Pokémon Go | The #1 STARDUST HACK you must know!

Little tip for the Poliwhirl task, which is take 5 photos of a water pokemon, you can take 5 consecutive ones of a water pokemon, but also, if your first stacked pokemon is a water one (like already a stacked Poliwhirl or a Shellder), you can open the task, take the snapshots, and run away. This way, you don’t have to encounter a wild water pokemon, and complete it quickly, and maybe found another one quicker.

Detailed explanation | Pokémon Go | The #1 STARDUST HACK you must know!

Pro tip (if you didn’t know) whenever you have a field task for example: “take a picture of 5 wild grass type “ you can take multiple pictures of one grass type or whatever type it’s need to be , and you can also delete the pics before saving them and they all count towards that one task !

Great tip. I will be stacking for May. An XP tip worth grinding for… in the early days of PG, one of the only XP builders was evolving Pidgeys with an egg going. Only requiring 12 candy to evolve made them perfect for saving and evolving in bulk. Since Pidgeys were all over the place the last couple of months, I’ve saved over 300 for any upcoming “?X evolve XP” event. The last one was Pidgey spotlight hour where I netted over 500k XP in that hour and I wasn’t really prepared. I burned through the 100 Pidgeys I had in 40 minutes and was just evolved my catches while sitting on the couch. I’m definitely ready for the next opportunity. Thanks again.

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Last month I had stacked some Audino reward tasks, Combee tasks and the pre Evo of Shinnotick, and waitied for the 2× catch spotlight hour plus put on a star piece made some pretty good gains. Although maybe I should have waited for a better event such as a 3× stardust per catch instead of 2× on certain Comday although atleast I did it on atleast a 2× rather than impulsively catch them without. Help during that time for me with dust
I will take the 300k dust from every GBL Season🙃
But stacking tasks is really smart, sadly I am not smart and I am using task encounters to clear other tasks😂
I done the stack tasks on Noibat community day and got Over 110K Stardust in under 40 encounters due to Bonus Stardust catch from pokemon
Edit:I done this with a Star piece
I mostly use the stack tasks ready to complete some tasks that I need to finish soon like yhrowing tasks, snapshot on the wild, etc.
I am so bad about not stacking tasks…definitely gonna do this because I am stardust poor. I have so many pokemon ready to be maxed just sitting there waiting.
If you are not someone who can find and stack lots of boosted stardust encounters you can stack non-boosted encounters as well to get a little bit extra stardust
If you give each a berry, do the berries leave your bag? Just curious in case I try yo hold off till May to catch them and don’t want my bag to stay full.
I do stack tasks and it does assist with accumulating stardust which is a very valuable resource by the way. I play in the GBL so it’s very expensive to power up PKMN and every possible way of accumulating stardust helps. I wanna see Niantic upgrade/update the stacked tasks by having a number indicate how many you stacked.
Niantic needs to add a number indicator on how manny tasks are stacked, so we don’t go over 100. This will be very useful for areas with tons of stops and we want to check the tasks later.
I usually stack all my tasks for bonus catch candy, but now I’m not sure if I should be focusing stardust instead… You can only really do one or the other, since there is no way to rearrange your stacked tasks — when you go to catch them, you have to catch them in order.
Question! 🙋 ✨So if there was a special day for a Pokémon, and they’re in your stacked pile, you would have to catch all the Pokémon to reach that Pokémon? ✨I think yes. Be safe and well everyone. Get to stacking.😊❤️
If at least Niantic would enable special hours in a week to boost stardust gains, that would help a lot to power up mons.

It’s sad to have to wait years to have an ideal IVs one with legacy moves to power up cause the stardust expenses make it not worthy to power up anything you won’t be using.

I have a fun story in relation to this guide. I had heard about this tip several months back and started stacking as many stardust boosted task encounters as I could. I just so happened to be at Disney world on teddiursa comm day with I think triple stardust and we were on Rise of the Resistance and the ride broke down while we were in the hallway about to enter the interrogation chamber so I was like ok perfect lemme throw on a starpiece and see what this fuss is all about. Then I’m catching shellders left right and center for 4500 dust apiece and I’m like wow this is lit. Been doing this strategy pretty hard ever since
wish niantic just did a spotlight hour with a pokemon like staryu or alolan meowth again
really liked those since there was no grinding/preparation, just one hour of catching as much as possible.
also both got me 400-500k dust per hour
I usually clean my stack during the 2x dust spotlight hour. If it’s rainy/snowy/cold/dark, I open a meltan box and alternate between stacked and meltans, with 2 star pieces on. I have gotten 600k dust in an hour with this method. When I rebuild my stack, I only berry the FIRST pokemon. Then I can periodically check the stack and know I’m under 100 as long as the berry is still there. When the berry is gone, I know it’s time to stop stacking. And I never stack a shiny!
I was actually wondering the other day why I was stacking pokemon. I learned about doing it a long time ago and it works well cause Im in a rural area in Spain so I do always have lots of balls etc so stacking allows me to put off catching until I do but I was thinking about when would be the ideal time to unstack my stash! Like if I know there is a double candy or xp day I can go to the city that day and make it even more worth it! I am super anal about stardust. I start sweating if I drop below 2 million star dust and right now I am just under because of powering up teams for Rayquaza so I feel like you made this video for me. Please dont forget to remind us before the May event!! Im counting on you man!! (Also but an alarm in my calendar jic)
I had a shiny stacked I just caught them all I had 100 in there but my shiny was gone 😢 good thing it was a Luvdisc and I already have quite a few but still losing a shiny is never nice, I need to start collecting my tasks earlier 😞
Another tip is to throw a berry at the pokemon before you run away and stack the task. This will help you catch it quicker and get through the stack quicker when the bonus is live. When you tap on the task later, the berry will still be there
Just coming back to the game after 5 years (I honestly thought they shut the game down shortly after launch, good to see it still exists!). Is it just Shellder and A.Meowth that we need to save? Are there others to know about?
I didn’t know all of that, For sure will do it from now on, the only problem I see with that is actually knowing how much stacked pokemon I have there..
I guess I can just save a shellder and everytime I stack one I will just name it how many I have now 🙂
I always do stack this type of Pokemon ❤️, and i still have stacked encounters if Adrino from the last event which has a base Stardust of 2100 waiting for the next 3x catch Stardust event 🥳🥳🥳🥳

I got 300k Stardust in just 10 mins in last community day by these 🥳🥳🥳

What happens when you get to the 100 cap? Will they not let you stack anymore or will the first ones you stacked start deleting? Also does the game let you know? I wish there was a number in stacking so you know how many there were lol
Somehow it does not work for me. I caught Combee from stacked task during Woobat spotlight hour (2x catch stardust) and I got only 1500 instead of 3000. Can someone tell me why?
I always wondered how many stacked tasks you could hold. Wish it would let you know you’ve reached 100… I know I am past that and now wonder how many got deleted! 😭
If you are active in gym defense, and have extra berries, a player can potentially earn up to 3k dust ever 30 min by feeding 10 berries to 10 defenders.
Just remember stacking is not sanctioned by Niantic. This is possible because of the glitch that allows us to. It is entirely possible that some of your stack will not be there at a later time.
Walk 100km every week and pop a stardust before 9am. You’ll receive 30,000 from that, as well as stacking tasks and having a team rocket leader spawn from the balloon (6am balloon, don’t open the app). Add the go battle league rewards you may have and you’ll have plenty of stardust early morning. I do this every week to get at least 40,000+ stardust. Hope this helps!
Back when I first played this game there used to be an interactive map on a 3rd party site that used to show spawns and tasks and gyms in the area…. Anyone know if that still exists and what it is called? Idk cuz it was like 2018… lol
I have 6.5 million dust saved. Mainly from 3 things. Grinding pvp, stardust boosted events whether com days or spotlight hours, and not spending it frivolously since it’s one of the hardest currencies in the game to acquire. I only put dust into pvp relevant mon. Mainly meta.. or very spicy. Level 50 only hundos… and being smart with the spending of it.
even if you stack a 100x pokemon encounters tho and say its 1000 stardust for shelder you could have shedler first than 10 other pokemon or 20 that you have to catch from your stack before you get to the next shelder that would be a waste of stacking all the others or would you just keep running from the shelder and stacking the shelder only as the pokemon ?

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