58 Pokémon GO Tips & Tricks

Beedrill is the best mega to farm the platinum medal with. Costs 5 energy at max level and you can get 5 energy from spinning gyms.

The stagger gym battles not only defeats the gym faster, but also shortens the time window for the defending player to put a golden razzberry to heal them. Another tip, if you’re soloing the gym battle, if you don’t knockout the pokemon, just back out and battle again, it’s way faster and gives less time for the razzberry to be put in.

Interesting tip I learned regarding the functional hundo thing. A 0/0/15 ditto is a functional hundo. It takes all stats besides the hp of the pokemon it copies.

A few tips I use:

1) If you don’t have a long straight area to walk for your daily incense, you can use a shorter straight area. Start walking like normal and then when the Pokémon spawns immediately turn around and start walking in the opposite direction. This is because the game determines if a new Pokémon should spawn by measuring a straight line from where the last Pokémon spawned to your current location, so if you change direction right as a Pokémon spawns you don’t actually lose out on distance. Still better to try limiting the direction changes and you might turn a little late and lose out on some spawns but I’ve consistently gotten around 27 spawns with this method.

2) Don’t collect special research rewards or rewards from referral quests until you need them. If you collect then they full up your bag and take space while you don’t need them, but if you leave them until you need to use them, they effectively give you bonus bag space. Especially useful for the extra referral bonus that gives you 50 rare candy. Don’t do this for timed research as it will time out and you’ll lose the rewards.

3) similar to point to if you have an XP or stardust reward you don’t need to claim it right away, you can wait until you are going to pop an egg or starpiece for some other event and then just claim it there too. If you know you’re going to use a star piece later, don’t open gifts until you use it, as gifts give a decent amount of stardust and you can open them to use up any extra time on your starpiece.

Detailed explanation | 58 Pokémon GO Tips & Tricks

For a pokemon that moves to the side (ie beldum) give it a banana berry and run and rencounter to have the berry applied with the mon in the center of the screen, making for much easier excellent throws.

The best theory i’ve heard on the bonus stardust pokemon is that they are pokes that usually (always?) are pokemon that carry items worth a lot of money in the MSG. Trubbish for example can be holding a nugget, starmie can be holding a star piece, and the foongus sometimes carry… something from the forest that is valuable, i forget.

Meowth won’t be holding a valuable item iirc, but meowth and persian learn Payday which farms you cash, I think its a nod to that.

Also, I recommend that anytime a new Pokémon is spawning in the wild, use pineapp berries on them and hold onto them until double transfer candy. Some Pokémon debut and then disappear once the event is over and you’re not able to get any more candies unless you want to buddy it or use rare candies on them. I’m looking at you, Bergmite.

Extra stardust pokemon are almost always pokemon that get caught with valuable hold items in the main games. Like paras and mushrooms. Meowth is because of its unique move payday

Saving rocket radars or super rocket radars for when their Pokémon is weather boosted can make getting 15 attack for raid Pokémon easier, as it’s now minimum 4 IV rather than 0

Another tip for gym battles: if you encounter a fully stocked, fully healed, gym, defeat one Pokémon, back out, defeat two Pokémon, back out, then go in and defeat three, back out, defeat three again, back out, and repeat. This will decrease the chances of a player getting alerted that the gym is under attack and coming in and fully healing the gym. I’ve battled gyms where a Blissey or Chancey would be in the front, battle the entire gym so that I only need to defeat each Pokémon once more, and then someone came in, healed all the Pokémon, and totally negated everything I had done, wasting a lot of my time.

Something I always recommend is always use mega buddies when walking since building up mega energy is never a bad thing. Level up legendaries at home unless you need the 20km candy.

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With the Daily Adventure Incense what I like to do is go through the area where I’m going to fire it off and clear all of the Pokemon first, then use it and double back through the cleared area.
For my adventure incense it works for me in the car, even at higher speeds. I don’t get that many spawns but it’s better than not using it if I don’t have time for a walk.
Guys focus on Leveling up mega charizard as it will boost candy XL from Yveltal raids due to flying typing and being fire it will help a lot on litwick comm day. I am using a high level and will get it to max level 5 days before comm day
This bit on PVP: “If you end up raging…just stop. It’s literally just a game.”
haha this is me, especially when PVP goes into that mode where I need to hit the charge move button 42 times before my charge move initiates.
Another tip: Always hatch the eggs in the Bonus Storage that arent 12km eggs first. That way you have the space to receive the eggs you get from Adventure sync rewards and Team Go rocket Leaders.
One for 2-3 free raids a day ( depending on the amount of free raid passes given)
If you skip doing a raid one day and still have the free pass, its stacks for the next day. Great for raid days/hours for f2p players who dont buy raid passes
About pokestop locations, in the past a lot of those have been rejected for Ingress reasons. A home portal for someone they don’t want to get a portal, a portal that is hard to access which no one in pogo would mind but would destroy the experience for people playing Ingress, and so on. In general, make sure it’s a public space as it could be a headache to people otherwise (also for potential future games, or in low stop density cells having that exact one becoming a gym and people can’t access it), but if there is a community just bullying someone, just appeal it.
Now that ive watched this and been using a lot of star pieces lately to grind up stardust ive noticed a lot of those pokemon dont come much but i usually see atleast a few of them whenever i use a starpiece
I’m not sure if this will help anyone out but I added the sensor off feature to my quick menu items (when you swipe down from the top of your phone screen). It seems to work if you keep your phone level before de activating them. Absolute god tier tip Dax thank you so much 🙏
It sounds like the Sensors Off setting might make Adventure Sync not work, so just to be on the safe side, it is probably wise to turn the sensors back on if you plan to take advantage of adventure sync when you take a break from the game
The fighting gym tip is great; but keep in mind ppl may start berrying the gym if they see they’ll potentially lose it. You & your crew have to decide whether to take the Maxx C challenge (yugioh reference) & keep fighting it.
With the levelling up friendship and deleting trick, the person who deletes someone must make sure that person has a gift because when you re-add that person that second person must interact with you to trigger the best/ultra friend notification.
Omg the best tip mightve been the long hold while making a battle party. I never knew that and it always drove me crazy. O and of course raging in BL. I find myself wat to often just pushing through to finish the set and by the end of it im like why do i play it just aggravates me. Breaks. Excellent tip. 💪
Another tip is when there is a quest that requires making snapshots of pokemon in the wild, you can instantly delete that photo, instead of waiting for the flash to pop up and then quit the encounter.
I was really happy to hear the first tip about turning off sensors…. but I couldn’t find the developers option 😂
I am a level 50 PoGo player but suddenly I felt like a noob 🤔
Luckily google helped my out there 😅
I have a theory that the Cosmog new research quest will include deleting a certain amount of psychic Pokémon from your storage
Save all the psychic types you caught from the Psychic Spectacular
For the PvP IV search filter – you can also search for ranges as not all Pokemon require 0-15-15 and you might miss a 0-15-14 for example. Simply try:


You can leave out the age0 too but I have it to spot newly caught ones.
This will add a buffer (Pokemon with 0-15-15 to 5-11-11)

I don’t know about the daily incense thing. I’ve gone straight and in a large square, and I find that it says I traveled a farther distance when I go in a square. Just my observations.
I think someone should seriously re-test the theory of walking in a straight line for the daily incense because I have walked in a large circle (around a park) and doubled back on my straight line and I still get spawns without a problem.
New tip you should highlight: Using “interacrable&giftable” has been a huge time saver to only show friends that can receive gifts and have not interacted yet for the day. Then searching for interactable when you want to open gifts.
For mega once I mega evolve it I don’t focus on them for a little I would for a lil but as soon as I get enough candy for a new mega I would choose which mega will benefit me in the long turn, like I use mega stilix (first mega for the type I need) and put him as a buddy then add a tag for 5k energy, I do this beucuse I know that as soon as those 4 days end I will open that melitan box. Same goes with events if I know the main spawn is one type I can mega I would use it. Like when G slowbro was spawning I would use mega slowbro once a day and then add him/her as my buddy for the whole event and a little after so I know even though when I’m on my walked I Do for hours everyday that I will still get candy
Great tips!
About the Mewtwo example, I think its incorect. You do get bonus candy when u use any mega for raid preferably good counter like mega gengar. It’s good because you dont need to choose between helping team and getting more candy.
The best place to use adventure incense is on a cruise. The ship goes in a straight line at a good speed and there is nothing around. I used mine every evening on holiday and always got 25+ pokemon.
lol i diddnt know the catch rate on the galarian legendary birds was that low unless they buffed the catch rate since then. i caught a galarian articuno the other day with a great ball and a great throw with a regular razz berry lol. got lucky i guess cause i was out of ultra balls and golden razzlol
I enjoy pokemon go because I love pokemon the pvp I do sometimes because I like pokemon but otherwise it isnt my cup of tea…. Wish there was a bit more ways to get pokemon because at the moment i dont get much but it is what it is
If I’m not wrong, the game gives you extra candy for caught legendaries regardless of your mega evolved pokemon’s type, say i have a mega venusaur and I catch a mewtwo, it will still receive more candy

Might have to double check but that’s how it works if i recall correctly

little tip: I write down the number of pokemons I save from field research on my lowest cp Unown. So I can easy keep track of how many there are
+ my biggest tip: autoclicker for feeding berry´s !! Really a gamechanger. You can thank my later
Unfortunately, it seems like my pokemon go app is too smart and it tells me “were not detecting your phone’s orientation” when I try and utilize this trick. Anyone have a fix? (Ik it may be too much to ask for since it’s not really the intended purposes but just wondering)
I can’t get gengar mega energy by walking it …
I have/work on multiple megas of each pokemon incase I haven’t reached the cooldown on one and need it.

I don’t know if this has been posted but log in every day if you have multiple Pokémon in gyms. If they all got knocked out on different days you’ll still only get 50 coins unless you log in each day one returns.

Hey guys I’m trying to nominate my barn for a poke stop and I know it’s bad to nominate your house but my barn doubles as a church on sundays and is very public. Just wondering what you guys thought about my chances
One correction tho… For the candy bonus in raids via mega evolution, it doesn’t matter what mon you have mega’d, just that you have one. For regular catches, yes it matters, but you could have a Houndoom mega’d and still get the bonus candy on a Mewtwo, for example 🙂🙂
A special tip from me: forget Appeal exists! Nia (as in many things) suck at this. You submit, it takes between 6 months and more than an year to get an actual result and in the end, first of all there is a high chance they have moved the stop a few meters (i don’t even know how or why this is possible but it happened to me 2 times and no, it is not based on object location) which basically makes the portal worthless because it will usually overlap with already existing in another cell and second, by that time there might already be a stop in the same cell submitted after that so your nomination goes to waste. So thanks Niantic for making another worthless addition that annoys more than it helps.
I understand that this game is complex and everything else, but there are tons of easy quality of life improvements that should have taken place years ago and it all the money nia are getting from remote passes and event tickets they just don’t have any excuse for being so slow and so bad. Honestly, thinking about this it is sometimes hard to really fully enjoy the game because while you are playing, you are wasting a ton of time at useless niantic sh*t (e.g. sending and accepting gifts 1 by one and watching animation, trying to cancel them as much as possible simce the hard xp grind requires it). Basically if you are a hardcode player, it is hard to have fun 🙂
I have a search thread I saved called NewMons. I always favorite everything I want to keep and then I have a transfer tag for things I want to save for bonus transfer candy.
So the NewMons search is just !favorite&!transfer and it pulls up anything that I’ve caught that hasn’t been sorted. Organize by number to make it easy on myself and scan through all IVs so I don’t miss anything good. Favorite the ones I want to keep as I go to be further sorted later (favorites section sorted by recent so I can get all of those properly tagged).
Then with what’s left I can simply easily pick out the ones for bonus candy (number sorting makes this a lot smoother) and tag them for transfer and then just select all to transfer what’s left.
It sounds complicated maybe but it’s really not and this way I can guarantee I don’t lose any like 96, 98 or PVP mons. I do it every hour or so when I’m playing and I find it to be very efficient.
To help with friendship/xp/lucky friends, use these search terms to quickly find suitable friends and sort it by gifts.
!friendlevel4&interactable -this quickly shows friends that you haven’t interacted with that you can so you build up towards the next level with them faster.
!lucky&interactable -a best friend (if you use these two tags in this order) that you can try and get lucky friends with.
!friendlevel4 & interactable & giftable

For friend gifting effectively, this search term has been a game changer for me. Brings up only those people I can interact with that I am not already best friends with. Makes sifting through the list a thing of the past. Can just open and send gifts without any hassle at all.

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