How to get XP FAST in Pokémon GO!

The special researches from leveling up are very nice though. You get special research at 43, 45, 47, and 50. All of which provide premium items, a good amount of XP and dust, and some rare spawn encounters. So keep grinding trainers!

Detailed explanation | How to get XP FAST in Pokémon GO!

I’ve been doing 4 and 5 star raids. In a month and about a week. I went from level 24-32. Would be higher, but I’ve calmed down on the amount of raids I remote

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Still 48mln to level 50 for me. Definitely going for it this year🎉 🎉 I’m more interested in hitting legend in gbl and be really good at it tho
It’s the time of the notification popup that counts. So if you level-up just before you’re lucky egg runs out, you may not get the double XP. (Yes, I’ve missed a lot of XP this way. Learnt my lesson)
Two tips.

1) If you’re leveling up a lot of friendships at once you can get through them more quickly by clearing the map of obstructions, opening the gifts, popping the lucky egg and then tapping on the screen repeatedly to get the notifications to pop up more quickly. You will need to then click the x each time to clear the notification but you can clear 30 friend bonuses in about 2 minutes, giving you more time to use your double XP for other things.
2) You can evolve about 150 Pokémon in an hour. If you first tag the all of the Pokémon you want to evolve and avoid xxl, xxs, new Pokédex entries or anything else that will add more time to the process you can click the tag, filter by search string and then just tap the necessary on-screen icons in order.

I also used your Bixby Routines video with tip 2 to evolve over 700 Pokémon on autopilot during the Blanche event. We got an event with this bonus in February and April so I’m really crossing my fingers for it to come back in June.

I’ve just came back after taking a year away from it. Been halfway through level 38 for what feels like an eternity 😂
Another good way to gain XP is to host 5* raids for 10 new friends, as they are new you’ll interact with them during the raid and get 10 x 3.000 xp and then add the 10.000 xp for the 5* raid that is 40.000 xp, if you throw on a lucky egg that is 80.000 xp just for one raid.. This was way more doable when the remote raid was a thing and the extra invite glitch worked (I know its a feature now but the extra invite was faster)
From my experience, 2x XP evolve or 2x XP catch is crazy good. It won’t give you the most of your XP, what will give you is sending gifts and making excellent throws. But if you need 2M xp to level up, 2x XP event is super duper good because it’s not what give you the most XP in total but it really is consistent.
Thanks for this post. Grinding level 48 tasks. It looks like I get 48,000 XP for completing the 3 challenge panels. Can you confirm whether dropping an egg would double the reward?
im lvl 49 atm and im half way to lvl 50, the best way for me to get xp is def the friendship one. Its just sooo much XP if youre willing to do the long term gifting that its even possible to get lvl 50 as a ftp player like me 🙂
I am finally about to hit level 50,. I have about three million x p to go. You can also get XP by Sending gifts and feeding pokemon in gyms. It will also get you Stardust, Maybe some candy and points to the gym as well.

I started september fifteenth of 2021 and I have played every single day mostly free to play not buying lucky eggs but using them at important times and I will finally be level fifty within the next week or two.

Almost Lv 48. Will still be grinding XP after lv 50 because they WILL raise the lv cap someday, and don’t you want to be ready? 🙂
Does anyone know when campfire will be avalible for everyone? I would love to be able to coordinate friendsip bonuses but there is no way for me to contact these trainers I am friends with…
Its hard for me to even reach level 50 and been trying to get pokecoin without buying them, im a level 32 and dont have any good pokemon and as for pokecoins im trying to save up for remote raid passes and more storage for pokemon and items increase but like i said not doing a great job at it, where im at people are so rude finding me knocking out my pokemon as soon as I put 1 in to defend a gym, I have bad knees so that is why I’ve been having difficult times to do stuff solo
Level 38,5, playingsince 2019. Admittedly I Earned most of that exp in the last 3 months as before I only used Go to to fill Pokemon Home dex, but then Niantic decided they do not like the game anymore and I can’t find the motivation to play anymore
What a used to a lot was friend interaction at 11:45pm. I could open 60 gifts in 30 minutes. Become Good Friend with 60 friends is like 360.000 XP. Great Friend is 1,200,000…
But will be harder to save that amount of friend to level up to Ultra and Best Friends.
The Idea from Niantic Campfire is good, but the real Campfire is a big joke. I texted a Player a half year before and they didn‘t see it. I think, when you got a Campfire Message, that should be a reminder in Pokemon Go. When you open the Game: You have … new Messages on Campfire.
One addition I would like to make to the evolve Pokemon way:
You can log in to your PoGo account at two devices at the same time. This means you can evolve two different Pokemon at the same time. And the XP still register regular.
This means if you have a spare phone (or even more) you can double/triple/… the numbers of Pokemon you can evolve at the same time.
Please don’t make people wait forever and a day to hit friendship level ups. I’ve had multiple friends that were a day away and instead of just opening a gift so we leveled up, they decided to make me wait until it was convenient for them. I’ve unfriended at least five people because they wanted to play games and make me wait more than five days. That 100,000 point is not that important to me.
Reality check : Niantic Campfire still not available globally. And bad things happening inside Niantic Office. Bad decision by CEO of Niantic make game look like a bandage wrapped over for the name of bug fix which is never fixed. Unable to see the potential of the game and love for Community.😢
Another efficient way is hosting on apps like pokeraid and adding like 10 ppl. Once u do the raid u hit good friends and with a lucky egg u get 6k XP times 10 players. Thats 60k XP per raid plus 20k from a 5 star raid so thats 80k!

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