Pokémon Go | How to be READY for GO Fest 2023!

If you aren’t running a Mega for Kyogre or Groudon on Saturday (Mega Swampert), I would recommend getting a Mega Luponny to max Level for the Quartz Terrarium habitat. It gets you XL Candy Boost for Audino and Heracross which have a Mega. It also boosts Lickytung

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DO NOT DUMP KINGS ROCKS YET, you will need them for politoad this weekend community day, and hes the prettiest shiny ever released.As a new & free-to-play player, this is my first Go Fest and i am SO PUMPED!!! Who else? 👇another tip that isn’t specifically for go fest but perfecting your throwing and quick catching, it can be so annoying when to catch a massive cluster and missing a quick catch.

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you can also feed them to your buddy bc you can get hearts and especially if you are grinding the jirachi research!
As someone who lives on 3 Pokestops and can always rotate out items (current storage is 700)
I think Pokemon storage is better since for most players
Shinies, Hundos, Nundos, Etc dont wanna be transfered

You can always find another Super Potion or Revive.. not a specific Pokemon you might wanna keep

Mega swampert is perfect for the primals on Saturday. It will give you extra XL candy for both Kyogre and Groudon.
Hopefully the weather is good on go fest so I can finally get my Prinal Groudon and Mega Rayquaza as well as some shinies
Diancie is my favorite mythical so excited it’s releasing with its mega
Snack bars with chocolate probably isn’t great if its warm or hot outside because it would melt and be a mess but definitely a good shout on the snacks and other actually IRL tips, people usually gloss over that and end up miserable.
i am a free to play player and ive saving up my coins for about 3 weeks and now have a grand total of 1200 pokecoins and the grind was absolutely worth it!👍
Always fun to see that the resting period for mega evolutions are never mentioned for when you want to reach max level asap, I think lots of trainers don’t have thousands of mega energy for every single ME, so what are the other options when we always have to wait 7 or 5 days?
They really should have upped the amount of coins you can get when they increased the cost of the raid ticket
Thanks this guide was useful I’m going to be grinding routes and mega/primal raids hopefully I have most of the other things prepared and have the dates marked on my calendar I can’t wait for mega diance and reqawasas daybu getting a primal kyogre I hope and trying to get my zygarde to 50% minimum 100% maximum although the zygarde might be impossible but I think there going to make the zygarde cells more common because of too many complaints about how absurdly stupidly rare the cells are because hacking is going to rise because 9f the zygarde cell rareitey being basically impossible
Can’t wait to mega evolve my (13, 14, 15) 93% shiny Rayquaza, it now has breaking swipe and hurricane so I’m going to replace Hurricane for Dragon Ascent, hopefully dragon ascent is a much better flying move, hoping that it is more spammier and does more damage, or like the same energy requirement as Sky attack but doing more damage than Sky attack
I’ve been saving my pokecoins since the moment they announced mega rayquaza was coming. Im currently at 2k pokecoins but i’m waiting on the great raidbox to come back in the shop cause thats like the best offer for raid passes. The thing is, i hope that box comes back before mega rayquaza comes to the game because if it doesn’t i have no idea if there is a limit to how much premium battle passes I can buy in a day.
Another tip: most public libraries lend mobile hotspots for free. This is incredibly helpful if you have shoddy a cellular network or limited data on your plan. It is also great for hooking up multiple devices without directly hotspotting to your phone.
For some reason I’m only getting Boxes with incubators for the last two months, besides the same one that appears on Wednesday for the Raidhour. Maybe it’s because the last time I raided was when I was trying to get the energy for Mega Sableye.
I would be higly intrested which mega do you recommend for go fest, at this point I’m thinking to preaper a few and stack some mega energy to change it a few times per day, for example I know that I’m going to do 50+ rayqaza raids so i will probably use altaria to get boost for dragons but i know that there might be xernas in normal tier 5 raids so i will get boost for it too, but in the same time if there will be yveltal i will probably use aerodactyl salamance or sth like that, and ofc you need to adapt for the wild spawns bcs some of them are rly good and you need swampert if you are doing groudon and kyogre, i would really appreciate if you would analyze which mega is the best for which our if you are riding or just catching, it would save me some time doing it by my own and i think it would be a great video.
Also bring a power pack that is strong enough to also provide a charge to that one person who didn’t bring a power pack or didn’t bring a cable and you will want to bring the additional cable and then preferably an additional cable of the kind of phone that you don’t use so that you can save someone else’s day because we all know it will happen.
This is my first go fest, I don’t know if I should actually go for 8 hours a day, if I should get a auto catcher, where to go in dana point/San Juan, if I should walk a bike trail to the beach, if I should just spend the entire time walking up and down a street from a park another a minute away.
i used campfire to host a raid when there were like 500 open lobbys on poke genie taking forever, and it legit took 5 min and i got a full 5. 2 different times in the same day it pulls through. i kinda like it but still poke genie and other can still fill faster sometimes so it good to use everything.
I just checked the shop to send a link to a friend & they have changed the boxes to be coins not cash directly. So now you can get those boxes for free if you simply save your in game rewards coins. 😊
I’ve got three shadow metangs with decent iv’s ready to evolve for the meteor mash!!!!I’m kinda nervous as to when exactly I should be evolving them though so does any body know if it’s alright to do this at any point during the global fest or does it have to be at an even more specific time???

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