Pokémon Go | How to “STACK” Super Rocket Radars!

I wanted to confirm that you do in fact get the new special research if you have claimed any of the 3 rewards from the quests on page one. I have claimed all 3 from the quest we got when shadow registeel was released and I still got the one released during the last event.

You could also complete a bunch of the researches at the same time if you’re worried about losing them. Having all your researches on the same page, just have to beat giovanni once but you’ll save all the other super rocket radars from the other ones and you can move on to the next page. Stacked and ready for the next rocket event research

Detailed explanation | Pokémon Go | How to “STACK” Super Rocket Radars!

You also don’t have to use all the rocket radars when a new legendary that you like comes out. Let’s say you have 3 Giovanni Special Research tasks and you want to catch the new shadow legendary, but not have 3 of them. In that case you only progress 1 or 2 of the researches and keep the remaining one/s on page 1 to have it continue stacking with future research.

protip, stack up the researches at page one. When theres a legendary you want 1 of, do all the radars task up to giovanni. Once youre at giovanni in every task, beat giovanni. The battle will count towards all the tasks and you can finish all your researches and put the radars into your bag for safe keeping, cleaning up you special research list

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I don’t know if anyone else has mentioned this before. But sometimes, rarely, when there is a “timed reachers” and you can get a super Rocket Radar from there, you can do one thing with it. Honestly, there is no sure way because you rarely get them there. I remember that Mystic would have done this and he also had two missions at the same time so he got 2 super radars in his backpack, if i remember right.
I so wish that you posted this video a day earlier, as I reached out to tech support for this same reason. 😂 I was also on page 3, holding that Rocket Radar and was wondering why I didn’t end up getting the special research. I did in fact end up using the current radar that I had and received the new special research after the day after the Team Go Rocket event ended–luckily, I didn’t go past page 1 yet, so I am happy that I didn’t progress any further in my special research!
I claimed the first 3 task rewards from Shadowy Skirmishes, but NOT the page 1 rewards at the bottom of the screen. I was still granted From The Shadows special research. I hope this information helps others who are trying to stack special shadow researches.
So far I have 2 stacked haha. I plan on stacking as many as possible for shadow rayquaza! I heard someone speculate that they may throw the lake trio in before the weather trio.
In the current shadow regirock we got now, I completed 3 of those missions at the exact same time. I only used one radar for regirock, the other 2 radars im saving for later legendaries
I claimed 1 of the 3 encounter rewards on page 1 and still got the new research. I think sets as “active” once you complete and collect the final rewards for that page
I’m a little sad that shadow Regiice is considered bad. Especially since for me, when I caught mine, I actually got a 4 star shadow Regiice and it was my first 4 star shadow at all.
I remember once when I won against giovanni with lugia as the encounter, but my battery died which basically means the balloon is never coming back, never had the encounter
Also another time when I accidentally used another radar for another shadow latios, although one of them was hundo purified
What I find super helpful so I don’t accidentally collect the rewards from it and move to a new page I collapse the research (press the little arrow on the left corner of the research) so I’m not tempted to collect those rewards.

To confirm, I have collected a few rewards off page one (2/3) of Shadowy Skirmishes and stopped. I was able to get the new research From The Shadows no problem.

This has helped a ton! Now I have two rocket researches and I’m waiting to collect more!

If you had two research tasks, like you do, if you completed stage 3 on both of them, you’d get two black radars, and the next stage would be to beat Giovanni. Since you’d only need to battle him once to complete both researches, couldn’t you theoretically use complete all your researches and have only used one radar? Or would this not be the case because it recognises that you currently have a black radar in your items?
Thanks for mentioning the level 8 research required, om level 25 and have not even done that yet but was wondering why I could not change my shadow pokemon moves nor gotten the new reasearch.
In the Shadowy Skirmishes special research i accidentally misclicked and claimed one of the encounters from the first page of the research and still got In the Shadows. Don’t know if you’d have to claim all 3 encounters from page 1 for it to count as active but if you claim 1 or 2 of the tasks it should be fine. Still probably just worth not claiming any of the rewards.
Wish I’d known this when Shadow Registeel dropped. I was on Page 3, but thankfully found out when Regice dropped and made sure not to claim anything from the current research.
I wanted to hold on to my black radar too last time, but I accidentally claimed the rewards from Shadowy Skirmishes page 1 from February and I’m now on page 2. I haven’t gotten the new From the Shadows research from March though …
My method is just what number one is, but I want shadow legendaries in my collection even if they’re really bad, so I catch the legendary then complete the research and claim the new one and stay there. But I’m expecting there to be Regigigas and Rayquaza really soon because they’re going through Hoenn, and they’re both in Hoenn, I think you know where I’m going with this.
I got two regice on accident because i had a radar and i thought regirock was out already so yea
also my idea for stacking super radars is to save three radars and when the quest come out you can do it right away
Honestly I don’t really care if the shadow legendary is good or not, I mostly want to have it for collection. For example, I want to get a hundo stunlock Smeargle, but I don’t have any shadow pokemon that know lock-on and it still has Frustration on it (since some shadows I keep until this type of event happens IF they got good IV’s). So after I saw that Regice can also have Lock-on, I got it and currently use it until I get any Smeargle that can stunlock and then use that to reroll daily untill the hundo or even the shiny (whenever it gets un-shiny locked again). I might start doing that, but not really since who the heck knows when the next time that shadow legendary comes in rotation.
What happens if your on page 4 of looming in the shadows, do you get the current special research or go in order and get the next one after looming in the shadows? Just started playing again after 2019 lol
I did method #1 and was disappointed last week when I found out the “active” loophole. Got a bad shadow Regice like 5/6/5 but hey, won’t make the same mistake this time at least
Also, the good thing of stacking tasks is that you can complete all of the tasks at the same time! for example:

In page 3 you gotta beat all 3 rocket leaders, having all your Tasks lined up at page 3, when you beat Arlo for example, you will complete the “beat Rocket Leader Arlo” test for the price of 1 regular Rocker radar instead of the original 2 or 3 radars (depending on how many tasks you have stacked) you would need to complete each one of the tasks.

I’ve been sitting on both of the last Team Rocket research and HAVEN’T claimed a single item off page one and have been getting the new rocket research. And to avoid accidentally claiming a reward I hit the arrow key on the corner of the research that collapses it to avoid accidentally hitting a reward while scrolling up or down.
I’d like to share a bit of knowledge from my personal playing experience: in these past months (I’ve done this for the past two team rocket researches) I’ve claimed all three rewards, BUT the final one on page 1 (so not to move to page 2), and the game is still giving me team rocket researches every time there’s a new one around. Hope more people will share their stories about this, just to confirm this is not an isolated lucky case, hope it helps! 😎
I have 3 of those radars now, but all the quests are beyond page 1, what should i do?

Edit:i used one of the radars to complete the quest and i got two quest done at once, but didn’t realize i had another one, i have quest called field go research and it about beating giovanni should i complete it or just keep the radar i got from it?

I am not sure if stacking radars works. Had one from registeel and one from regice research. I fight against Giovanni during the weekend – and what I received? Registeel instead of Regice….. I was wondering if radars are not assigned to the specific pokemon at the end…or the task for registeel supposed to be inactive. This is confusing
I am now on page 3 of „shadow skirmishes“. Am I right that it would be the best bet to complete it now, get the Regice and then keep the „From the Shadows“ questline at 1/5? Because if I wait for the upcoming event (Regirock) I will just lose a full BRR. Or do I not even get the „From the Shadows“ questline after I completed „Shadow Skirmishes“, because the Rocket event is already over? I am a bit lost right now.
i burned one radar for regiIce, but only so i could then have one extra radar in my bag if i wanted to use it to go after few decoys.
but at least for the regirock, i will take page 1 strategy and start to stack them until we get some useful shadow mons.
I was going to do this with the last research but I accidentally clicked the rewards while distracted… At least this time it requires a purify because I have already gotten the platinum medal and I do not purify mons so, I won’t mess up this time.
So basically, I didn’t want shadow Regice and but I have claimed black rocket radar.And what I want to clarify is if there is another team rocket event in the future and for instance Giovanni is using a shadow Mewtwo or any other; I can use my claimed black rocket radar right!
If you claim the rewards from page 1, it doesn’t count as active. I accidentally claimed one of the shadowy skirmishes research but I’m still on page 1 and now I am able to get the most recent one still so I still have access to 2 super rocket radars despite the fact that I accidentally claimed one of the rewards on page 1 of shadowy skirmishes.
I used my super radar to clear the research to get the new one, but after beating Giovanni I force closed the game and told Niantic my game crashed and I couldn’t claim the prize Pokemon. They gave me a replacement super radar after I provided a screenshot of the journal proving I beat Giovanni. I claimed the rest of the research rewards and got the new shadow research and still have a spare in my bag. Hope this helps anyone who already went past page 1.

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