct though 🤔
Maybe my understating of what a casual is is off. A causal almost by definition isn’t one to optimize a whole event, maybe they sign on catch some Pokémon for an hour or two and then they’re off. Giving advice to a casual that includes “do 100 trades” is a joke, hard core players wouldn’t even do that
I hate the fact that roggenrola is the community day , I actually got the shiny before this stupid event and the shiny was very rare. Now because of this everyone will get a shiny roggenrola and it’s gonna make the shiny I got before less rare
Lol I already have 6000+ candy for Rogenrollo and already a lot of good 95+IV saved so I will just get one to max for community day move and just search for shiny I only have 7 shiny Rogenrollo I will play atleast till I have 30+ shiny so it will be easy to do ….so I just need 23 more shiny
What about the kids they can’t just tell their mom they want to walk somewhere go somewhere for just to Pokemon go because some parents don’t want to walk or some friends just are too busy or some parents are too tired what about that
Q: I need to make an official complaint about an offensive and rude pogo ‘support’ responder, Alyssa. I’m not on Twitter. Does anyone know how I report a cs ‘person?’ I’d be grateful for any info. Alyssa has put me off from playing any more, to put it bluntly (condescending 🐄). 😡
I caught and foolishly evolved my hundo Gigalith back in February
Gonna have to use my elite tm on it now for meteor beam
I’d say it’s worth the price🥲
I don’t use golden berry in catching boss if isn’t 90+ iv, I casually use razz or nanab berries , I’m reserving my golden berries for defending gyms to get PokeCoins because lvl 50 spoofers always raiding my near gym , by the way I’m level 31

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