Pokémon Go | Clearing Pokémon Storage has NEVER BEEN EASIER…

A good idea would be instead of saving the search function is to use the search function to filter and save the pokemon in tags since tags have no limit

Detailed explanation | Clearing Pokémon Storage has NEVER BEEN EASIER…

If I could make a suggestion, since you can only save 12 searches, you could condense all the meta Pokémon into one search thread, after which you could periodically tag them all as “meta” then search meta&’type’ to refine the search. I might do this by hand, but would be a good add to your sheet!

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To exclude certain Pokémon from a search, you just have to add an exclamation point before the tag, like this “!xxxxx” (replace the “x” by what you want to exclude).
For exemple, “cp-1500&age0-90&!Legendary&!Mythical&!Shadow”, this will show all Pokémon AT 1500 CP or below, caught in the last 90 days, BUT exclude any Legendary, Mythical or Shadow from the result.
A few pointers:
• “Mark pokémon to not delete” could be expanded in next video to “how to use tags effectively” because the power of negating a tag name (or even tag prefix if you group similar tags with one) is incredible to exclude important pokémon from being deleted.
• Pokémon left for trades: distance, mirrors, etc.
• How to combine all the aforementioned stuff (in your vid and here) with keeping actual collections in your bag.
• How to set up keyboard autocomplete on both iOS and Android to actually be able to use more than 12 saved searches
So glad you posted about this. With GoFest coming up, I’ve been clearing out storage. If anyone out there plans to be playing the full eight hours on one or both days, you’re going to want room to catch at least 1000 mon in a single day without having to stop and transfer.
It’s also important to me to save all Pokémon that I want to trade an get XL candy for during seasons like this season. I did regret transferring some of my legendaries before when I could be trading them for guaranteed XLs right now. I save all snorlaxs, stunfisks, and excadrills as well; I’m working on maxing them out currently. I saved most of my axew too, making sure I trade all of them as well.
You forgot about the 12 candy evolution Pokémon, the new players seeing this not knowing about them will be wasting a perfect opportunity.Luckily, Niantic recently implemented a language option into the app, under /Settings/General 🙂
I have a similar strategy to this, where I tag all Pokémon that I’m keeping according to their use, then make a search thread showing all Pokémon without those tags. It takes a little while to start it, but it’s so easy to get rid of unneeded Pokémon once it’s in place.
Another helpful tip for search threads that i do is by adding “!#” which filters out pokemon you have tagged so if you have tags for pvp pokemon, Nundos, pokemon that you caught in special places and dont want to lose, ect. You can filter those out of the delete threads without having to look at each pokemon for sentimental/pvp value 😁
You can filter cp by adding the cp range as, for instance, cp1400-1500 or cp0-1500 if you’re looking for something useful to power up.
what I’m missing most is a complete guide for shadows: I mean, which are the best to keeps looking at different ivs, for example a shadow tyranitar 15-14-4 could be good to keep since it has high attack and defense for raids, but also a shadow sneasel 13-13-14 could be kept not purified even though it has not 15 attack. But I miss this for other pokemon like electabuzz or swinub and so on. Sorry for the long comment, I hope I was clear since my English is not well trained
You should add the &!# (and not #) to your search string to filter out all the pokemon that have any tag on them. That way any pokemon that has already been sorted into a tag won’t show up.
Thanks! This is awesome and really helpful. I didn’t know that you can save filters. Here’s another tip for iOS users: you can save the search string by using keyboard shortcuts. To do this, go to Settings->General->Keyboard->Text Replacement. There, you can add a shortcut with the full search string, and when searching on the app, simply use the shortcut. I think Android may have a similar function as well.
To search on cp ranges for pvp, you can use “cp-1500” for great league; “cp-2500” for ultra league, and “cp-500” for little cup.

On the megas, can’t you just add !shadow to eliminate shadow pokemon? There might be some shadow that you can purify for the mega but needing to purify a good IV shadow for the mega should be rare.

Thanks for the vid. Looking forward to trying it. As always, PvP is always the hang up, since the meta DOES change so i hate xferring Pokemon with good PvP IVs.

So, these search strings are a great help, but I feel like there is still room to optimize it a little bit.
Now personally, I following advice from another comment have put all of the type search strings into one, so it shows me all of my best raid pokemon regardless of type, which is great.
But there are some things that would still greatly help the players to manage, we have a search string for all of the good pokemon, we have a search string for all of the bad IV pokemon. But if a pokemon is not a raid pokemon and doesn’t have bad stats, the player will still need to go through all of the pokemon in their box to find them. It maybe can be sped up a little bit with a search string that shows you all of the objectively bad pokemon? Pokemon that are not good in either raids nor pvp, no matter how good their IV’s are?

Search string to show all the 12 candy evolutions and pokemon that have trade evolutions could also be very helpful in saving time on the spot when the player needs to do some fast maintenance

but yeah, this search string compilation without any doubt makes storage management the easiest it has ever been

This is so useful, thank you! What do you recommend doing with community day shinies and event/costume pokemon? They take up so much of my storage.
I prefer to keep the Pokémon that I consider strong, at my current level, and ones that have an evolution that I need to get. In case you’re wondering, that level is 30 (almost to 31) and the CP minimum is 1500
You could add to those formulas the CP limits on the League’s and you could also filter out the Shadows on the mega list. If someone hasn’t told you them yet comment back and I can post them for you but they are pretty readily available. I manage my own Excel document that tracks everything in the game and I’ve been doing that for seven years now so the filters are incredibly helpful for me. If you have questions, let me know.
I mostly just keep pvp and collection pokemon. One per cup depending on the mon. Yeah, that’s more tm’s but I save storage. Anything else, I tag trade/transfer and just don’t go a long time without sifting through. It can get overwhelming if you wait too long. Thankfully, my husband plays just enough for me to trade for specific candies I need.
For the cleaning, for people using tags (as I recommend it), why not use “&!#” at the end, as it will allow to skip pokemons which have tags (ie, have already been processed)? Maybe also add a “&!favorites” (or whatever is the filter in English). And on last week filter, there is two “&” consecutive, I don’t think you need both.
You could also plan for translations, as we don’t all use English apps. I can help with French if needed as I use frequently filters.
You can add cp10-1500 or cp10-2500 to the search to filter out non Great or Ultra League cps. I found it out when a research required beating a 3* raid with Ultra League pokemon
Here are 2 tips: #1 If you want to limit the cp of Pokémon for PVP, or in general. For example, you could put &cp-1500 for Great League and &cp-2500 for the Ultra League. #2 For filtering out Shadow Pokémon for the Mega Pokémon, you could do &!shadow or &!@frustration
This is is INSANELY helpful. Thank you. Truly.

Quick Question about the Grass filter…I am getting Tyranitar evol line. 246-247-248 are the 3 evolutions and I see they are in the 242-254 range. Those are basically the legendaries + T-Tar line, oh and Blissey (teehee) from Johto.

What is this supposed to filter for grass??

with the limit of 12 saved, most phone keyboards allow you to save in your clipboard, so you can have all of them saved in your clipboard history and then just tap the clipboard button to find them later
I find it so much easier to just keep up with cleaning storage in realtime. About once per week, more or less depending on how much I’m catching, I just go through the most recent. Transfer junk, label to transfer later those I want 2x candy for, maybe label anything special that for GBL and that’s it. It’s so much more manageable to do it regularly.
I just have a bunch of shadow pokemon that I need to purify for the stupid medal, but they’ve stacked up over the last few months.

But these are very helpful!

I have 5,450 Pokemon storage… Played a ton 2019-2021, and getting into optimizing for PVP, having to lookup the metas, then scan them for optimal IVs… So, instead I’d sit on them and let them take up massive storage space… Is what caused me to mostly quit for ~2 years or so. Just got back into it and I’m so overwhelmed trying to delete more than half my mons, but tags, saveable search strings, and your tips here help so much so thank you. Hopefully this is kind-of a one-time thing, then I’ll try to stay on top of it better.
I’m struggling with the search strings. I have copy/pasted the strings to my game (example type dragon), but the Game just shows me some Gible and one Axew. But in this example i definately have some Rayquaza and Salamence in my inventory….where is the mistake? Also other strings don’t show the correct mons 🙁
It might just be me, but for some reason some of the searches don’t seem to be working as intended. Like the dragon one is only searching for keurem, zekrom, and the garchomp lines of evolution and is ignoring my perfect salamance, my rayquaza’s and a bunch of other dragon types that I have.

Edit: getting rid of “shadow” seems to kind of fix it, it lets salamance, rayquaza, and dragonite appear, but for some reason groudon appears as well now.

Edit: after the “1009&shadow” you have “383” which is garchomp’s number, so he’s popping up as a dragon type attacker in the search

Edit 3: for whatever reason it seems like the “&shadow” seems to be breaking it for me resulting in the Pokémon that are being searched for before the “&shadow” not showing up in the search.

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