The Best Free-to-Play TIPS for Pokémon GO!

This might sound crazy, but I think they should remove the timer for raids (or make it like 700 seconds). This would allow smaller groups of players to beat raid bosses while also making it better to raid with others, as you will lose a lot and a lot of revives

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*A note about using a lucky egg for the evolve XP spotlight hour*
Stop evolving a little early before your egg runs out, you have to let the XP hit your account while the egg is active for it to work.
For this I set a timer and stop evolving with 30-45 seconds left on the egg to give it time to catch up, since the total XP for all evolutions hit at once once you’re back at the main screen.

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Nanab berries are actually somewhat useful this month. You can get the field task to use 5 nanab berries to help catch pokemons, which gets you a foongus encounter. Since each foongus catch gets you 500 stardust, you can stack the tasks until those 2x or 3x catch stardust events to get a lot more stardust.
What I love about this event is the shiny boosted Pokémon, it’s a nice way to give a little more incentive to grind
I only disagree with the Pokemon storage vs item storage. Poke balls are always plenty if you have active friends who send gifts. Gifts give so many useful items and if you have a large enough friend list you will be absolutely inundated with pokeballs. So for me I always prioritise Pokemon storage over item storage
As a f2p I’ve always been doing excellent throws. Excellent throws is the main way I got my xp and the practice was SO worth it. And with the xp bonuses I can tell everyone that excellent throws are literally the best
Just a heads up because I’m not sure it was explained but in regards to the “Pokemon Stacking” Be very careful as developers said it wasn’t an intended feature and anything past 100 stacks could be lost including shinies, hundos etc
Since the Super Raid Box is here, I have never paid so much attention to getting the gym coins each day. I was able to buy it twice for now. Hopefully the box stays till the end of the season, so that I have enough for the next Go Fest and future Raid Days, maybe even the Sinnoh Tour.
I believe it’s just plain ridiculous that a game that demands you to play outside also demands this amount of planing and tight daily schedules in order to get a decent growing pace, specially when it comes to stardust recollection.

I am bored of having to wait for a lucky trade in order to get an improved IVs shiny and then having to wait for when that Pokémon becomes relevant to power it up thanks to the ridiculous stardust prices per level near lvl 40.

I’ve always gone with double the amount of Pokémon storage compared to my item bag, I got 850 item storage but 1800 Pokémon storage. I usually play 3 or so times a day for a couple of min and I got plenty of Pokéstops available. I usually have 200+ Pokéballs combined, 100+ pinaps and 60+ golden razz, and 200+ revive and health potions combined. I rarely run out of items, but there’s always some Pokémon I want to save for later, or keep until I catch a better one 😊
My two biggest tips for people building out stuff to raid with would be:

1) Don’t sweat IVs too much. Obviously, you want as good as possible, but the reality is that IVs rarely matter in raids unless you’re trying to do the smallest groups possible. If I wasn’t so determined to get full teams of 96%+ pokemon, I could’ve saved myself a lot of money over the years.

2) Know the budget counters. Yes, legendaries will almost always be at the top of their respective type lists, but there are usually a few non-legendary pokemon that score pretty high up the list as well. For example, Earth Power Garchomp isn’t THAT MUCH worse than Precipice Blades Groudon, and the former can be obtained for free. Also, shadow pokemon, which are more expensive dust wise to power up but can be obtained for free, are typically some of the hardest hitters if you know what you’re looking for.

Tip: New players – dont catch 2. and 3. level pokemons that you dont have in the pokedex – evolve instead during 2x evolve bonus + lucky egg = 8000 xp per pokemon. This will really stack up😊
A thing I fine very good when playing on a low budget is to do the scan quest that can come from pokestops and gyms. There are times they give 10 pokeball / 5 great ball / Poffin I personally go for the poffin for more easy friendship but the pokeball one has for sure saved me at times
30 stardust per berry 😉

Its insane if you get around 15 pokemon in a gym which means you get up to 27’000 dust per 30 minutes depending how many pokemon are in a gym (Max is 6 but 5 if there’s too many large pokemon)

They need to lower the cp of the raid boss. No way in hell i could find players locally that have TIME to meet up and battle someone like Lugia. Level 50 players cant solo that mon yet alone new casual players. Its so dumb

EDIT: i understand raiding high tier mons are not meant to be raided solo, thats why remote raids are needed because you can hop in something like pokegenie then boom, raid done.

Secondly, if they really want to keep the game alive they should take care and entice casual players. A normal person with a brain thats trying the game out will be like “this sh*ts unplayable”

Another FTP Tip, MEGAS:
Any time a new mega Pokemon comes out, do enough raids (usually only 2) to get the mega energy needed to mega evolve them. Having level 3 megas will get you more EXP and more candy then you would get just catching on your own. I have all of my Pokemon I use as megas under a tag, then when I go to that tag I search “Can Mega Evolve” so that I can see which ones are ready to go for free without using energy. Once you evolve one, you can walk for the rest of the energy if you want, but you don’t need to. I have 15 mega level 3 Pokemon now just because I check in on them every few days and do my free evolution to level them up.

Mega level 3s come in huge on events like community day when you want to squeeze as much as you can out of your time. So make sure you’re not missing these! Added bonus, you can shoot your mega medal up really quickly using this method of just evolving whether you’re using them at the time or not.

It’s better to increase Pokemon storage first since there are 730 Pokemon in the game than do item storage after every 4 days you can upgrade you get plenty of Poke ball in stops and gym
Although I played this game since day 2 launched. Since the server were down during day one. I appreciate these types of videos you always make. Always learn something new regardless of the topic.
I started playing in 2016 and have been on and off but I’ve never spent anything ever. I re-installed the game last year and began to play more consistently , finally hitting lvl 40 last month. I think this game is still fun as a free to play but your success completely rides on how close you live to gyms and pokestops. I think a player who lives on top of a gym and pokestop will do better with much less effort
As a current level 38 F2P player…the absolute hardest thing to do is grow the pokemon/bag storage by trying to get the 50 daily gym coins…the fact that there is a cap on storage is the dumbest part of the game.
I actually like and use Nannab berries semi often. I use them on shadow Pokémon so I can just catch them quickly and move on. I also like to use them on stashed Pokémon because I can fly through it when I decide to empty it.
My biggest tip would be is get yourself a gotcha … when I first started I did the quick catch method but wasn’t enough . If you get one you can catch twice as fast and get the most dust that way tbh . Doesn’t even have to be a good brand one just a cheap one
Didn’t know the legendary thing in PVP! I might try to get into PVP now thanks to that!
Ps: Could we get an updated list of the best pokemon in PVP next please? lol
I synchronized my daily catch and special research rewards and claimed them at the same time I was getting ready to hatch 4 of the 10k eggs and earned almost 40,000 stardust this week on a star piece!
Catching everything is so underestimated and I’m saying this looking at myself few months ago… I was able to level up all the pokemons I needed/wanted and still have over 2 million dust in a few months… not to mention I cant wait for a 3x dust event with the shellders and some starpieces that I’m saving!
The pvp tips were also so clutch not only to win battles but also getting double the rewards at the end! Not to mention that I have the worst luck with Lugia and cannot get a decent one from daily raids but just last week I hit level 20 and already got 4 extra lugias from the 3rd reward..
All the tips on platinum medals, event tips, which pokemons to focus for excellents… cant take you enough, it made the game so much more enjoyable that I now want to spent money on it… great timing lol maybe I’ll buy someones used auto catcher
you’ll play, take photo, feed 3 berries to get it out and walking, and then you’ll battle a team leader with your buddy in front of the party.. back out of battle, you don’t need to finish.. then set a timer for 30 minutes and repeat the same process (except only feed 1 berry now).. after 3 rounds they will be excited.. this is the method I use and it’s fantastic
Last season I got a shiny Rayquaza from Battleing, and the same thing happened this season. I was able to catch a shiny Lugia, definitely a good thing to do.
They need to make multiple ways to earn poke coins, and they need to add something like a piggy bank, all the extra poke coins that you get over the 50 limit will end up in that and you can claim them the next day or whem you need em
If you don’t get to have people who also playe Pokemon Go, getting lucky pokemon is really difficult, and so far I only managed to get like 4-5 lucky pokemon because my friends played, but eventually stopped playing the game. Also, coordinating with people from other teams is also difficult. I might try to get the vall rolling and make a community server for people that live here, but it’s likely not getting any people, since how few people still play the game (fyi, I’m from Romania, and don’t live in a big county like Bucharest, so you can understand the difficulty)
Berries fed at a gym is 30 stardust but 50 xp per berry
You can do 100 per 30 minutes and gain 3,000 stardust and 5,000 xp every 30 minutes when you have berries
If you’re fortunate enough to have a lot of bag space and you play in a large area with many pokestops chances are you will be able to feed berries often enough to keep them low in your item bag
Right now I have 800 nanab and 750 razz berries and I’m struggling to find gyms that people won’t kick me out of but I know how useful feeding them is in my rural area and know I have the time to do it so I’m holding off on deleting them until I hit an event where I have to
About the gym system, you can do like me: marry someone from a different team 😂 the truth is I started to play in 2016 (Valor team) and then I forgot all about it at the end of that same year. My husband started to play 2 months ago with his coworkers, and luckily, he picked Instinct team. I reactivated my account, we did lucky trades with my old 2016 Pokemons, and now every day after work we go around grinding the gyms in the area, taking turns and deciding when to take each other out of gyms, just to make sure we both get 50 coins daily.
As a pretty decent GBL player (above level 20 in first few weeks), you definitely don’t get many legendaries at all. You can for sure. But if you’re only battling to get free legendaries it’s gonna be disappointing. I’d guess 85%+ of my rewards aren’t legendary.

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