Pokémon Go | SAVE 50% of your STARDUST, by Doing THIS!

Be sure to give your Riolu a 2nd charge move BEFORE you evolve it to Lucario, since itll only cost you 10,000 instead of 75,000!

Some other good options:

1) Mega Gyarados (water-dark)
Waterfall-Hydro Pump

2) Shadow Mamoswine (ground-ice)
Powder snow-Avalanche

3) Terrakion (rock – fight)
Double Kick-Sacred Sword (legacy)
Smack Down-Rock Slide

4) Swampert (ground – water)
Mud Shot-Earthquake
Water gun-Hydro Cannon (legacy)

5) Hydreigon (dark – dragon)
Bite-Brutal Swing (legacy)
Dragon Breath-Dragon Pulse (not very strong at the dragon type though)

6) Shadow Honchkrow (flying – dark)
Peck-Sky Attack
Snarl-Dark Pulse

7) Shadow Latios (dragon – psychic)
Dragon Breath-Dragon Claw
Zen Headbutt-Psychic

8) Metagross (psychic – steel)
Zen Headbutt-Psychic
Bullet punch-Meteor Mash(legacy)

Obs: Shadow TTar can work really well with a second charged attack too but at the cost of a fast elite tm (so its better to have one for each type)
Shadow Ttar (dark – rock)
Smack Down (legacy)-Stone Edge

Detailed explanation | Pokémon Go | SAVE 50% of your STARDUST, by Doing THIS!

I’m going to add something to this. You can instead of double moving, just tm the charge move too as long as the charge move is NOT legacy. This will save you even more dust/candy, especially when dealing with legendaries. If it needs a legacy charge move or you plan to use that mon in Master League PvP, then double move

another thing is to know that most dmg breackpoints in raids are around lvl 35 and considering that the last 5 levels(35-40) are around the same dust cost as from lvl 20 to 35 u can power up for example 2 rayquazas to lvl 35 instead of just one to lvl 40. of course this doesnt apply to pvp

I prefer double moving something like giratina origin and darkrai since both of them can get shadow ball (a 55 energy charge move). Since it isn’t possible to store 2 shadow balls sometimes moveslike ominus wind and dark pulse may help in doing chip damage in raids

Let’s hear the opinions of even more gamers around the world!

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Reshiram cannot learn Outrage, it only gets Draco Meteor – which makes it a lot less effective as a dragon raid attacker.

I would also add Shadow Mamoswine to the list, amazing Ice and Ground attacker 🙂

Great analysis Daxi. I would double move only pokemon that have legacy moves. Pokemons like Weavile, excadrill, chandelure (until its CD) I would rotate the move based on the boss spending our TMs
Metagross is also a really good option as well…use a elite charge tm to get meteor mash…it will be the best metal type pokemon in the game forever
I can use Scizor (or Mega Scizor) that has Iron Head and X-Scissor as Charged Attacks, and I can switch between Bullet Punch and Fury Cutter as Fast Attacks. Same with Houndoom (or Mega Houndoom). I can use Crunch and Flamethrower as Charged Attacks, and I can switch between Snarl and Fire Fang as Fast Attacks
I would say that you also should have said about mamoswine (with ice and gruond) and tyranitar (with rock and dark). Of course if in shadow then better
It would be great if Niantic adds the possibility to unlock a 2nd fast move for a small cost, and we could change it prior to a combat without Fast MT or cost.
Might wanna wait until October to double move a Chandelure since we’re probably getting a community day for it.
Seems like if you have 2 Legendaries, it’ll save you 100k AND 100 candy by building 2 with different movesets. Although I suppose maxing them out would be rather expensive but I’m not even at the point where I’ve had to spend XL candy to level.
What about runner-up Pokemon? I know some people are just getting into the game and may not have those pokemon or have not obtained them. I know my partner just started playing and is having a tough time trying to win raids or even PVP with the pokemon that are commonly around our area.

I know I personally don’t have many of those Pokemon and I’ve been playing on and off since 2016. (Mewtwo, rhyperior, and Excadrill I have)

I’m actually going to try not to spend stardust as much as possible, or even not spend at all for the whole season of light.
Please make a video on six pokémon that can defeat any gym. When you double move them? Six pokémon that have 12 different charge moves that can cover any typing that can be in a gym
If you buy a charge move on your Pokémon, is there a chance you get the same type of charge move or will it always be a different type (ex: I have a ground type charge move and I buy a second charge move and it’s also ground)
I have a question, why not gyardos? (dark and water good attacker, and only 10k stardast to double move). Of course mega, but i don’t have right now, but I have 100 iv.
Sounds cool, but I rather have 2 different Rhyperiors, one with RW and one without to save Fast TMs and SD for Charge 2s.
I don’t know why so many creators push this META raid attacker content so hard like it’s so important to being able to raid. Sure if you got 5 level 20 players using mons with moves that the raid resists you’ll fail but I raid the 5* every day and sure I got META raid attackers but not full teams of them. Currently using Charizard with DB because it’s 50, the BB does the work. With Talonflame lol and some fire types I’ve not even got to 40 yet. I don’t get Hardest Hitter but I don’t care, I’ve got my medal Platinum for achievement screen and we completed the raid so what’s the fuss about? I don’t really want to grind the raids or the stardust to power up 6 Reshirams to 50 because it wouldn’t really change my game.
Potentially a dumb question, but I have a shadow Mewtwo with bad ivs (6,9,10). Is it still worth powering this Mewtwo up and using it over my 98% iv Mewtwo?
When can I even get a Rayquaza? I barely touched Pokemon GO before May 2021 but since then I don’t think I’ve seen it in the game.
sadly reshiram can’t learn outrage but it does know Draco meteor
zekrom can learn it however
actually shadow mew2 is best with flamthrower and thunderbolt ..no need to tm others since there is better options
This is more like save 20% stardust and waste a bunch of legendary candies and TMs, you sound like getting new attack doesn’t cost stardust lol

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