Pokémon Go | Why LOW CP Pokémon are BETTER IN GYMS!

If your going for maximum coins, I recommend taking over gyms at night then putting a pokemon that could easily get knocked out in. That way it’s in there all night and in the morning someone else will knock it out and you’ll get your 50 coins for the day

Another really good gym defender is Driblim, having a lot of hp and defense, and TRIPLE resisting fighting types

Detailed explanation | Why LOW CP Pokémon are BETTER IN GYMS!

Use the top defenders if you’re trying to maintain gym control (say, when a raid is about to begin or you’re still grinding that gym defense medal). Otherwise, put ones you’ll be transferring anyway so you won’t need to heal them once they get knocked out.

The slower motivation makes Chansey a better gym defender than Blissey over time. Also, as people tend to use fighting types a lot, it’s beneficial to pair a Chansey or Blissey with Wobbuffet as a gym defender, which was not mentioned here.

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For gym defending I think it’s best to cover the weaknesses of the previous Pokémon in the gyms, but lean towards blissey. If the gym already has chansey and blissey then adding a fighting resist like togekiss or sylveon can force them to switch and annoy them.

If the gym has few fighting weak Pokémon, just throw in blissey

I love gimmick/novelty gyms. All eeveelutions, all dragons, all shiny, all really small, all one color. It’s fun I like scrolling through like “ooo who do have that’s purple” (: it’s a small thing but nice community vibe
Definitely noticed this myself. Turns out a high CP Melmetal scares people from taking the gym usually. If you throw a 12 CP Treecko into a gym that isn’t usually as active, it ends up being taken after a day more often than not.
2 tips: make a “Transfer” tag to remind you to transfer that Pokémon for extra candy days, but because 2 or 3x transfer candy isn’t available all the time, take advantage of those same transfer Pokémon for gyms to not run out of Revives and Potions.
It’s actually useful if you are planning to long hold a gym like for a year or so. But for short term, where gym battles are high, high cp-hp mons are preferable.
Another reason I enjoyed the Easter event was that we could get flower crown Chansey in the Wild. I kept 10 Chansey with the highest CP. Next year if they return I’ll collect 10 more and convert 10 of them into Blissey.
I like to put in my most recent shiny regardless of its combat power. The same trainers from the blue team always take our gym, I like to shiny flex my most recent captures lol
I always always always throw in anything I need candy for. Goomy, noibat, sandile and jangmo-o. There’s always that rare chance they drop candy while feeding them berries.
I usually just pick highest HP Pokemon that can go to the gym. If Blissey and Chansey are already defending, I often put Drifblim, because it has high HP and is basically immune to fighting type moves.
A few other decent ones for gym defending are Wobbuffet and Shuckle. I really love using shiny Wobbuffet, cause the motivation dissipates slowly and it looks goooood😉
How could you not mention Wobbuffet?
It is tanky, psychic type with psychic moves, has a low max CP so it drains really slowly and whilst it is not the best at knocking your opponent out so have I often noticed people just saying nope to attack it.
As you say regarding your own goal of getting coins, the choice of defender really comes down to playing style and preference.
My main goal has always been gold gyms, something I believe is probably the least pursued goal globally(but what I find fun).
For holding gyms it highly depends on location (urban/rural, drive-by possibility or not), which determines what I put in. For example, using Shuckle is something that can be quite useful because of it’s massive defense and low CP-max at lvl 50, making it easy to keep fully motivated without golden.
I’ve Slaking IV 4… So that’s the highest CP Pokemon in PoGo that I’ve got 😍 and I love to get Golden Gym badges on different gyms and has 45 Golden badges and just love spill Yellow colour wherever I go and hunt gyms 😇
Its one of the reasons to keep myself motivated to play PoGo continuously
I prefer chancey and wobbofet because they won’t go over 1500 CP, but if you check them out, they have high HP too.

I sometimes look at what’s already in there to diversify the different types. Also, pokemon will recommend based on what type the highest CP Pokemon in there is. So when rushing to defeat the gym before the owners are notified that their pokemon need attention and use golden raspberries (this could lead to a long fight) I don’t like spending time creating a custom team. So say, the highest CP Pokemon in there is electric. The game will probably recommend a team of ground types. I would say put in a water type to make the attacker switch, or end up using more potions/revives later. Sometimes playing smarter is better (and more fun, knowing you can cause the attacker some frustration, pun intended).

I like to use gyms to “shiny flex”. Also, I berry gyms all the time so I try to put in Pokemon that I need extra candy on. Lately my shiny Salamance has been a go-to of mine. But if i need to become gold in the gym I usually go Blissey/Chansey.
One tip I have if a gym might turn over in minutes is to go to it and have a golden berry ready. Watch to see if anyone tries to battle it out. When you are down to your last “life” feed your Pokemon the berry. You can hold off a trainer for a long time that way. Hopefully long enough for the gym to populate.

I chuck in Blissey, Chansey, Slaking or Snorlax when I want people to have to put time in to take down a gym. People without time just pass. There’s a gym near a rural stoplight near my home where I do this.

My closest gym is 200m away. It rarely has more than 3 Pokemon in it. I put in 10cp Pokemon and then my daughter changes gym colour 8 hours later and puts another 10cp Pokemon. Most have figured out it’s easy coins and also put in low CP Pokemon. We tend to clear out the high CP ones as soon as we can hoping that they’ll eventually figure it out.
Passing gyms on transportation I’ll throw in anything assuming that sheer numbers will get 50 coins in a day.

Lower CP isn’t “better”, because it just loses automatically against an attack. In heavily competitive gyms, it actually is counterproductive because you leave your defense more easily broken down.

Even though pogo heavily favors the aggressor in gym battles, putting weak Pokémon in a place that isn’t in equilibrium is just asking for trouble, and like in my situation, missing coins some days

I just put as many things in gyms throughout the day that I can so that over the week I don’t have to worry about it as things gradually just get knocked out. I also am very flavor of the week, if I just took a gym I’m going to put something big and strong in there as an intimidation Factor because I like seeing my Pokemon get chaos, if there’s a shiny or some kind of theme going on I will try to match the theme. I also like to put regionals in smaller town gym areas so people can be exposed to Pokemon they may not see very often but if you are a high level and you put some little double digit CP thing in the gym frankly you have my scorn
An example of what I do when picking a defender is look at the ones that are already there. Example if there is an empty spot, and there is a Blissey there, auto picks will usually put in fighting attackers. There are 6 types that fighting is weak against. So pick one, if I have it, that is 2 of those types like Beedrill which fighting is weak against both bug and poison. Autopicks end up having to pick less optimal Pokémon to defeat both Blissey and Beedrill.
This information I already knew. I don’t put anything over 2k cp in gyms. 1500cp is the max I normally put in gyms.
I use Lucario to take down gyms. Best mon to use… has resists to fairy n psychic moves due to its metal/steel typing it has
i usually go by 3 categories when putting mons in.
1- gyms i wanna golden and are popular in community so the mon has to fight back: i usually put like dragonite, melmetal to have maximum intimadation + possible candy gain from feeding berries.
2- gyms that are somewhat popular but i wanna last longer: so i throw in blissey, chansey, wobufffet.
3- gyms that are just not getting much play: shiny or costumed mons or pokemon i dont have any other use for
But! Higher cp pokemon is encountered later during gym fight and that’s why attacker will have much harder and longer journey to knock you out and might give up before you are knocked out. It’s much faster and less player motivation needed to knock out the first pokemon than the last. This motivation aspect is proofed by that your gym team is often only weakened and high cp pokemon are still standing after attackers quit.
My tip would be to place a Pokémon that counters the last placed Pokemon’s counters.
In a full gym with assorted Pokémon this can make it much more difficult/timely for people to take down.

That said if you are in a populated city chances are you are going down regardless what you or anyone else put in a gym.

Honestly, been playing for years and since I’m between 2 cities most gyms get beat out very fast. If you drop a small pokemon it probably won’t last more than 2 hours to ten minutes. I was forced to make a max cp Slaking and some other giant cp pokemon to last in a gym overnight I’m lvl 50. They will get beat out sometime the next day. Using all my berries for buddies means none of my gym defenders get berries. I should… maybe after that platinum buddy badge. I might have to test the Motivation theory until I can stardust up some more giant gym defenders. Love the idea of playrough on my Slaking! Keep up the great work.
Everyone in my town always throw in super tanky high cp pokemon even though it doesnt stop me taking them down, just makes it a bit more tedious, I know other trainers will do the same, and I want my daily coins so I always throw in 100 CP pokemon that I’m just going to transfer anyway when they get knocked out.
I always put of bunch of my Pokémon at night 9 pm in certain Gyms and wait to get 50 Poké Coins next day.
Also, I usually leave Shiny Dittos for defending Gyms so that people are more enthusiastic in beating that Blue Bubblegum which can copy their attacking Pokémon.
What I usually do is I wake up early and head to my local park that has two gyms there. I catch random Pokémon that are a little over 1,000 CP, take out the gyms, and place those Pokémon in there. So instead of doing 8-9 hours for my 50 coins, I only do half the time since I take over two gyms. Started doing this method since I was getting low on revives and heals so it was easier to just transfer Pokémon to save resources. But obviously not many people wake up early to take gyms or have two gyms that accessible to them. I just got picky with where I am at 👀
I just toss my 20 cp golden carp in a gym, I usually get the 50 coins when I do that. It usually gets knocked out the next day and that works for me. My team of 6 champs just knock down any 1 or 3 day old gyms super easy no matter what’s in it. In my area it really doesn’t matter what you put in a gym, its going to be in there for 8 hours plus no matter what. Haven’t had to worry about a pokemon getting knocked out of a gym to early for years now.
i thought this was super common knowledge. If you want your pokemons to die fast for coins then put smth like slacking who will loose cp fast and be defeated in 1 battle, but if you want you pokemon to stay then put in first evolution low cp pokemon which will be annoying to defeat because you will probably need to fight it 3 times to defeat it
I can finally have a use to put my horrible low CP shinies to use lmao… although my number one Pokémon I put into gyms is my 905 CP shiny 98 Umbreon that I really wanna max out at some point but I have like 60 XL Eevee candies 😔

Also got a shiny Happiny with max defense and attack and it’s gonna be under 2,300 CP hehehe

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