That pair prompt, though annoying, is there for a security reason. Having it bypassed may open you up to an unintended security issue on your phone if something else is trying to pair. Just my $0.02…

Something I wish I learned sooner is not to mess with the Gotcha settings and just use the in game settings to enable to disable stops or catching. I used to try to disable catching on the Gotcha itself and it would prioritize Pokémon and wouldn’t spin stops.

Detailed explanation | NEVER CLICK “PAIR AUTOCATCHER” AGAIN in Pokémon GO!

Since I installed this app my auto catcher seemed to stop working. Idk if it is actually because of this app but I would assume so

I’ve never seen a prompt asking me to pair, mine just pairs by clicking the pokeball icon on screen and I don’t have a 3rd party app.

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I have been debating whether I should get an auto-catcher. I’m a new player, so I don’t know which is the best one to buy, & I recently heard Niantic stopped allowing auto-catchers. Is that true?
They are all technically against TOS but you’ll never get banned or anything for it. I have the classic gotcha and it’s great , but the best is the DuoMon.
It’s on Amazon, its $80. It works on two devices simultaneously. It also doesn’t require any input to reconnect other than clicking in the app. Runs on AAA batteries and from the tests I’ve seen from different YouTubers, it also catches faster.
This sounds like a nice idea, but it sounds really fishy to me. I think I’ll just stick to the tedious way of pairing my catcher.
But will it automatically try to reconnect when my autocatcher disconnects? Putting my phone in my pocket only to realize hours later that it hasn’t been spinning stops while I work is my #1 issue
As annoying as it is when my PoGo+ randomly disconnects, this is exactly the kind of third party software that Niantic might consider cheating. Besides, it’s not available in the Apple App Store, at least not in Canada.
Thanks for the info. I’ve been thinking about investing in an auto catcher. Does anybody have any reviews or pros & cons they can share with me about it? Stay safe
My Pokémon go plus won’t even last for half an hour until disconnecting. I tried everything and even changed batteries it it only seems to work once a day rn. Might be the temperature the reason for this?
its wierd i have a samsung galaxy s9, a galaxy s20 FE and a S22 Ultra, the s9 and the s20 always asks to pair, the s22 ultra very rarely asks to pair. and i dont have that app.
I recently got a 7 day suspension, and the only thing I can think of is my auto catcher’s app, so may want to add a disclaimer that a 3rd party app technically is against ToS
“Especially on Android”
False homie. Only played on Android currently with a Note 20 Ultra and they already automatically do this. I know, research that isn’t Sweaty Pokémon Go Meta related is hard for you

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