How to get FREE POKECOINS in Pokémon GO!

They should change the limit from 50 coins a day to 350 coins a week. It’s basically the same thing but that way you can just get all your coins in like 2 days and I’m sure people will like that more

Detailed explanation | How to get FREE POKECOINS in Pokémon GO!

i love the idea of getting a small amount of pokecoins for doing some daily tasks. Especially if you’ve been playing the game for a while and have collected most available pokemon and there’s no big event happening at the time, the game can get a tad boring. so small daily tasks would be a welcome distraction from those “dry spells”. and 5 coins per day and a little task wouldn’t make a huge difference in the bigger picture, but motivate players to stay interested.

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I like the idea of a move that gives more coins and I definitely think they should give it to goldengo to make it actually worth the grind and also because it’s just super fitting
I feel like maybe making the daily cap higher than 50 PokéCoins per day to even just 75 PokéCoins per day and make it so that community day special researches can be purchased not just with $1 but also like 200 PokéCoins would be great improvements that Niantic could implement.
Coordinating with local players (with a discord, for example) is an A+ strategy. We all work together so we all get coins, which also includes requests to get kicked out of gyms.
I always thought we should have a special gym for only legendaries. maybe an extra 10 a day. Or a daily challenge vs lengendaries at gyms, or after a gym scan.
The best and easiest time to attack a gym and keep your Pokemon in the longest is usually after midnight to 5AM on Monday – Thursday mornings. Also, around 3AM or 4AM during the wee hours on Sunday morning is a great time as well too (most people sleep in on Sundays). At these times, less people are actively playing and the motivation of pokemons in the gyms are their lowest (not fed berries and fruit since many trainers are sleeping) and the defeated trainers will very likely get paid their 50 pokecoins, plus new pokemons placed in gyms are less likely to be attacked during these times. This is definitely one advantage of being an extremely night owl.
I like the idea of the walk 5 km for it and so should the Pokémon company because it’s helping improve their goal of wanting trainers to go outside and socialize. Not trying to force anything tho.
I definitely think coins should be rewards from research.
In terms of gyms, perhaps they could tie extra coins to certain medals players have accumulated? Like, if you have a maxed out Dark type medal and leave a dark type to defend a gym, then you would get coins at a higher rate? A bit of a stretch 😅 but something along those lines since there is a big focus on getting medals in order to level up and it’s already a big part of the game.
I think for each pokemon that gets knocked out of a gym that you currently have 25 coins. So if you have a gym with 4 pokemong and your 1 pokemon when the gym is completely knocked out 25×4 =100 coins. The daily tasks for 50 coins is awesome idea btw.
This isn’t like a main solution, but just like a little boost on the side. They could add it into Gimmighoul’s gimmick, like when you catch the Gimmighoul, it has a decent chance to drop Pokecoins. Then the golden lure would prioritize the gimmighoul coins but possibly drops 1-10 Pokecoins. Of course this wouldn’t be a main solution cause not everyone has Scarlet/Violet, but a mini-solution.
I wish they would add coin rewards for attacking a gym. 1 coin per defender defeated, cap attacking rewards at 50, keep defending rewards how it is I guess. You could get 18 coins for defeating a full gym. So you’d just need to battle 3 different gyms to gain all your daily limit gym attacking coins.
In Germany there was a system in Pokemon go, where you could get 20 coins per day by doing some daily mission (fighting a go rocket member, 10 catches) if you have done 5 you get those coins. But they reduced the gym coins and increased the time you need to get one coin
Tip for those who have problems with pokemon getting stuck in gyms. Set up a secondary account that is a different team from your main account and play until you reach at least lv5. Then you can use your secondary to wipe out your gym, place a pokemon, and take it back over with your primary account. If you lv up to 10 then you can friend yourself and as long as you have an extra device you can use you can trade some better pokemon to your secondary, making it easier to take out gyms. Plus bonus, you can send yourself gifts.
Honestly i feel like doing research missions should give PokeCoins as well, heck even make it have a daily or weekly limit count so it does not get out of control.
Like 200 coins a day or 1,000 weekly but make researches like 1-5 coins per one completed to actually motivate people to explore around and earn them and same for catching pokemons like 100 catches a day for 20 coins for example.
With the Remote Raid price increases it would honestly make a somewhat slightly okay method to obtain passes a little bit easier but still the problem with pricy and limited uses daily.
But then again any coins at this rate would definitely help than the 50/daily with a underrated feature and not always guaranteed because some areas don’t bother with KOing pokemons or just get ignored completely with 5+ days pokemon sitting there.
Extremely easy solution is to just allow players to get their daily coins, regardless of if the Pokemon gets knocked out of a gym. Even if this was a “recall” feature where you can’t just leave it in the gym endlessly to stack this bonus daily it would be a lot better. I’ve had Pokemon in gyms for months at a time because it was more remote and only get 50 coins all the while not being able to use that Pokemon. I’d also like to see the cap changed, maybe 50 coins max per gym, rather than per day. It’s so dumb that you have to maximize efficiency by coordinating with other teams. Kind of defeats the purpose of gyms when you’re begging to have your Pokemon knocked out so you can get some coins.
I hope when they introduce contests, it will also allow us to obtain pokecoins. Since we can get 50 pokecoins from Gyms we could also get a max of 50 pokecoins from competing and winning contests, maybe first place the grand total of 50 pokecoins and it sub sequentially drops the lower you place.
Agree 100%! It’s crazy with all the price increases that PoGo STILL has yet to add any new ways for players to earn more free coins. The pay to play path Niantic is taking is only further antagonizing their already aggrieved player base.
I think 50 coins a day is pretty fair (although of course more would be better:D). However I think the way you get the coins is really not fun, because if you cant locally coordinate getting kicked out you are just dependent on other people kicking you out in time. There are gyms where basically no one plays and if you have a Pokemon there it can actually stay there multiple months, and that one Pokemon being there days over days will net you: 50 coins once kicked out… Just let the Pokemon farm you the coins, while it is in the gym. Every 6 minutes you get your 1 coin up to the daily maximum. And if it stays in the gym you will continue to get coins on consecutive days. That way as long as you put Pokemon in gyms you will always get your coins, and you cant get unlucky because one day just no one attacks your gym.
I feel IF they increase the coin limit to 200 a lot more people will be active trying to take down gyms which will make it harder for players to reach that coin limit
Gyms used to give out 100 coins a day, you could collect 10 coins per day per Pokémon in a gym. This was a great system, that they did away with and switched to the 50 coins a day system. Also, they have previously beta tested doing tasks for coins, but nothing came of it.
Does anyone here believe that could be possible that these whole Shadow raids things could be a way for them to bring back armored Mewtwo because if you check the Pokedex under events it says that he can be shiny even though he doesn’t have a shiny in go with Shadow raids this would be a great addition to add armored Shadow Mewtwo there’s just so much potential and on top of that people who missed out the first time will go to the in-person raids and get armored Mewtwo with a shiny potential. Let me know what you guys think and maybe we could talk to Niantic and get it possibly in an event in the future just a thought for the Pokemon go community!
I dunno if anyone else does this but I always just leave a bunch of recently caughts and after they get knocked out I’ll just transfer them instead of using a bunch of revives every day. Is there an achievement for keeping one specific Pokémon in gyms for a certain amount of time ?
I remember doing the coin tasks when they were testing it in Australia. They were easy enough, the problem was they made it you get half from those and half from gyms still making it 50 coins total. I would like them to bring it back but increase the amount you get
I dont usually comment, but I’ve thought about getting more pokecoins from gyms too. Why you putting this in you video, now I get to share my opinion on it. Also, I will be contacting PoGo support and letting them about my idea. I’ve done that for the remote passes and today I did that for potions. I like your idea of making the field research, give us the coins. However, I would do one coin fort every task completed. Now that I’m thinking about it, every day we would have to complete a task to get the stamp. So getting the stamp and 5 coins each day would be good too. As for the Gym, sometimes my pokemon is in the gym for longer than 8 hours. What I would like is, 3 coins every hour after that 8 hours or even 1 coin an hour I would take. We can go even further and be rewarded with one coin for every Rocket Leader that we defeat – you have to go out to find them. We can even do this with the balloon encounters.
I think getting pokecoins from daily tasks should be made available, these tasks will be rare, like the spinda tasks nowadays for example(Make 5 great throws in a row). And the reward can should be only a few pokecoins. There are so many pokestops a person can spin per day therefore only so many of these pokecoins one can earn per day with this method. So I think this is a great method which Niantic and the community can agree on
LOL, I guess I’m pretty chaotic when it comes to gyming, but just generally I want to turn all gyms blue. If I’m in a hurry or just not feeling it, I’ll leave red gyms alone. But I kinda view yellow as my enemy, so I always take over any yellow gyms I see.
I really want to see a system that wants people to stay in gyms. so passively get the coins by stying in the gyms so the game updates every hour or so how many gyms youre in. four gyms for one hour = 12 coins. then it can be increased to 70 or 80 or even 90 by doing tasks. that would be a better way.

You can get 50 coins daily from gyms max limit, but to go above it has to be tasks done.

the only change they need to make is you get more coins depending on how long your mons are in gyms there is literally no incentive to try and go out of your way to keep your mons in gyms. I mean I do it for fun and regularly have mons at over a month or even hundreds of days with thousands of berries but seriously it should be like every week there in you get like 100 or so coins
Just was thinking about it… They should implement a daily achievement system in the game…. Do a certain task on that day like walk 5 km gets you 10 poke coins… And like 9 other tasks that can be completed everyday for say an extra 100 poke coins everyday that can be earned if you go out and play and explore… And I’m sure that coming up with 10 daily tasks would be super easy and would entice people to get out more
If you tap on each Pokémon in a gym you can see how long it’s been there, I won’t go after any gyms with Pokémon who have been there less than the 8h20m needed for 50 coins. I wish more people did this; nothing sucks like taking down a gym only for your mon to be kicked out after 5 minutes
Ah, the golden rasp berry method.
If you try to defeat the gym, it can be irritating if a player keeps restoring the motivation.
On the other hand, it can be great though.
For example, if you’re trying to get the gym badge gold. Let’s say there’s a high motivation Slaking (4000+) in the gym and I have a strong fighting type pokémon, for example Lucario. I keep battling the Slaking and it gets restored every battle. So everytime you defeat the Slaking, you get 40+ gym badge XP. This is faster than staying in the gym for 40 minutes.
In the short term, it gets you faster to a golden gym badge. In the long term it can be boring, true. But if you’re close to gold, well, keep on fighting!

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