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  Home | WebVideoZone 'Big 3' | The WVZ web-based Flash 8 FLV web video converter

The WVZ web-based Flash 8 FLV web video converter

With the introduction of The WebVideoZone's new "Big3" web video service, it is now a breeze to add high-quality, interactive videos to any web site...

There's no longer any need to spend hundreds of dollars on complicated software so you can convert your videos to Flash 8 FLV. As a WVZ member, you now have access to an easy-to-use, web-based Flash 8 FLV Converter. There are just three simple steps to getting your file uploaded, converted to Flash 8 FLV, and playing on your site with your own custom Web Video Player™...

Step 1. Choose your video file

First, create a name for the video you're uploading and converting. Use something descriptive so you'll know what it is when it's with other videos in your account (e.g., "Golf Instruction Video - Pebble Beach 2004").

Select a file to upload and/or convert to FLV
   Select a file to upload and/or convert to FLV

Press the "browse" button to locate this video file on your computer. The maximum file size is 100MB 200MB 300MB, and it needs to be in one of these accepted video file formats:

.avi .dv .mov .qt .mpeg .mpg .mp4 .3gp .asf .wmv .flv

Uncompressed video files will probably be too large to upload (e.g., .avi). You will therefore want to have your video file in a format that is compressed so that it is manageable, while retaining as much of the original video quality as possible. (Here's the WVZ recommendation for compressing video files.)

This original video source file that you upload will remain available in your account for a period of twelve twenty-four hours. This will enable you to re-convert the file using different encoding options without having to re-upload it again (e.g., in case you'd like to convert it to a different size). Only videos that you have uploaded within the past twelve hours will be visible in the drop-down box where it says "Select a video file you've recently uploaded."

Step 2. Select FLV Conversion Options

We developed the WVZ Flash 8 FLV video converter so that it would be simple and easy for anyone to use. That's why there are only a few basic settings.

Choose an FLV conversion setting
   Choose an FLV conversion setting

When it comes to the FLV conversion process itself, you have four options:

Option 1: Upload Only

If you already have a video that is in the high-quality Flash 8 FLV format, you don't need to convert it and can use it 'as-is.' Also, you should select this option if you'd like to host a non-FLV video file to your account which you do not want to convert to FLV (e.g., .mov, .wmv, etc.). Simply choose this option when uploading, and no processing will take place.

If you have a Flash 7 FLV video file, you can also upload it and use it with your Web Video Player without processing, but you also have the option to convert it to Flash 8 (recommended). If you would like to convert a Flash 7 FLV file to Flash 8, choose one of the settings below.

Option 2: "GOOD" FLV video file conversion

Selecting this option will give you a standard quality FLV video with a small file size. (Remember, small files will download and play more quickly.) Using the Good setting encodes your video stream at 172kbps (with a frame rate of 15 FPS), and the audio stream at 48kbps stereo for a total maximum data rate of 220kbps. A Good video file should be offered in cases where visitors are not likely to have a high-speed internet connection.

Option 3: "BETTER" FLV video file conversion

Selecting this option will give you better quality audio and video, along with a larger file size. The Better setting encodes the video stream at 400kbps, and the audio stream at 64kbps stereo, for a total maximum data rate of 464kbps. The frame rate is not changed from your source file. In most cases, you'll want to use this setting.

Option 4: "BEST" FLV video file conversion

Selecting this option will give you the highest quality video and audio, with the trade-off being a larger file size. The Best setting encodes the video stream at 512kbps, and the audio stream at 80kbps stereo, for a total maximum data rate of 592kbps. If you know that most of your viewing audience has a high-speed connection, and higher quality is crucial, go with the Best option.

Generate an Intro Image?

Select "Yes" if you would like to have the converter grab a single frame from your video, which you can then use as an Intro Image for your player. The frame will be grabbed at the 3 second mark of your video, and will then be available to you in your player configurations and in WVZ Hosting Central.

Additional FLV conversion options
   Additional FLV conversion options

Resize Video?

Let's say your video source file resolution is 720x480, but you'd like to play it in a 320x240 player. Simply specify the height and width here, and your video will be resized to those dimensions. In addition, your video player size will automatically match the the resolution of your resized video.

Note: If you have the option to resize your video before uploading, this may be a better idea as the file size will be smaller, resulting in a faster upload.

Step 3. Start Process and Create Player

After you've chosen your settings, you're ready to go. Just press the "Start Process" button, and here's what will happen:

Your video will start uploading. You can cancel the upload at any time by hitting the "Esc" button on your keyboard. It may take a while for your video to upload. It all depends upon the size of the file you're uploading, as well as the speed of your internet connection.

Press button to start the process
   Press button to start the process

Once your video is done uploading, the FLV conversion automatically starts. When the conversion is complete, you will have the opportunity to create a new Web Video Player using your newly uploaded video...

Video conversion confirmation - proceed to create your player
   Video conversion confirmation - proceed to create your player

Start by creating a new name for your player configuration, hit the "Next" button, and then continue to create your player as you normally would. Add the player code to your site, and that's it - you're done!

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  • Flash 8 FLV Converter
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