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Hidden Gems Current Nesting Species
Kanto – Bulbarsaur, Squirtal, Charmander, Ratatta (regualr) sandshrew, Nidoran (male and Female), Para (extra stardust per catch), Growlithe, bellsprout, drowzee, rhyhorn, tangela
Johto – hoothoot, natu, wobbuffet, Slugma
Hoenn – Treeko, torchic, mudkip, poochyen, lotad, seedot, wingull, shrromish, whismur, nosepass, electrike, roselia
Shinnoh – starley, kricketot, buizel, skunky, skorupi, finneon
Unova – Lillipup, Woobat, Sewaddle, Ducklett, Deerling
Kalos- Litleo, Clauncher

the list of all pokemon that can nest. Though only the ones selected for this season will nest (the list above). They actually change them every season with the new season. So for Example While Sableye can nest, it is not in the current seasons nesting pokemon list so it wont be available to nest during this season.

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Note: Nests are not necessarily dark green spaces on the map. There’s an area of my apartment that has a green space, tennis, volleyball, and basketball courts, and the pool. That isnt dark green in game but has a small nest (right now growlithe, migrated from Rhyhorn a couple days ago)

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Hopefully I can find a Meditite or Sableye nest because getting XLs for them is really hard. I also never knew how many mons can spawn in nests
Nesting species change per season.realistically it is about 5-10% of those chosen per season. For example Sableye doesn’t nest during this season To find the current list search the season + nesting species.Highlights for this season (hidden gems) Gen 1 and Gen 3 starters. Clauncher and shroomish, newer shinies and Rhyhorn.
Use your Nearby Pokémon tool in the game to help determine what the nest is without having to be in it. If the Nearby is full of the same or most of the same Pokémon then that’s the nest
nest were a huge thing in the past, but nowadays the nest spawns are always overwhelmed by the event spawns, making the nests pretty useless. The Sliph Road Atlas has been such an amazing tool back in the past, I remember spending a lot of time mapping the nests of the city on the Atlas. All gone, unfortunately.
When their are costume pokemon on for specific events, the nest pokemon will be costume pokes as well.

When bulbasaur had his little football leather helmet costume. (Halloween Bulby) My local nest was also bulbasaur at the same time. Basically i lucked out with both at once and I even got a shiny costume from the nest.. 1/500

I had s Rufflett nest over a month ago which was nice. I ended up getting a shiny (even though I already had 2). Before that, it was a pineco nest and because its permaboosted i got so many shinies. I even had 2 runaway from the go plus 😅. I usually enjoy my nest!
Nests used to be so huge back in the day because we never had community days or any real big events. With the shut down of Silph Road, one of the best nest finders, it halted nest play. Its also muddled up by event mon spawns now. So it’s kinda rough. They were fun though, it’s how I got my first shiny Eevee way back when.
this makes a lot of sense to me now, during the adventure week i was wondering why finneons were trying their hardest to get my attention when i was at the park
Idk what nest would be around my area but I like the idea to try it. But might help if we had a map added to our tools to help us better
We recently had 2 weeks of Meowth nest in a large park here where I play, and at 500 stardust a piece, it was a real feast! On top of it it was when Axew CD happened, and we had 3x catch SD for 3 hours and they were still spawning! It was 2250 stardust per catch! Yummy.
Ah now I u/stand why the nearby park had excessive amount of Pokémon spawning – first time hearing the nest concept.
Currently dealing with a bulbasaur nest and caught 30 of them In the span of 30-45 minutes nests are no joke and that’s how u got literally all my drilbur xls bc I was blessed with a drilbur nest after sustainability week
Nests will rotate when events (e.g. Dark Flames) start as well.
It easy to find nest, but it is complex to plan “grinding in nests”. First of all other players: they always were here minute before you. Second: nests produce also “regular” pokemons as well, nesting is only about propability.
I’ve experienced a couple nests didn’t know it was a thing super happy to have this knowledge
This is so helpful because I have 400 candies to evolve my magic Carp. into a Gyarados but I don’t have one shiny Magikarp.😅
I’ve never found a nest. Occasionally several of one Pokémon will appear at a local park but then when the next spawns come they’re different ones. Yesterday I went and there were 6 Electrike (including a hundo) but no more spawned after that.
The best nests I ever found was a Charmander nests which I got 2 shinys out of and then the next one was duskull last Halloween event
I’ve only been playing since this January and I play daily yet I’ve never seen any nests. I’d really love a screenshot or something to know what it looks like. Also I only heard about silph road when they announced they were closing so I have no idea what it did. Can you make a video of you finding nests so we know what to do
I think the fields at farms is best, so at the winter when nothing is groing i can farm pokemon instead of grass or any other crop
I wish I heard of nest years ago on pokemon go,I would love to get more eevee so I can actually shiny hunt them
Yes they also change every 2 wks on Wednesday(normally after raid hour). Also every season the nesting pool changes..the N. Hemisphere has a set of pokemon that nest & the S. Hemisphere has set. But also there is a shared set of pokemon that nests in both hemispheres. Hope this helps I know it sounds confusing.
Honestly wish they kept the silph road site up if they were gonna go under so I could look back at their articles. Thats where I learned that its only worth evolving for xl candies (instead of trading 100 candies for 1 xl) if the pokemon has a 12 or 25 candy evolution and is between level 31 and 35 (only weather boosted)
My local park was a Roselia nest for 2 weeks, then switched to Electrike nest for 1 or 2 days and switched to Growlithe, it seems very random when they switch
Wow been playing for some time and didn’t know that we don’t have any large parks but I can keep an eye out for nest and log that info for a later date thank you

Does feebas have a nest? I need something around 72 candies preferably as soon as possible however I have yet to see any spawns lately typically I’d see one here and there on daily incense but not any more.

i could’ve sworn i found a ditto nest in an olive garden once. this was before the shiny, so i couldn’t really take advantage of it, but it was pretty cool.
I’ve got a Paras nest near me right now. So a shout out to nests for Pokémon that give extra stardust.
Yes and no… i work by this park that changes nest weekly and I’ll shiny check every single Pokémon and I think I’ve gotten one shiny from nests like the past year. It’s awesome for candies but shinys not so much
While I don’t see it on the list, I’m pretty sure a local park I go to was a Slugma nest just a few days ago. Now it’s deerling…
To further explain how nests are good for catching a shiny although the rate is the same. You get more opportunities to shiny check. So if a snubbul is in a nest with 1 in 64 chance. You still get that 1 in 64 chance, but you get way more checks because of more spawns. Let’s say in normal hunting you get 2 snubulls in an hour. You get a 3% chance of having a shiny snubull. But if a nest gets you 50 spawns that hour, you have an over 80 percent chance of finding one. Of course it’s still random so you could get 0, or could get 10, but overall odds are better.
I don’t know it was a glitch or something but when I go to my local park I’ll actually see two Pokemon nesting at the same park like for example a couple days ago I was seeing a bunch of wobats and nosepass at the same time
I dont really like nests. Pokemons that spawn at nests generally have lower ivs, and the shiny rate is not boosted as well. The only thing with nests is that you could get candy for a certain pokemon, but candy has never been as problem for me.
I got super LUCKY and got a Charmander nest at my daily stop park. In 3 days I was able to get 1500 reg / 600 xl, 2 shiny and traded the good ones…got 2 Lundo’s (lucky 100% IVs). So ya, your points that actually sound outlandish (even though it happened for me), but it does happen. Charizard Y, final Mega Evolution during catches btw…
I have a question about purified gems, since we have a small pogo community where I live we dont have a lot of players. I always do the raids with 2 friends, who have 5 and 3-4 purified gems. This is my easy, but doable. Some of the new players I raid with dont have purified gems (or like 1-2), and for some reason the Boss doesnt get subdued then (even when me and my friends still use 5).
Do you have to use like 4 purified gems per person to subdue? I ve looked online, but couldnt find the answer.
only thing I hate about nests… each time a new event starts/ends, nests shift to another pokemon. Nests are also changing when community day starts. Nests are supposed to switch each two weeks, wednesday, 8pm, but it happens often that the nest will fluctuate depending on events. I don’t care about nests anymore. Not reliable enough.
I was just chilling and my dad drives into Kings Park and we start driving around all of a sudden Charmander, Charmander, Charmander and also it was not a dark green bit and king’s Park is like big as hell probably 20 stadiums if not more so that’s how I evolved my 2016 hundo charmeleon into Charizard so now I have a mega 96% mega shiny and now a mega hundo this is why I go there for everything

Edit:This all happened today so if you need Charmander candy and you live in Perth near king’s Park or you can drive there I recommend it but it may have just been weather boosting that did it

I hve a home nest, but it’s a ONE SPAWN nest lol. So once an hour I get the same Pokemon Spawn (Last week charmander, now it’s Petilil) So yeah, pretty terrible (2 home spawns in total)
It is worth noting that nesting species change every season. While all of the Pokémon listed in this video have nested in the past, not all of them are currently nesting during the Season of Hidden gems. Sableye, for example, is not currently a nesting species. Just thought I’d clarify.
In the future I expecting have badge for Gigamax and Dynamax in Pokemon Go. Number of Gigamax and Dynamax register in Gigamax and Dynamax pokedex and the number of frequency players evolve their pokemon to Gigamax and Dynamax form.

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