6 Ways to SPEED-UP Pokémon GO’s Performance!

I used to have iPhone 12 Pro Max but as I play on max brightness it’d heat up and dim. So I got the 14 Pro Max and it’s amazing. Fast, smooth and stays cool on max brightness. Definitely the best things are to download assets and use native refresh rate. And a newer phone

In terms of refresh rate, I wouldn’t set my phone at 120FPS. After all, I prefer longer gaming sessions without using a power bank. And thank you for giving a head up on downloading game assets. I didn’t even know this option was released. It does say a lot about Niantic and its support team.

Detailed explanation | 6 Ways to SPEED-UP Pokémon GO’s Performance!

A phone upgrade can also decrease performance if you’re upgrading from a phone that can use 3G network to a 4G only phone. The majority are on 4G so in the city you got more 4G users using the network and slowing it down. While a 3G enabled phone will just switch to the 3G network.

I am a daily player who is level 50 and feel like I know most tips and tricks about Pokemon GO, so I came into this video thinking I wouldn’t learn anything. However, the Download Assets thing is new to me! Also, I had changed to Native Refresh Rate when the feature first came out, but forgot that I had changed phones and haven’t done it since! Thank you very much.

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I’ve only played on iphones.

I’m currently using a 2 year old iPhone 11 and I’m pretty happy with it.
I can go out for a 2-3 hour play session and not need to charge up if it’s not extreme heat or cold.

The only down side I found it the screen being larger is harder for me to get excellent throws vs one of the smaller/old size iPhone.

Some of the raid bosses (Zamazenta come to mind) have huge target and I’ll start spinning and get a throw started and the swiping up closes the app 🙃

So all that to say I love the battery life on the new larger ones but preferred the smaller screen and the home button on the smaller models.

I haven’t really done any of those things except the tabs. The main thing I notice during game play is the white screen. I’ll get a white screen every once in a while when I try to encounter one that is either about to go out of range or change over for an event start/stop. When it tries to load it it’s like there is nothing to load so it just shows the white screen and I have to reload the game. But other than that i usually don’t really have issues that I have noticed that wasn’t game update related. I live on my phone playing games and watching videos the majority of my non at work hours. I use an LG V60 as my only phone. My first one never really got hot. I had it new, but the screen shattered when it was run over by a car. It still worked perfectly, but instead of paying to fix the screen I just bought a used one. The used one does have some quirks and it will get hot sometimes especially out in the sun. But I usually get a good days worth(12 to 14 hours) of hard use out of it. RIP LG phones. I’ll use the V60 till the wheels fall off.
I had to stop playing for almost 2 years in 2019-2021because the game got upgraded beyond what my cheep phone could handle. When I finally got a good phone I gave it another try and they had changed so much it was insane. 🤯
Almost like starting over because I had been throwing away everything but the highest CP.
As a phone repair person, I’ve been through a lot of phones. Here’s a list of apple phones that would be best for the budget- The lowest phone that will run pogo is the iPhone 6s, but not without difficulty, but if you’re looking for the cheapest apple option, the 6s is the way to go. In terms of best performance anything from an iPhone XR and newer will run almost perfectly with at least 3-6 tabs running in the background. Hope this helps
maybe i am missing a trick how to do this… but i would be very in favor of them introducing a “select all” option when trying to delete the postcards saved in the postcard album. Capped at 350, i need to select each one to delete maybe 2-3 times a week.
Another thing about updates is that, if the update causes issues and you’re the only one or few that has issues, reinstall the game.
Like any game, old game files might have issues after being patched upon many times.
Some players and I had a white screen or freeze – crash issues recently, and reinstalling solved it.
back with the useful tips again and they are appreciated by me 😄

i have a samsung S8 and all i have is native refresh rate and it’s not laggy but it takes forever to load sometimes when i’m outside so this is very useful thanks

also if anyone is looking for a better phone try samsung idk what model but i have S8 and it runs SUPER well it runs better than my iphone my iphone would just crash everytime i find a pokemon and click on it

iphone pro 14 max, great all around phone. even with work im using constantly draining apps and such and it still holds up great. nice to have such a killer camera on it too, you gonna go places with pokemon go, make sure you are ready to capture the moment!
Also some phones have 120hz refresh rate display but then when we used any 3rd party app like yt or any sort if game it drops to 60hz
Simply use set-edit n find peak_refresh_rate command n edit it n set value to 1 now any app will run on 120fps except after 1 reboot it will go back to 60hz so do this trick again
This issue is mostly on xiaomi or realme ohones
If you’re looking for a good phone, I like the Pixel 6 Pro!

I’ve noticed it’s made the game so much SMOOTHER. It has 120Hz refresh rate.

Only downside I’d want to do something about is a phone cooler!

I play on a ROG 5 as well and find it really smooth. I also have an iPhone 14 work phone and an iPhone 12 which is my old work phone. All 3 work perfectly for PoGo.
Recently I bought an Oppo Reno 6, Pokemon GO runs really smooth, it does has some issues from time to time, but overall it’s good. Also the battery lasts for a long time and takes very little time to recharge.
If you consider the Samsung S23 Ultra, it’s only been out for a week and everyone says it’s not overheating like the S22U. 120Hz, super smooth. Screen is abit big and if you come from a smaller phone, you have to re-learn your excellent throws.
Played comm day Noibat for 4hrs, had 30% battery left.
I had no idea phone coolers were a thing but definitely will look into them now (living in Australia and all pft)
The larvitar community day classic took place on a 39C day, so both my phone and i were suffering big time
I couldnt open pokemon go reliably for months. Everytime I tried it would go up to 50%. I would get lucky sometimes but most days, it wouldnt open. I finally did a factory reset (backed up my info) and its been much more reliable. You are correct when you say treat PoGo on your phone like its the only app lol
my experience with pokemon for some time now has become quite overwhelming because whenever i play with my pet the screen goes white, it’s always like that, the rest of the game works normally, any ideas? I already reinstalled the game yesterday and I don’t know what to do
Check if your phone have a personalized battery saving mode. On my Samsung Galaxy s8+ I can reduce screen resolution, deactivate background apps and a few other things but maintaining the CPU velocity.

Also, if you play from home to check the spawn or pvp, you can activate wifi while in plane mode, and for pvp you can deactivate location! This helped me so much with my phone performance and battery drainage.

As much as Niantic is “adding” to the game in terms of QOL updates, they will never be a great company until they really do start listening to the community, I will say it again and again, they should take notes from Supercell and start listening to the player base
Xiaomi rocks on Performance/Price. I pretty much always run two pogos in split screen (both with auto catcher connected) and pokeraid or youtube as pictureInPicture on my 300€ Mi 10 Pro. 10ProT might be even cheaper with same specs.
I have a Samsung S21 FE. Definitely recommend it. It runs with 120 FPS has a long battery life and it can run quite well with some apps open in the bg. And I bought it new for 600€.
I recently upgraded my phone. However, my ‘old’ phone still works great with pokemon go and low key sometimes quicker. It’s a vivo x60 pro if anyone was curious.
All round a good phone too if you’re looking to upgrade it for normal use too
I have a Samsung s20 fe uw. It does decently. Planning to upgrade to a s23 this next month. I’m sure it’ll be better even. Will try to update.
I’m a little scared to do the native refresh, last time it made my game waaay to fast, all of it is ok, but the biggest issue is with the friends and gifts, do you know of there is a way to slow it down if I do want to?
I don’t know smack about phones but what I ended getting, specifically for games, is the one plus Nord 100 or something I forgot what it was called. It’s pretty smooth, the only reason it might lag is just cuz I’m bad at phone care lol
Google pixel 6 does really well for me on GO.
I’ve found little help online so checking if someone here faces this issue:

On my Android phone the game doesn’t load (usually a black screen or loading stops midway and asks to retry) when I open the app on data.

It loads perfectly when I’m connected to wifi, and after I can disconnect to wifi and get hours of gameplay until I need to restart or reopen the app.

I’ve tried the basics, rebooting phone, reinstalling the game, checking permissions, making sure Google Play and location services are enabled etc., but to no avail.

Has anyone else had this happen to them?

I personally just bought a Google Pixel 7 and Pokemon Go runs great on it. Plus its one of the most cost effective unused smart phones out there right now.
Why isn’t there a single Dragonite in Pokemon go.I have a hundo Charizard,snorlax,heracross,floatzel and a couple more… But i haven’t encountered much kanto region or johto region Pokemon. Can anybody tell me if these Pokemon are seasonal or extremely rare to find.
Personally, I run a Samsung S21 FE. Any of the FE models from Samsung are great because they keep SoC, or performance, of the standard S models and only give up on aesthetics and a bit of camara quality. If more on a budget and can find an S20 FE that’s a great option. There’s the S21 FE and it’s unclear if the S22 FE will come out, but these are relatively inexpensive phones for their performance.
My phone is probably 5 years old…but I can’t afford a new one 😭 I like to play and listen music at the same time… and the playing experience it’s not the best… but even when I am only using the game, it’s worse… it crashes frequently 💀 I was so mad two days ago that I almost lost my mind… I was about to cry, but like an angry cry 🤣

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